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  1. Sorry for the delay here. We sent you a link to your email this morning @Maladore.
  2. Please contact us at support@unbrokensoftware.com with the email that you used to purchase the license and we'll look into why you're seeing this issue and get you squared away.
  3. If you're unable to open the options screen, you can reset your settings by deleting the LaunchBox\Data\Settings.xml file. This will reset all of your settings to the defaults. Let us know if that doesn't resolve the issue. It would be good to know what is causing this issue though, so if you're willing, please back up (make a copy of) that Settings.xml file and PM it to me so I can see what might be causing this issue.
  4. Correct, there's nothing that has changed that should have automatically changed that field.
  5. Well this thread has become an embarrassment. Seems @Pixelpiper has been out to throw us under the bus lately and @Lordmonkus can't correct something without spewing hate himself. Y'all just straight up need to grow up. You act like hateful little children, and I'm done with it. @PlayingKarrde I wasn't aware how similar this theme was to yours, but I appreciate the design and your positive outlook here. We'll update this post to clarify where the original design came from.
  6. I've spoken with hizzlekizzle on Reddit, and confirmed that it would be okay to integrate Retroarch so long as we obey the license. However, I still want to confirm with the rest of the entire core development team to make sure that there are no hard feelings before proceeding with something like this. I'm not interested in doing it if it's going to cause any kind of drama at all. Hizzlekizzle recommended that I create a Github ticket in order to reach out to the team. I've done that here: https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/12241 Hopefully the responses are all positiv
  7. Yes, it would be best not to modify or rename no-intro files, at least not for LaunchBox. That said, EmuMovies should be picking up more than that because it doesn't look like there should be any real issues with those file names. Generally, those results come directly from EmuMovies, though, and we haven't changed any of that code in a long time, so if there's an issue, it's probably on their end. It might be worth trying again with the correct file names, but if you're still having an issue, maybe you can reach out to EmuMovies support?
  8. The error logs are still useful to us. We do still need those error logs. I haven't tested with your theme, but I can do that here shortly. Still, please replicate the issue and send us the logs.
  9. Unfortunately we have not been able to replicate any freezing with CTC themes. We're able to test with both the themes demo and attract mode running for days without issues. However, some of the CTC themes are rather intensive, so it makes sense that they could be pushing systems and we could be running into things that we haven't found in testing. For those of you running into crashes, please enable debug logs in LaunchBox under Tools > Options > Debugging and attach one here that caused a freeze. Also, if you can, explain what you were doing at the time when it froze. That should help
  10. What kind of controllers are you using? Does it still happen if you physically disconnect all controllers?
  11. It's comments like these that instigate, cause drama, and put these forums in a poor state. With comments like these, you can't complain about the moderators; they're not going around spreading negativity like this. Y'all are searching for a fight. Guess what? I want parental controls too. I'm a parent too. But threads like this make me *not* want to tackle it. I will never be convinced to do anything with words like these. Regardless, I've always focused on doing what people want the most, even above my own desires for what I want in the app. I don't see that changing. My curre
  12. @RULLUR What happens if you clear your image cache in Big Box? Do they start populating correctly then?
  13. Beta 9 is out now with the following: Emulator default script improvements thanks to @Retro808 that should prevent some emulators from having issues saving states on exit (when using the button combo) FlowTemplate VerticalWheel property issue fix Fix for rare error on right-click in LaunchBox
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