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  1. Both XInput and DInput are already supported, and have been for ages, which is why I'm thrown for a loop that the wheels aren't working. Will review. Unfortunately I can't test with a G27 though so that may be difficult. We'll see.
  2. Probably going to require changing the sizes on the grids, but you might have issues with it affecting other things, so it probably won't be easy. But fiddling with the grid row and column sizes is the likely solution.
  3. Not a bad idea. We'll probably have to come back to that at a later time though. We are currently optionally importing some Steam tags into the relevant fields (like genre for example). For this go-around though, we do not plan on adding a whole new tag system just for Steam. Per Steam trailers, every time I test it I never have any problems with it. I'll have @C-Beats review it again, but it's been working great for us in all of our testing. I know that issue goes way back, but unfortunately I'm guessing Steam is to blame for any problems at this point. What do you mean by "flags per game"? I don't think we're likely to add a "no update" option because of the confusion that it's likely to cause. The logic for figuring out whether the screen needs to refresh on a minor update would be immensely complicated, considering all the fields that could change and the many different filter and arrange by options. Unfortunately we're gonna have to live with that for now.
  4. We're working on three things at the moment: the first Big Box-style games view, editing game metadata, and easy data folder changing. Hoping to get a new version out in the next couple of weeks, but we're doing some big stuff so it's taking a while.
  5. Huh, I'm surprised that I'm just now seeing this thread. I'm also baffled as to why it wouldn't be working as-is, because we support just about every kind of controller out there. I happen to have a G29 though, so I'll make a point to hook it up for testing here soon.
  6. Custom emulators are actually supported with the latest. The ROM key path is basically what the emulator calls the parameter for the ROM path. It's an Android thing.
  7. @neil9000 That's a known issue. If you delete an entire platform, then the metadata is gone for that platform, as are the folder paths for that platform. So at that point, we don't know the folders to look for to check for unused media. We could guess and look in the default folders, but I'm afraid that could be cause for problems. I think a better approach would be to prompt to delete media folders when you delete a platform. That's on the list.
  8. I still see a really odd issue there with the blue background in the corners. It's like Microsoft is hallucinating...
  9. Beta 5 is out now with the following: New Feature: Metadata for Steam games is now downloaded directly from Steam, and can be optionally prioritized over metadata from the LaunchBox Games Database (options are available in the Steam Import Wizard and the Download Metadata and Media Wizard). Metadata from Steam is available for Developer, Publisher, Genre, Notes, and Release Date. Fixed: Steam Import Wizard DPI issues Fixed: Number sorting issues Hopeful fix for weird Clean Up Media coloring issues The Clean Up Media color issues are a bit baffling, as I can't seem to replicate on my machine at all (and I'm even running in dark mode). However, I'm still running Windows 10 version 1903. I ended up hardcoding some of the colors instead of using Windows system colors; let me know if this beta fixes the issues for those of you who are seeing problems.
  10. You do need a controller in order to press the Y button to open that menu currently. I am aware of the remote issue, but since you can't really play games with just a remote anyways, it hasn't been a priority to fix.
  11. Odd. It looks like your Windows colors are customized in a way that is not expected. What version of Windows are you running, and are you using anything to customize your Windows theme or colors?
  12. It's implementing all the changed settings. So a minor delay there is expected. That's a known issue. Clear logos have never changed upon changing themes. You have to clear the cache. That was not the intended results. It's working properly in the correct order in my testing, but @C-Beats is seeing some odd results there as well. We'll get it fixed, thanks.
  13. There's a box that the clear logo wheels are placed in, that you've defined in the XAML. You'll need to change that box (make it larger) in order to prevent them from getting cut off. Grid.RowSpan is only expanding downwards, which is why the CoverFlow moves down. You'll have to expand upwards as well to keep it centered. Nothing was changed with clear logos. Not sure what you mean there exactly. Thanks Neil, I'll take a look.
  14. @Retro4Ever You should be able to just move the /Android/data/com.unbrokensoftware.launchbox folder over to the same location on your external hard drive, and LaunchBox will pick it up. Make sure you remove the folder from your internal storage, and make sure LaunchBox is closed before doing so.
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