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  1. Another edit. the above Demul sort was not compatible with the current Demul .dat file. If you are needing the DEmul v0.7 111117 rom files sorted for LaunchBox, you can use the below script. This is a powershell script. I believe it can be a .bat or .ps1. I do not know if "ren" is bat compatible. It would be the only thing that isn't bat compatible though.

    md Naomi
    move 18wheelr.zip    Naomi
    move 18wheels.zip    Naomi
    move 18wheelu.zip    Naomi
    move alienfnt.zip    Naomi
    move alienfnta.zip   Naomi
    move alpilotj.zip    Naomi
    move alpilot.zip     Naomi
    move asndynmt.zip    Naomi
    move ausfache.zip    Naomi
    move capsnk.zip      Naomi
    move capsnka.zip     Naomi
    move capsnkb.zip     Naomi
    move crackndj.zip    Naomi
    move crakndj2.zip    Naomi
    move crzytaxi.zip    Naomi
    move csmash.zip      Naomi
    move csmasho.zip     Naomi
    move cspike.zip      Naomi
    move deathcox.zip    Naomi
    move derbyoc.zip     Naomi
    move derbyocm.zip     Naomi
    move derbyo2k.zip    Naomi
    move derbyo2km.zip    Naomi
    move derbyocw.zip    Naomi
    move derbyocwm.zip    Naomi
    move drbyocwc.zip    Naomi
    move drbyocwb.zip    Naomi
    move derbyoc2.zip    Naomi
    move derbyoc2m.zip    Naomi
    move doa2.zip        Naomi
    move doa2a.zip       Naomi
    move doa2m.zip       Naomi
    move dybb99.zip      Naomi
    move dybbnao.zip     Naomi
    move f355.zip        Naomi
    move f355twin.zip    Naomi
    move f355twind.zip    Naomi
    move f355twn2.zip    Naomi
    move ggram2.zip      Naomi
    move ggx.zip         Naomi
    move gram2000.zip    Naomi
    move gundmct.zip     Naomi
    move gunsur2.zip     Naomi
    move gunsur2j.zip    Naomi
    move gwing2.zip      Naomi
    move hmgeo.zip       Naomi
    move hopper.zip      Naomi
    move hotd2.zip       Naomi
    move hotd2o.zip      Naomi
    move hotd2p.zip      Naomi
    move illvelo.zip     Naomi
    move inunoos.zip     Naomi
    move jambo.zip       Naomi
    move kick4csh.zip    Naomi
    move mamonoro.zip    Naomi
    move manicpnc.zip    Naomi
    move marstv.zip      Naomi
    move mazan.zip       Naomi
    move mazanu.zip       Naomi
    move mazana.zip      Naomi
    move mbaa.zip        Naomi
    move mbaao.zip       Naomi
    move mbslave.zip    Naomi
    ren mtkob2.zip mushike.zip
    move mushike.zip     Naomi
    move mushi2k4.zip    Naomi
    move mushi2k5.zip    Naomi
    move mushi2eo.zip    Naomi
    move mushik2e.zip    Naomi
    move mushik4e.zip    Naomi
    move mvsc2.zip       Naomi
    move mvsc2u.zip      Naomi
    move ninjaslt.zip    Naomi
    move ninjasltu.zip   Naomi
    move ninjaslta.zip   Naomi
    move ninjasltj.zip   Naomi
    move oinori.zip      Naomi
    move otrigger.zip    Naomi
    move pjustic.zip     Naomi
    move pokasuka.zip    Naomi
    move pstone.zip      Naomi
    move pstone2.zip     Naomi
    move puyoda.zip      Naomi
    move puyofevp.zip      Naomi
    move qmegamis.zip    Naomi
    move radirgyn.zip    Naomi
    move rhytngk.zip     Naomi
    move ringout.zip     Naomi
    move samba.zip       Naomi
    move samba2k.zip     Naomi
    move sambap.zip      Naomi
    move sgtetris.zip    Naomi
    move shangril.zip    Naomi
    move shootopl.zip    Naomi
    move shootpl.zip     Naomi
    move shootplm.zip    Naomi
    move shootplmp.zip    Naomi
    move sl2007.zip      Naomi
    move slasho.zip      Naomi
    move smarinef.zip    Naomi
    move smlg99.zip      Naomi
    move spawn.zip       Naomi
    move sstrkfgt.zip    Naomi
    move sstrkfgtd.zip   Naomi
    move sstrkfgta.zip   Naomi
    move shorsem.zip     Naomi
    move shorsel.zip     Naomi
    move shorse.zip      Naomi
    move shors2k1.zip    Naomi
    move shorsepm.zip    Naomi
    move shorseps.zip    Naomi
    move shorsepl.zip    Naomi
    move shorsepb.zip     Naomi
    move shorsep.zip     Naomi
    move shorsepr.zip    Naomi
    move suchie3.zip     Naomi
    move tduno.zip       Naomi
    move tduno2.zip      Naomi
    move tokyobus.zip    Naomi
    move totd.zip        Naomi
    move totdo.zip        Naomi
    move toukon4.zip     Naomi
    move toyfight.zip    Naomi
    move vathletep.zip Naomi
    move virnba.zip      Naomi
    move virnbao.zip     Naomi
    move virnbap.zip     Naomi
    move vonot.zip       Naomi
    move vs2_2k.zip      Naomi
    move vtenis2c.zip    Naomi
    move vtennis.zip     Naomi
    move wldkicks.zip    Naomi
    move wldkicksu.zip   Naomi
    move wldkicksa.zip   Naomi
    move wldkicksj.zip   Naomi
    move wldkickspj.zip  Naomi
    move wldkickspw.zip  Naomi
    move wrungp.zip      Naomi
    move wrungpo.zip     Naomi
    move wwfroyal.zip    Naomi
    move zerogu2.zip     Naomi
    move zombrvn.zip     Naomi
    move zombrvno.zip    Naomi
    move zunou.zip       Naomi
    md NaomiGD
    move azumanga.zip  NaomiGD
    move bdrdown.zip   NaomiGD
    move cfield.zip    NaomiGD
    move chocomk.zip   NaomiGD
    move cleoftp.zip   NaomiGD
    move confmiss.zip  NaomiGD
    move cvs2.zip      NaomiGD
    move cvs2mf.zip    NaomiGD
    move cvsgd.zip     NaomiGD
    move dragntr.zip NaomiGD
    move dragntrs NaomiGD
    move dragntra NaomiGD
    move dragntras NaomiGD
    move dragntr2.zip  NaomiGD
    move dragntr3.zip  NaomiGD
    move dragntr2s.zip  NaomiGD
    move dragntr3s.zip  NaomiGD
    move dygolf.zip    NaomiGD
    move ggxx.zip      NaomiGD
    move ggxxac.zip    NaomiGD
    move ggxxrl.zip    NaomiGD
    move ggxxrlo.zip   NaomiGD
    move ggxxsla.zip   NaomiGD
    move gundmgd.zip   NaomiGD
    move gundmxgd.zip  NaomiGD
    move ikaruga.zip   NaomiGD
    move jingystm.zip  NaomiGD
    move karous.zip    NaomiGD
    move keyboard.zip  NaomiGD
    move kurucham.zip  NaomiGD
    move lupinsho.zip  NaomiGD
    move luptype.zip   NaomiGD
    move meltyb.zip    NaomiGD
    move meltybo.zip   NaomiGD
    move meltybld.zip  NaomiGD
    move meltyblo  NaomiGD
    move moeru.zip     NaomiGD
    move mok.zip       NaomiGD
    move monkeyba.zip  NaomiGD
    move ndcfboxa.zip NaomiGD
    move ngdup23a.zip  NaomiGD
    move ngdup23c.zip  NaomiGD
    move ngdup23e.zip  NaomiGD
    move psyvar2.zip   NaomiGD
    move puyofev.zip   NaomiGD
    move quizqgd.zip   NaomiGD
    move radirgy.zip   NaomiGD
    move radirgyo.zip  NaomiGD
    move senko.zip     NaomiGD
    move senkoo.zip    NaomiGD
    move senkosp.zip   NaomiGD
    move sfz3ugd.zip   NaomiGD
    move shaktam.zip   NaomiGD
    move shaktamb.zip  NaomiGD
    move shaktmsp.zip  NaomiGD
    move shikgam2.zip  NaomiGD
    move slashout.zip  NaomiGD
    move spkrbtl.zip   NaomiGD
    move sprtjam.zip   NaomiGD
    move ss2005.zip    NaomiGD
    move ss2005o.zip   NaomiGD
    move starseek.zip  NaomiGD
    move takoron.zip   NaomiGD
    move tetkiwam.zip  NaomiGD
    move trgheart.zip  NaomiGD
    move trghearto.zip  NaomiGD
    move trizeal.zip   NaomiGD
    move undefeat.zip  NaomiGD
    move usagiym.zip   NaomiGD
    move vathlete.zip  NaomiGD
    move vtennis2.zip  NaomiGD
    move vtennisg.zip  NaomiGD
    move wsbbgd.zip    NaomiGD
    move wccf116.zip   NaomiGD
    move wccf1dup.zip  NaomiGD
    move wccf212e.zip  NaomiGD
    move wccf234j.zip  NaomiGD
    move wccf310j.zip  NaomiGD
    move wccf331e.zip  NaomiGD
    move wccf322e.zip  NaomiGD
    move wccf420e.zip  NaomiGD
    move azumanga  NaomiGD
    move bdrdown   NaomiGD
    move cfield    NaomiGD
    move chocomk   NaomiGD
    move cleoftp   NaomiGD
    move confmiss  NaomiGD
    move cvs2      NaomiGD
    move cvs2mf    NaomiGD
    move cvsgd     NaomiGD
    move dragntr NaomiGD
    move dragntrs NaomiGD
    move dragntra NaomiGD
    move dragntras NaomiGD
    move dragntr2  NaomiGD
    move dragntr3  NaomiGD
    move dragntr2s  NaomiGD
    move dragntr3s  NaomiGD
    move dygolf    NaomiGD
    move ggxx      NaomiGD
    move ggxxac    NaomiGD
    move ggxxrl    NaomiGD
    move ggxxrlo   NaomiGD
    move ggxxsla   NaomiGD
    move gundmgd   NaomiGD
    move gundmxgd  NaomiGD
    move ikaruga   NaomiGD
    move jingystm  NaomiGD
    move karous    NaomiGD
    move keyboard  NaomiGD
    move kurucham  NaomiGD
    move lupinsho  NaomiGD
    move luptype   NaomiGD
    move meltyb    NaomiGD
    move meltybo   NaomiGD
    move meltybld  NaomiGD
    move meltyblo  NaomiGD
    move moeru     NaomiGD
    move mok       NaomiGD
    move monkeyba  NaomiGD
    move ndcfboxa NaomiGD
    move ngdup23a  NaomiGD
    move ngdup23c  NaomiGD
    move ngdup23e  NaomiGD
    move psyvar2   NaomiGD
    move puyofev   NaomiGD
    move quizqgd   NaomiGD
    move radirgy   NaomiGD
    move radirgyo  NaomiGD
    move senko     NaomiGD
    move senkoo    NaomiGD
    move senkosp   NaomiGD
    move sfz3ugd   NaomiGD
    move shaktam   NaomiGD
    move shaktamb  NaomiGD
    move shaktmsp  NaomiGD
    move shikgam2  NaomiGD
    move slashout  NaomiGD
    move spkrbtl   NaomiGD
    move sprtjam   NaomiGD
    move ss2005    NaomiGD
    move ss2005o   NaomiGD
    move starseek  NaomiGD
    move takoron   NaomiGD
    move tetkiwam  NaomiGD
    move trgheart  NaomiGD
    move trghearto  NaomiGD
    move trizeal   NaomiGD
    move undefeat  NaomiGD
    move usagiym   NaomiGD
    move vathlete  NaomiGD
    move vtennis2  NaomiGD
    move vtennisg  NaomiGD
    move wsbbgd    NaomiGD
    move wccf116   NaomiGD
    move wccf1dup  NaomiGD
    move wccf212e  NaomiGD
    move wccf234j  NaomiGD
    move wccf310j  NaomiGD
    move wccf331e  NaomiGD
    move wccf322e  NaomiGD
    move wccf420e  NaomiGD
    md Naomi2
    move clubkrt.zip Naomi2
    move clubkrtc.zip Naomi2
    move clubkrto.zip Naomi2
    move clubk2k3.zip Naomi2
    move clubk2kp.zip Naomi2
    move clubkprz.zip Naomi2
    move clubkpzb.zip Naomi2
    move kingrt66.zip Naomi2
    move soulsurf.zip Naomi2
    move vf4cart.zip Naomi2
    move vf4evoct.zip Naomi2
    move vstrik3c.zip Naomi2
    move vstrik3co.zip Naomi2
    move wldrider.zip Naomi2
    md Naomi2GD
    move beachspi  Naomi2GD
    move clubkcyc  Naomi2GD
    move initd     Naomi2GD
    move initdo    Naomi2GD
    move initdexp  Naomi2GD
    move initdexpo Naomi2GD
    move initdv2e  Naomi2GD
    move initdv2j  Naomi2GD
    move initdv2jo Naomi2GD
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    move initdv3j  Naomi2GD
    move initdv3jb Naomi2GD
    move inidv3cy  Naomi2GD
    move inidv3ca  Naomi2GD
    move vf4       Naomi2GD
    move vf4b      Naomi2GD
    move vf4o      Naomi2GD
    move vf4evo    Naomi2GD
    move vf4evoa   Naomi2GD
    move vf4evob   Naomi2GD
    move vf4tuned  Naomi2GD
    move vf4tuneda Naomi2GD
    move vf4tunedd Naomi2GD
    move vstrik3   Naomi2GD
    move beachspi.zip  Naomi2GD
    move clubkcyc.zip  Naomi2GD
    move initd.zip     Naomi2GD
    move initdo.zip    Naomi2GD
    move initdexp.zip  Naomi2GD
    move initdexpo.zip Naomi2GD
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    md SammyAtomiswave
    move anmlbskt.zip   SammyAtomiswave
    move anmlbskta.zip   SammyAtomiswave
    move basschalo.zip   SammyAtomiswave
    move basschal.zip   SammyAtomiswave
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    md SystemSP
    move brickppl.zip  SystemSP
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    move dinokior  SystemSP
    move dinoki25  SystemSP
    move lovebery.zip  SystemSP
    move lovebero.zip  SystemSP
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    md Cave3rd
    move ddpdfk.zip Cave3rd
    move ddpdfk10.zip Cave3rd
    move deathsml.zip Cave3rd
    move dfkbl.zip Cave3rd
    move dsmbl.zip Cave3rd
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    move pinkswtsx.zip   Cave3rd
    md Hikaru
    move airtrix.zip   Hikaru
    move airtrixo.zip  Hikaru
    move braveff.zip   Hikaru
    move pharrier.zip  Hikaru
    move swracer.zip    Hikaru
    move sgnascar.zip  Hikaru
    move sgnascaro.zip  Hikaru
    md Gaelco
    move atvtrack.zip    Gaelco
    move atvtracka.zip   Gaelco
    move gfootbal.zip    Gaelco
    move smashdrv.zip    Gaelco
    md Bios
    move awbios.zip Bios
    move crp.zip Bios
    move dc.zip Bios
    move hikaru.zip Bios
    move mie.zip Bios
    move naomi.zip Bios
    move naomi2.zip Bios
    move segadimm.zip Bios
    move segasp.zip Bios


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  2. I know this is an old post, but in case people actually use the search function to find solutions to their problems, I'd though I'd post this here. 

    In the old days ( I am not sure of how it works in 2018) launchbox did not let me import chd games without having a .zip or .7z file for the chd. What I would do is create a dummy zip using the chd folders. In Demul you have the correct path to your chds. In launchbox you import the .zip/.7z files. Tell launchbox to only use file name and not extension for demul emulator. 

    To create the dummy files you can create a .bat file and in it paste the following:

    FOR /d %%i IN (*) DO (echo .> %%i.7z)

    So your folder DIR would look like this:

    So the bat file goes in the main chd folder. Then just run the bat file. For each directory that the bat file is in, it will create a dummy 7z file (change to .zip if you want) named what the directory is. Then in Launchbox, just import the dummy zips and you are good to go.

    The reason I use 7z is because it doesn't matter what the extension was. This way I could place the .zip rom files in the same directory as the dummy chd files if I wanted to. I know that zip is a real file and 7z is a dummy file. 

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  3. These are not my applications. I found them on the retropie forums. They get rid of non working games, mature games, etc using catver.ini and the mame.xml that mame generates. This does not sort by controls and hardware/systems like lightspeed did. However these are way easier to use. Anyone have a way to sort out the different files for the different systems on Demul? I had a working copy about two years ago but just updated it and now having to rebuild the collection. I will probably end up doing it by hand, but didn't know if anyone had a way to sort the demul games out by system. 





    Edit, solved my Demul problem:


  4. So, I had a problem with retro arch where it was only showing half the screen. No matter what I did, it wouldn't show both sides. Out of frustration I deleted the whole folder and re downloaded it which did fix the problem, however, that of course deleted my save games and save states. 

    Before I research a way to do this on my own, are there any known projects that backup the memory cards, save states, and save game folder for retroarch on google drive or drop box automatically? I figured I would ask before I try and write something myself. 


    This could also be a great way to be able to play on your desktop, then pick up the save game on your raspberry pi. Speaking of which, I hope we get a linux version of Launchbox one day, even if it is stripped down to work faster on a raspberry pi. 

  5. I created a eXoDOS importer. It does not do images nor do I plan to because my harddrive with eXoDOS became corrupt and I don't plan to download it again. However You can still use the launchbox DB to get some of the images for the games. 


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  6. Here is a small plugin I made to import the eXoDOS games into LaunchBox. Currently it does not import images, just the game and the info about it in the about.txt and the ini file in the eXoDOS folders. 


    Backup your MS-DOS.xml file if you have one. Make sure you have run the "Setup eXoDOS.bat" file or this plugin will fail. Place plugin in the Plugins folder of LaunchBox. The plugin should appear at the bottom of the tools menu. When you click on it, it wants you to select the root folder of the eXoDOS folder structure. This means the top folder, the one that houses the Setup eXoDOS.bat file. After that it will go through the Games/!dos folder to find all your games and it will import them into LaunchBox. This takes a bit. For some reason when I was generating the xml file without the plugin system it worked in about 20 seconds. However using the IGame add new game function, it takes a couple of hours for my 5094 games. I would suggest running this at night. 

    To do: 

    Import images. Does anyone know a quick and easy way to detect where the LaunchBox install is? There I could find the correct folders to place images in. My other option is to have a second File Dialog Box that lets you select your LaunchBox install folder. I will only be importing front and back images. 

    Make this run as a separate thread. I made a BackgroundWorker and made a delegate to run the IGame add new game in the background, but it did not seem to work. Any hints?

    Make a progress bar. The video that the LaunchBox creator did shows how to control a gui through a theme, but I can't figure out how to make a progress bar on its own. Any hints?




    Edit, I have uploaded my Visual Studio folder. I am no longer going to develop this so I figured others might want to see how I went about it and make their own. Warning, this is not optimized code. If you are learning how to code, do not follow my examples. This is very sloppy and while I know better, I was lazy. You can use this to see how I made the plugin and what API calls I made, but don't learn to program this way. This is bad programming. If you want to learn C# and .net I would suggest going to plural sight (It is worth the price if you are going to use it) and start by looking up object oriented programming basics, then doing some C# .net tutorials.

    If you end up tweaking it and make it run in a background process so you can still use LaunchBox and/or add a progress bar, let me know so I can see your code for when/if I make my next app. 


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  7. 3 hours ago, kerszr said:

    Wait is this a real game? Where can I acquire it? Is it on famicom. Can you share some pictures or video of the game?

    Here is a video, but don't watch too much of it, as it is a walk through. 


  8. Well I was going to say that the download link is on the website, but the link is dead. Thankfully I have it stored on my computer! I put the link in the top post.

  9. Here is a game I found to be cute and fun. Cat poke!


    This game is very cute.  It is about a little girl that gets bored on a rainy day and her cats. See if you can find them all. 


    Edit: The person below  me brought it to my attention that the download does not work any longer. I have it backed up on my computer. As always scan this with a virus scanner before unzipping it on your computer since I have no reputation here you shouldn't trust me! I have installed it on my computer with no problems, but you can never be too careful. A good place to scan files is https://virusscan.jotti.org/ it lets you upload your file (I think 15mb is the highest you can upload) and it scans it using many different scanners.



  10. Was googling around and saw that people had success using rocket launcher with the eXodos collection. I know there is another post on here how to use rocket launcher with launch box. 

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  11. SentaiBrad:

    I did open up the core info files as it says in my post. Some of them do not have crc or sha1 info. Also I would like to make sure that I have all of them. Humans error a lot. 

  12. I am not asking for you to send me files, just names of files and their sha1 value.

    Trying to locate a list of all the bios files that retroarch requires. I went through the retroarch wiki and read all the core readme files and found a list of the following. If someone has all of the bios files Retroarch uses, could you run this windows command line on your folder? It will write all the names of the files and the sha1 values of that file to a BiosHash.txt file. I don't know if I got all of them so if you have more than me, or know you have a full list of Retroarch bioses that are required, please run the cmd command below and share it. Do not worry about mame bioses as that is taken care of in the main mame packages.

    Open up command prompt by pressing the windows key and type in CMD. Open command prompt. 

    Change directory to where your bios files are stored. To change directory use "cd X:/path/to/bios/folder/here" where X is the drive name and the path to bios folder is the path to the bios folder. Then copy and paste the following in CMD and run it. To paste into CMD just right click when the line below is copied to your clip board.

    for /r %%v in (*.*)  do (CertUtil -hashfile %%v) >> BiosHash.txt

    List of my files that I have found so far:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\5200.rom:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\dc_boot.bin:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\dc_flash.bin:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\disksys.rom:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\gba_bios.bin:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\hash.bat:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\o2rom.bin:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\saturn_bios.bin:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\SCPH1001.BIN:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\syscard3.pce:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\us_scd1_9210.bin:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\fba\neogeo.zip:

    SHA1 hash of file L:\Bios\neogeo\neogeo.zip:

  13. I found the option to unzip the game before it tries to play it, but my problem is that on retroarch, sometimes you want it to unzip like on playstation, and others you want it to keep it zipped like on neo geo or mame games. I can circumvent this by making a duplicate retroarch emulator setting but that means I have to keep up with two separate entries. Are there any plans to have it unzip by platform instead of by emulator?
  14. MAME

    As an added question off topic since you guys took over my thread anyways! lol Any one know of a good wiki or how to that shows what bios files go where for RetroArch 1.3.0? I have most every bios file I'll ever need, just having trouble figuring out where they go. Thanks for any and all help.
  15. MAME

    Is there a way to import mame roms and chd's? I can't seem to find the correct way to do it. The youtube videos don't have a section on this, and searching in the forum did not net anything either.
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