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    The Netflix like menu navigation makes it very convenient to launch games through the collection. I use it as a standard theme when my Gaming PC is connected to the TV. Compared to the known BigBox themes - this is something unique! 👍
  1. You are right - duplicate box front images was the reason. First I removed duplicate images. Then I deleted the whole content in "Plugins\Eclipse\Media\1920x1080\Images\". On next start of BigBox this folder is filled with correct box art images now. Thanks for this useful hint! 👍
  2. This BigBox theme is really something different. It makes for me very easy to get started with BigBox! It is something unique!👍 Do you have any plans for localisations in other languages on your future release agenda? I could help you by translating into German and Turkish. Btw. I recently changed the covers of a couple of games - but in BigBox with Eclipse theme there are still the old ones. Is there a way to recreate/update the images cache?
  3. Forget what I asked in the previous post! Since today's LaunchBox update 12.2, there are no more graphical "strangenes"! 😄 The new grid layout is very solid. I also noticed that setting the aspect ration has now more effect on the spaces. I'm not sure, if you renewed this feature - but the views are nor much better looking now, as before: You folks are really good on it - what you do there with LaunchBox! Thanks a lot! 👍 Now it's time to sit back and launch games in front of the TV via LaunchBox - Yeayyyy! 🎮🕹ī¸đŸ˜„ ... PS: Upgrading my existing LaunchBox license to a never-expiring license was the best thing I did - it is worth for it!
  4. I have an idea - which could solve my problem: Scrolling up and down via AutoHotkey - after LaunchBox has started up ... As we know LaunchBox already brings a onboard AutoHotkeys functionality/implementation. My thinking is to run a AutoHotkey script after LaunchBox startup - which simulates mouse scroll wheel: Send {WheelDown} Sleep, 100 Send {WheelUp} Sleep, 100 Does anybody know, if this is possible?
  5. Yes, it's strange - but also funny to see! 😄 Maybe it is fixed in future updates. It's not such dramatic for me - considering the many many other useful features which LaunchBox brings out of the box, this is something I can live with it 😉 ...
  6. Sometimes (very rarely) the view is absolutely strange. When I hide the Windows Taskbar and restart LaunchBox, there is an empty line in the middle. See attached screenshot. This time, scrolling up and down did not correct the appearance of the game list. I had to refresh with F5. Or just click to another category and then click/open the playlist back again ...
  7. Hello to all, LaunchBox does not update the playlist views after startup. Only the first two or three rows are displayed. To make the view look complete, I always have to scroll up and down with the mouse. I can reproduce this behavior also on a freshly installed LaunchBox setup. But this only happens, when any side bar is enabled - like left "LaunchBox Side Bar" or the "Game Details" on the right side ... When both side bars are disabled, then LaunchBox shows all game entries correctly ... Please have also a look to the attached screenshots - maybe it makes for you easier to understand. Is this a known issue? BTW: i use "Steam Banners" view
  8. I have updated to LaunchBox 12 today. The space on at the bottom between cover image and white border does no longer appear. The design of LaunchBox looks much better since the update to version 12. I specially like the dark mode - really great! Well done folks! 😍👍
  9. Oh! Okay I didn't know that you can copy the default theme and make a new theme out of it. I had not yet dealt with LaunchBox theming stuff .... 😅
  10. I'm using a licensed version of LaunchBox. But customizing (in this case the LaunchBox theme) is somethings, what I principally try to prevent - if possible. Customizations can cause update problems. Or are overwritten after an update ... So when a "fix" is already in beta phase, then I better wait for the next production release. I'm in soo much no hurry either! 🙂
  11. Hi to all! When I select items in the "Image View" (keyboard or game controller makes no difference), a white border always appears around the selected item. The esthetically "ugly" thing about it is the spacing at the bottom. See attached screenshot. This white border only appears, when i select items by the cursor buttons or via game controller (d-pad buttons). If I directly select an item via mouse, then this strange white border does not appear ... First I thought that it might have something to do with my LaunchBox configuration. But I can reproduce this behavior with a freshly installed LaunchBox as well... Yes, I admit it's not a "first world problem" 😄 but maybe someone knows a solution for this ... ? 🙂 Thanks in advance!
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