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  1. You created a very cool 3d picture! I`m currently looking for an icon that would be very similar to the one you created - or at least similar in style, I`m a graphic designer by the by. So far I'm looking for a site with services for creating 3d models - so far mastering this direction, but not yet so strong, I`m in two minds that would create something like yours. And yeah, if anyone is interested - I found a great quality iPhone mockups site. They helped me design my device which is now advertised on my website.
  2. Wow, I remember such a gun I had as a child on a dandy. And I played different shooting games, and I liked it! I think that I will need to buy such a thing and try to let my son play. Here he will be surprised! Especially since his birthday is coming soon. And I wonder if you can use such a thing in CS: GO, or will it be a cheat? I'll have to read more about this thing on the Internet. I'm interested in you, man! Only I will need to sell all my skins in CS: GO to buy this thing, but I will find a site where I can do it myself. But I thank you for sharing this information with us! Good luck to you! _____________________________________________ skinsmonkey.com
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