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  1. Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1: Mecha Beat Em Ups has been updated to version 2.0. Retroarch is now used for all games, the shaders and bezels have been improved, Genocide 2 (DOS) has been removed as it's basically identical to the x68000 version - saving about 600MB in the process - and ASuite has been added for configuration/management.
  2. Definitive Edition Patcher: Riven: The Sequel to Myst is now available on Zomb's Lair. This was supposed to be a quick project but ended up absorbing most of the weekend... I haven't really talked about this before, but I generally end up tweaking the shaders for these packages to some degree to better suit the needs of the game in question. That said, I ended up having to rework them significantly for Riven and I'm happy to say I think they turned out very well. Limited technology being what it was, compression and dithering were essential in order to fit everything on CDs - five in the case of Riven. The result of this is that a lot of the game takes a bit of a beating once viewed on high definition displays. The otherwise fantastic art design suffers because of it... but with the help of shaders we can give it a facelift! Now we can turn this into this. You can find the full gallery here. I added in quite a few extras as well. Included are: -The soundtrack -Making of and behind the scenes videos -From Myst to Riven: The Creations & Inspirations (art/documentary book) -Strategy Guide (Brady Games) -Strategy Guide (Prima) It includes controller support as usual and I added in a right-click to skip animations function. Read the included readme for more info. As with the last one, this patcher does not include the game. You must have the game downloaded first. It will work with either the GOG Galaxy version or the offline backup version. I believe it should work with the Steam version as well (it's supposed to be the same version), that's untested though. If anyone would like to test and let me know, that'd be much appreciated. The only requirement, like the last time, is that the folder be dropped parallel to the installed one, and the installed one needs to be named "Riven - The Sequel to Myst". So, as an example: C:\Games\Riven - The Sequel to Myst C:\Games\Riven - The Sequel to Myst (Definitive Edition) Then just go into Riven - The Sequel to Myst (Definitive Edition) and start PATCH.bat and you'll be all set! Be aware that this patch is currently English only - it's actually about half the size of the GOG install once it's done because it doesn't contain all the additional language audio/data. It should be possible to allow specific language data to be pulled for the patch but that's not implemented yet, it will only use the English data at the moment. Anyway, that's it for now. I should have the updated version of Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1 out later today and then I'm back at it for new releases.
  3. A quick demonstration of the entire import process from beginning to end once everything's setup:
  4. I tried something a little bit different this time... There are a lot of games on GOG that I adore and it kindof annoys me I'm not able to give this sortof treatment to. So I got to thinking... what if I made a patcher that doesn't include the game itself but can take the necessary files from the GOG version and pipe them into my own version, with shaders, bezels, soundfonts, controller support, the whole nine yards... And voila, we have the Betrayal at Krondor: Definitive Edition patcher. As I said, you have to install the GOG version beforehand - the game is not included. I should be able to do this with the Steam version as well, but I'd need to see specific files/folders, as some of the files in the GOG version are specific to GOG. I don't own Betrayal at Krondor on Steam currently. You can find the patch and a lot more info in my post here.
  5. Abuse has been updated to version 2.0. Details are in the "Special Notes" section of that page. The plan at this point is to finish up work on the updated version of Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1 and then go back to work on new packages for a bit. I have several basically ready to go, so I'll likely do a couple new releases, do a couple updates to prior packages, and just continue to flip back and forth like that.
  6. Both of these are external software (a virtual midi device and a video wrapper) that hook into other external software (DOSBox and old PC games). That's not something that's going to be added to Launchbox, because Launchbox has no direct interaction with such things. Launchbox is essentially a collection of fancy windows shortcuts with images and metadata attached to them. It doesn't hook into anything as directly as what you're suggesting. I do have a tutorial on Munt and VirtualMidiSynth for anyone that wants to use them. dgVoodoo2 is pretty straightforward, though I generally prefer DDraw Compat personally. It's as simple as it gets - drop a file in the game folder and go. No setup/configuration whatsoever, and in some cases works where dgVoodoo2 wouldn't (or works better).
  7. Alien Legacy has been updated to version 2.0. Details are in the "Special Notes" section of that page. I also added in an option to disable Antimicro in the Launcher this time. I can't imagine most people would need/want this, but it's there for those that do. The primary rationale for this is just in case someone had their own controller mapper software that they wanted to use instead. I also added in a control swap function with the controller implementation - the left and right sticks control the mouse cursor and the dpad controls the arrow keys. When you press right bumper it will swap the left stick controls with the dpad. Press it again and it swaps back. I changed the screenshot comparison option too - now instead of simply dropping you into the folder where the screenshots are located, it opens a fullscreen slideshow of the images via IrfanView Portable which you can flip between with the scroll wheel or arrow keys - pressing escape exits.
  8. Sortof - if you consider playlists a subcategory. You can go three layers deep, if you include playlists, which is what this collection does. Platform category |_ Platform |_ Playlist In this case that's: C64 Dreams |_ Games |_ Best of Vol. 1 |_ Best of Vol. 2 |_ Magazines |_ Zzap!64 etc.
  9. Dreamweb has been updated to version 2.0. Details are in the "Special Notes" section of that page. I've also added a blog section to the website, where I'll talk about what I'm working on or updates to existing packages.
  10. You'd have to rename the "Games" platform to Commodore 64 in LB and then change its parent to Computers instead of C64 Dreams. I didn't really want this interfering with people's existing C64 libraries because it functions pretty differently.
  11. The Terminator Double Pack has been updated to version 2.0. Details are in the "Special Notes" section of that page. Updated versions of Abuse, Alien Legacy, Dreamweb, and Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1 are basically done, just have to finish up a couple last minor things and then compile new installers. I'm also happy (and kindof surprised) to report that I've been able to get 3.1 games working in Retroarch DOSBox so I'll be able to apply this to all of those as well.
  12. No problem! I'm going to be going back and giving this treatment to a few of my previous packages. I'm finishing up (re-)work on Dreamweb and, in the process, realized that it was one of the somewhat unusual instances of games that output 320x200 as actual 16:10, not 4:3 - in other words, was made with square pixels in mind. This isn't unheard of, but as I said it is a little bit unusual. You can find some more info here if you're interested. To demonstrate what I'm talking about, this is the game in 4:3: This is the same image in 16:10: Squares and circles are a good guide to see whether or not your aspect ratio is correct. In this case, in 4:3 they're rectangles and ovals (stretched vertically), instead of squares and circles. In the below image I highlighted in red with perfect squares to further illustrate this. In 4:3, none of these would match - they'd all be narrower than the highlights. I honestly can't believe I never noticed this staring me in the face before - Dreamweb is one of my favorites, so I feel pretty stupid about it... So anyway, fixed that, added in shaders, and it's awww yeeee... No shader: Neuromancer: Razorgirl: Decker: No Shader: Neuromancer: Razorgirl: Decker: No Shader: Neuromancer: Razorgirl: Decker: Launcher/Configuration Panel:
  13. Well, nobody ever said anything back, but I tried it again and it worked this time, so yay. Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller has been added to Zomb's Lair. I did a few new things this time. Firstly, I've setup the game with both Retroarch and DOSBox Daum - you can choose which you want to use. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but I prefer Retroarch overall for the shaders and bezels. I've also added a configuration panel/launcher via the program ASuite. This is a nice little open source, portable, lightweight program launcher that works great for my purposes here. Some of these functions are added into the start menu, but once you start adding a lot of different options that can get kindof unwieldy, so this is a nice way to organize/access them. I've added emulated mouse input to controllers via Antimicro as well. Please read the "Special Notes" section on the site or the readme included with the installer for more info. Launcher: No shader / No Bezel: Neuromancer Shader + Bezel: Decker Shader + Bezel:
  14. I'm not sure what you mean. They work with Big Box already. You'd have to create an .ahk script or something and add it as an additional app for all of these (and you can't bulk add additional apps) so unless you feel like doing that for over a thousand entries that's not going to happen. It's not necessary though, because you can already display it in-game. You just press back+start and it will display. Press them again and it'll go back to the game. It shows that in the image - "Combo + Start = Show Controls"
  15. So just FYI, Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller is done, but Archive is being stupid again. I'm not sure if it's because I've been uploading a lot lately, but the upload is getting marked as "spam" and it won't let me complete it. I've never actually seen it do this before. It said that you can email them with the error message if it's in error for assistance, so I did that last night. I'll give them the day to get it sorted out. If they don't, I'll just upload it elsewhere.
  16. Awesome! I figured it was something along those lines. I added a note about it in the screen resolution section above. Thank you for bringing that to my attention! Happy to help! Yeah I don't know what to tell you there because that should not be possible. Launchbox.exe is not the installer for Launchbox. The installer is something like Launchbox-[version]-Setup.exe or somesuch which isn't included here. You can find examples in your own Launchbox\Updates folder. Launchbox.exe is just the program itself, which is portable. This is no different from you installing Launchbox on your computer, copying the folder and plopping it down on a different computer. Now, if your start menu is using something like recent applications to determine what to display, they're both named Launchbox.exe and would look the same, and it might only be able to display one of them at a time; that's about the only explanation I can think of. However, nothing here should overwrite an existing static shortcut to Launchbox in your start menu/desktop. When you install Launchbox and tell it to create start menu/desktop shortcuts, it will create ones with a path of C:\[blah blah]\Launchbox.exe (wherever you chose to install it). You starting Launchbox.exe here is not going to change that static path. The only thing that should be able to potentially change that is actually installing a new instance of Launchbox with one of the setup exes. My suggestion would probably be to just create your own shortcut to Launchbox.exe in the C64 Dreams folder, name the shortcut C64 Dreams, and then put it in your start menu/desktop. Do the same thing for your actual Launchbox install and just leave the name of the shortcut Launchbox; that way there shouldn't be any confusion as to what you're looking at. You can, of course, just import it into your existing library as well, though this requires some additional steps. I posted them above. Currently you can't. You can remove it if you want, by going into C64 Dreams\C64 Dreams\Retroarch\config\VICE x64\ then opening "VICE x64.cfg" and changing the line input_overlay_enable = "true" to input_overlay_enable = "false". Eventually I'll make some more to give people more options to choose from, but currently it's just Project Firestart. I wasn't really planning on it, no. That said, if there's anything specific you're wanting, I'm all ears. My plan is to release updates as I progress; probably every couple hundred games or so. So if there's something specific that you want added, I can add it in for the next batch.
  17. Is your DPI scaling in Windows something other than 100%? I'm not sure why it would be zoomed in like that on 1080p unless it's something like that. If the Retroarch UI itself isn't even fitting on the screen, something is very wrong. Scaling would be my first guess. Barring that, maybe try backing up the retroarch.cfg someplace and then deleting it. ESC already quits, but you have to hold down the enable hotkeys key for it (or any other Retroarch hotkey) to work. In this case that's either numpad * (asterisk) or back/select on a controller. You cannot just press ESC by itself, because that would mean hotkeys were always on... Which you do not want on a platform that uses keyboard inputs, or else you'd be doing all kinds of stuff that you don't want to be doing while simply trying to type in a word, use the function keys, etc. I'm not sure what you mean about the shortcuts. The package doesn't install anything, so it's not going to impact any existing shortcuts. If you actually *installed* a new instance of Launchbox (which isn't happening here) that could interfere with existing desktop/start menu shortcuts.
  18. Zomb's Obscura Vol. 1 - Mecha Beat Em Ups has now been added to Zomb's Lair. This is a collection of 7 (well more like 6 since both the DOS and x68000 versions of Genocide 2 are included) mecha-themed beat em ups. For 5 of the 7 games (all but Astrocounter of Crescents and Genocide 2 (DOS)) I've included my own custom bezels and shaders as well. Please be sure to read either the "Special Notes" section on the website or the readme included with the install!
  19. Yeah, I love Gley Lancer! Really underrated imo. Really nice graphics and music, and even has some voice samples. Cool weapons too and, like you said, the added customization is nice. I always liked it in stuff like U.N. Squadron, X-Out, Gradius, etc. where you could sortof choose your weapons/loadout to suit your own taste.
  20. No problem! Let me know if you have any problems.
  21. As far as C64, specifically, all the ones I mentioned (and many more) are in my ongoing C64 Dreams project. Might want to check that out. I plan on doing Amiga/DOS shmups collections for Zomb's Lair at some point.
  22. I'm actually doing something a little different this time. I've had the idea for a while to package together some obscure games that have some kind of common theme. Originally I was going to do one for Korean DOS games - Astrocounter of Crescents, Baryon, and Zyclunt - but then thought it might be more interesting to do one on robot/mecha focused beat em ups since two of those already fit the bill. So I dropped Baryon (will probably add that to something later) and added in some additional ones. It will contain: Astrocounter of Crescents (English patched and scrolling fixed) [DOS] Genocide [x68000] Genocide 2 [DOS] Genocide 2 [x68000] Mad Stalker: Full Metal Forth [x68000] Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force [PSX] Zyclunt [DOS] I've added controller support to all of them via Antimicro. The x68000 and PSX games have custom bezels made by me as well as shader support (I'm using Retroarch for those). Some other ideas I have for future Zomb's Obscura volumes currently are DOS/C64/Amiga shmups and Scorched Earth (artillery game) clones.
  23. No problem! Glad you're enjoying it I have no problem with people making requests in here, that's perfectly fine. I've actually got Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller setup on my computer already. I'm not a big fan of the game, so it wasn't too high on my priority list, but I'll bump it up since you asked. I've got another package I'm working on currently, but should be able to do it after that.
  24. Yep, agreed! It's an otherwise nice looking/sounding game but that honestly ruins the whole thing for me. I love muh shmups haha! I think it's because it's one of the few genres that have remained almost completely unchanged for 30+ years, and it's one of the few remaining genres that represents essentially pure gameplay. Little, if any, story and generally no cutscenes - just you, your hand eye coordination and manual dexterity, and a million glowing dots to dodge and space ships to shoot. I appreciate that in today's gaming world. If you take a look at your average RPG released today and one released 30 years ago, they bear very little resemblance to one another. Take your average shmup released today and compare it to Dominator on C64, released in 1989 - the skill set required and gameplay of both are nearly identical; and you can jump into basically any game in the genre spanning that period and acclimate yourself almost immediately. I did forget some other noteworthy stuff though, as I knew I would Baryon (DOS) Battle Bakraid Catalypse (C64) Fantasy Star Soldier (PCE CD) Gekirindan Guardian Force Harmful Park (PSX) Highway Hunter (DOS) Katakis (C64) Raiden Fighters Raiden Fighters 2 Raptor: Call of the Shadows (DOS) Shienryu Super Star Soldier (PCE) Twin Cobra II Tyrian 2000 (DOS) UN Squadron (SNES) Viper Phase I X-Out (C64) Zynaps (C64)
  25. 1. Esp Ra. De. 2. Armed Police Batrider ...then in no particular order: Mushihimesama Espgaluda Espgaluda II Dodonpachi Einhander Gradius V R-Type Delta R-Type Final Gunbird 2 Dangun Feveron Batsugun Guwange Deathsmiles Thunderforce IV Thunderforce V Cyvern Gley Lancer Gunbird 2 Radiant Silvergun Dimahoo Gigawing Darius Gaiden Mars Matrix Jamestown Truxton 2 Raiden Fighters Jet Dominator (C64) Enforcer: Fullmetal Megablaster (C64) SWIV (C64) Cho Ren Sha (x68k) Dragon Blaze Ikaruga Terra Diver Hyper Duel Dogyuun Cybattler Philosoma Grind Stormer Agony (Amiga) Battle Squadron (Amiga) I'm forgetting a bunch because this is from memory. Would have to look at my library once I got home to list more. ...also I've never understood why that board has such an obsession with Battle Garegga. That game is super overrated. Hope you like tiny, barely visible bullets on a bunch of brown backgrounds
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