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  1. Jason Carr

    (Solved) Big Box PAINFULLY slow!

    Interesting. I run both Asus Aura and AI Suite III without issues (I always run Asus motherboards), so that's puzzling to me. But I'm glad you got it all squared away.
  2. FYI all, @faeran helped me identify an issue with the theme forms where submitting a version with two decimal points (2.4.5 for example) was causing a server-side error and not submitting the theme. The version number is stored as a normal decimal number, so version numbers cannot have multiple decimal points in them. However, I've put up a new version of the web form that simply removes any extra decimal points so as to not trip people up in the future. Let me know if anyone runs into any additional issues with the theme submission process. Thanks!
  3. Jason Carr

    Including Custom Fonts without Custom DLLs

    Just to clarify here for everyone in this thread, the new font solution above is working properly everywhere. @wallmachine's issue is an unrelated thing. @wallmachine After looking at your code, I'm guessing you'll probably need to set the all caps thing inside the ListBoxItemStyle instead of the ListBoxStyle, and you might need to put it deeper down into the template as well.
  4. Jason Carr

    Including Custom Fonts without Custom DLLs

    I see. So the uppercase thing is a separate issue than the font not loading. I was under the impression that the fonts were not loading as expected. At least we can cross that issue off the list. I'll do some quick research to see what might be going on with the uppercase thing.
  5. Per @jayjay's post above, BackgroundReloadSave is generally a good idea to use; the primary reason to use it is so that there are no conflicts with a third-party syncing app like Dropbox or Google Drive. Basically, it reloads any changed data from disk before saving the new values, just in case Dropbox or Google Drive happened to update a data file since the last time it was loaded. Regardless, though, either @jayjay's solution above or just PluginHelper.DataManager.Save() should both be working to save data that has been changed in games.
  6. Hi @SsjCosty, calling PluginHelper.DataManager.Save() should save any changes to games. Feel free to PM me your code and I can look through it to see what might be causing the issue.
  7. Jason Carr

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    @jayjay I'll add those OSK requests to my list. Focus is a funny thing in Big Box; generally I don't rely on focus at all, because all inputs happen globally to the app and Big Box just knows where to send them. My recommendation would be to use the OnEnter, OnEscape, OnUp, OnDown, OnLeft, OnRight, OnPageDown, and OnPageUp methods of the IBigBoxThemeElementPlugin interface to detect when inputs occur, and then use that info to change the selection without forcing focus on the control.
  8. Yes, it certainly could. My guess at this point is that it's considering something you're putting in as a security issue (it gets scared because of stuff like SQL injection attacks). You can always edit the description fields after the fact, so perhaps you can try putting in only something simple and then doing edits. That will also make it much easier to identify the problem field-by-field. So sorry for all the trouble here, but thanks for helping me troubleshoot this.
  9. There is, but it's stupid high (over a gig). You could try submitting without a video though to see if that's the issue. Then that would give me an easy lead to identify the problem. Also, does the error happen on submit? Or when uploading the video? Or somewhere else?
  10. Yes, that's good to see. It appears that it's not liking something that you're entering somewhere (or not entering), but it's proving difficult to figure out what exactly it is.
  11. Jason Carr

    (Solved) Big Box PAINFULLY slow!

    @gogoplata Unfortunately I've tested with your data and I'm not seeing any performance issues on my machines, so I'm guessing it's somehow system specific, or it's some kind of weird conflict with a running app. The next thing I would try is killing any and all processes that are running in the background via Task Manager, to see if there's a particular process that happens to be causing the issue. In the past, performance issues like this have often been the result of poorly written anti-virus software or similar.
  12. Are you getting validation error boxes to pop up if you don't fill in any fields and just click the submit button?
  13. Jason Carr

    Including Custom Fonts without Custom DLLs

    @y2guru It depends on whether you're creating a Startup Theme or a Big Box Theme. The different types of themes go into different folders.
  14. Jason Carr

    Including Custom Fonts without Custom DLLs

    I'm confused here as to what's wrong. First I tested putting the new font solution in a copy of the default theme, in the TextListView.xaml, and it shows up just fine with that font. Then I loaded up your theme and it appears to be working properly with the font and the new solution. What am I missing? As far as I can tell, everything is working properly.