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  1. Yes, unfortunately not. You could write a plugin to do it, but it's definitely not recommended because of the performance issues that it would likely introduce.
  2. Does it fix the issue if you refresh your image cache? Try going to Tools > Refresh All Images in LaunchBox.
  3. @Dodoraemon Logos that show up with black backgrounds in Big Box are clear logos that are improperly labeled with a .jpg extension for some reason. You can fix them by renaming them back to .png. You may have to refresh your image cache to get them to update.
  4. The issue has been fixed as much as possible (and as much as it will be). *Most* themes have been fixed for that scenario, but not all themes. We still do not recommend using the exFAT file system when running LaunchBox from an external drive. It's much better to use NTFS.
  5. Just to clarify, you only need to purchase one license, and you can install it on as many machines as you own. The licenses that get banned for new versions are just the licenses that are distributed freely online.
  6. Beta 2 is out now with the following: New Premium Feature: A new "Start Themes Demo" option is available under the Big Box system menu that will randomly switch between the various themes, views, and platforms that you have installed. It's similar to attract mode, but also switches between themes and views. There are also various options for it available in the Big Box Options Themes Demo section. Improvement: The Big Box platform image cache is now theme-specific, which should help prevent platform images from one theme from showing up incorrectly on another theme Improvement: The Manage Platforms window has been overhauled The new Themes Demo features were built for several reasons; one, I think it'll be a neat feature that people will enjoy, and two, because it taxes the WPF theming engine more than pretty much anything else has in the past, so we'll be using it for internal testing.
  7. Yes, that is by design. Unfortunately doing it instantly is not supported.
  8. This is on my own personal bucket list as well, so I do plan to attempt it here at some point. The biggest challenge is that we'll need new media in order for the boxes to actually look correct.
  9. I think this should be possible without too much trouble. On my list. That's probably Big Box itself doing that. Loading the Total Games Count is a slower process, so it's too intensive to do instantly during quick moves.
  10. Oic, is it the "CriticalZoneV2 - Default" theme, or is the "Default" theme? I'm guessing that's where the confusion is coming from. Looks like we need to update the project file for that one.
  11. Odd, I see. So the issue is that your Big Box Default theme is waaaaay out of date. Did you used to have a Big Box license? The Default theme is only updated when you actually start up Big Box, so I'm guessing that it just hasn't been updated in a long time. I can get you an updated Default theme if needed. Let me know if you still need it after playing around with the theme creator.
  12. Thank you guys. I still haven't been able to reproduce either error, unfortunately. I'm still running my testing. @MrSco I'm thinking I have to be missing something somehow. I'm sorry that it's been so long and that we haven't been able to get it figured out. I'm wondering if you'd be willing to do (yet another) test for me. From what I can tell, it has to somehow be related to the collection (because you're testing on multiple machines and such), but as I've been testing with your data it doesn't seem to be data-related, and now we know that it doesn't seem to be media-related. Would you be willing to make a brand new instance of LaunchBox/Big Box on one of your machines and import just a few platforms? That way we can confirm whether it's actually collection-related or not. @ItchyRobot Can you try updating to the latest version of .NET Core? There's actually a later version out than the one that comes with the setup. Here's a direct link: https://download.visualstudio.microsoft.com/download/pr/add2ffbe-a288-4d47-8b09-a39c8645f505/8516700dd5bd85fe07e8010e55d8f653/windowsdesktop-runtime-3.1.8-win-x64.exe
  13. All of the Options pages and screens are indeed themeable in recent versions of Big Box, so there shouldn't be anything holding theme developers back, from that perspective. Changing font sizes is very easy to do, even by hand. I understand though if the Community Theme Creator doesn't support this yet; @y2guru's been busting his butt on it to meet the demands of the community (and they are very demanding lol).
  14. Okay, thanks guys. I'll do some more testing with EmuMovies media. What particular platforms are you importing that you're seeing issues with? Any chance you can screenshot me the errors/file names?
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