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  1. Second time lucky as I entered simply Austin's one but you know I've been using this since your project began.... Hope you had a good Christmas and look forward to your future endeavours!!!!
  2. I stupidly didn't see this post! I tried that vjoy and my controller keeps going round in circles and have the same mouse problem. I uninstalled vjoy and delelted the folder and the same thing keeps happening!
  3. nice if you ever need me to test anything just ask!!!
  4. ok thanks bud! how you getting on with the home media project im dying to get it?13
  5. Sorry meant to say on the other page that when you use the controller on dark forces is it possible to use the other analogue stick to look up & down etc?
  6. yeah i think v joy is what the cool kids use! lol i tried it once with aliens vs predator but didn't like it. its a pity they haven't worked on that project in a bit maybe you should take it of them!!!
  7. will i still be able to use the controller though?
  8. i meant to say if you just mount the iso manually then point the graphics engine to it then it works fine!
  9. im on windows 7 i had it working with a normal install but when its installed the way you showed us in the video tutorial it no longer works through the graphics engine! its no big deal as i like the ability to use the controller!
  10. Now That I have Star wars : Dark Forces installed via the iso process is it possible to get this graphics engine working too??? thanks
  11. Hey sorted it out! but now I have another mission should you accept it? lol
  12. Was wondering if its possible yet to change the screen for dos games to 16:9 format?
  13. Just saw your install video you've made me a happy guy cheers!!!!!
  14. no problem I did mean to say I was using a iso!
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