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  1. On 6/11/2020 at 4:35 PM, starfiretbt said:

    If I wanted to install a windows game in launchbox do I choose the location C:\Users\(myusername)\LaunchBox\Games\Windows as a location? That's where all my windows games that didn't need to be installed are, the ones that are in self contained folders that can easily be moved.

    I too would be interested in knowing the process for adding non-installed Windows games to LB that just have a .exe. Stuff like fan-made games, etc. None of the importers work for me as none of these games are "Installed" and pining them to the start menu doesn't work either.

  2. 5 minutes ago, neil9000 said:

    Delete the VLC folder and reopen Launchbox. It is because you originally updated to the new VLC then rolled back to a older one.

    That simple huh? 😊 thanks. At work now but will do that in the morning once I’m home. Just wanted to get some feedback tonight as I was expecting it to be a much larger problem. Thanks again @neil9000

  3. So last night I just started getting these types of errors upon launching LaunchBox. These didn’t start until I rolled back from the last beta version to the lates stable release. I decided to snap a photo with my phone of the type of errors I keep getting as there were to many popping up to screen capture all of them. They are all related to VLC and plugins related to VLC. Any ideas? The attached photo is of the first error that comes up.


  4. 5 hours ago, screwball69 said:

    Good to know you guys are making more cause I emptied out the FTP ages ago.

    Have either of you considered making a tutorial on how you go about making them so others can contribute some to?

    I think @CriticalCid might have posted a tutorial... can’t remember though. My setup uses scripts to kind of automate the conversion/encoding process so it really only works for me as everyone uses different programs for videos. In fact, my setup is basically the same thing cid was using but I’ve made some slight modifications. If you’ve emptied out the FTP then you pretty much have everything that’s been done to the best of my knowledge. The only big set of themes that still needs to be done is the PC (Windows) platform which I don’t plan on doing to be honest. I don’t own many of those games and I don’t believe proper video snaps have been done for those as most of what I can find are just game trailers ripped from YouTube. I have some PS1, Wii, and GameCube themes on the way but very little has been made for those platforms so I’ve been holding off and putting those out in hopes I can add to them... What we really need is more people to actually make the themes as all myself and cid have done is simply made them available in video format. 

    With cinematic themes being the new standard in video themes now, I doubt that there will be any new interest in old 4:3 HyperSpin themes. 

  5. EmuMovies premium will give you access to the FTP. That’s where you’ll find all the theme videos that @CriticalCid and myself have done. I’m working on adding more themes for more systems soon so stay tuned! Also, the themes that were used to make the videos were made by the folks over at HyperSpin and they have been nice enough to let us host them over at EmuMovies so if there are other sites hosting these let me know so I can inform @circo to get them removed! 

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  6. 3 hours ago, AK45 said:

    ok thankyou for the explanation i totally understand now what you mean and the confusion has gone ,i will have a look around also for some themes but i guess i will need permission from the actual creators before i do anything

    We have permission to record HyperSpin themes and distribute them on EmuMovies ONLY. So if you come across themes I haven’t found or recorded for the N64, just send me a private message and I’ll see what I can do about getting them added :)

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  7. 11 hours ago, AK45 said:

    I am working off the rocketlauncher N64 xml which i got from hyperspin forums released on 8 /20 /2017 so i guess i am a bit confused as how many themes there should be and wasnt aware not every game has a theme as i have 304/329 games the missing are japan but i am not interested in those just the usa /europe ones.I have added the xml in this message (hope thats ok) most of them are for the USA region but i do have a few from Europe and dont have doubles so i guess i am missing something and not sure what...I am not criticizing you in any way and i hope it dosent come across like that as i really appreciate the time and effort you put into them and at the moment i am getting more from the ftp that you have done

    Nintendo 64.xml

    All the themes I’ve recorded are on the EmuMovies FTP. I think it’s somewhere around 112 or something like that, I’m not In front of my pc at the moment so I can’t tell you the exact number. If you’re missing anything it’s because either the theme for that game hasn’t been made or I haven’t recorded it yet. If you grabbed the themes from the folder on the ftp then you have everything done so far my friend :) if more themes are made I’ll add them. Let me know if I can help any further with your setup.

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  8. 1 hour ago, AK45 said:

    thankyou riffman for the themes they are great..are you still on with the N64 as i downloaded your themes from ftp and i am short by quite a margin ..anyway i know it must be time consuming to do them and believe me they are very much appreciated

    Thanks! Not sure what you mean... I recorded all the N64 themes I could find. If a game had multiple themes available, I simply chose the best one and went with that. If you’re thinking every game has a theme your mistaken. I do update as new themes become available but so far, nothing is being made for N64 that I’m aware of.

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  9. Sony Playstation JAPAN 16:9 1080p Platform Theme

    View File

    I tend to keep my Translated and Japanese exclusive games separate from my North American/PAL region games in BigBox and have created this Sony Playstation (Japan) platform theme video. I Wanted to share with the community in case anyone else does the same with their collections and could use this in their setup. I do plan on redoing the video snap used for this theme in better quality so I will be updating this at a later date.

    Two different versions to choose from: Game Audio and Remixed Audio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Platform Clear logo below :)

    *All artwork created/modified/compiled by: Riffman81*

    Sony Playstation (Japan).png


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  10. 13 minutes ago, Retro808 said:

    Thanks for the tip @Lordmonkus on the new host. 


    Yes, thanks a ton! I will be doing a new update here tonight or tomorrow with all the new covers, video snaps, and all other media. I'm going to make everything available here in the download section :)

    Castlevania - Dracula X (USA) (MSU1).png

    Gradius III (USA) (MSU1).png

    Castlevania - Dracula X (USA) (MSU1).png

    Gradius III (USA) (MSU1).png

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  11. On 11/12/2017 at 4:27 PM, Lordmonkus said:

    Gradius III incoming.


    Thanks! I'm keeping track as best as possible of all the new releases and will update. BTW, this set is EmuMovies official now and available on the EM site and FTP :)

  12. This set has been updated guys. 30+ new and alternate themes and they're all available in my folder on the EmuMovies FTP. I'll also be posting some new Sega Genesis themes in the next few days (as that set is lacking) and finishing up N64 with over 110 themes. Below is what's been added:

    3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA)
    Adventures of Yogi Bear (USA)
    Air Cavalry (USA)
    Aladdin (USA)
    Archer Maclean's Super Dropzone (Europe)
    Beauty and the Beast (USA)
    Bebe's Kids (USA)
    Best of the Best - Championship Karate (USA)
    Big Sky Trooper (USA)
    Biker Mice from Mars (USA)
    BioMetal (USA)
    Bobby's World (USA) (Proto)
    Bubsy II (USA)
    Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (USA)
    Cannon Fodder (Europe)
    Cybernator (USA)
    Dungeon Master (USA)
    Final Fantasy II (USA) (Rev 1)
    Firemen, The (Europe)
    Ignition Factor, The (USA)
    Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past (USA)
    Lion King, The (USA)
    Lost Vikings, The (USA)
    Out of This World (USA)
    Pocky & Rocky (USA)
    Pocky & Rocky 2 (USA)
    Populous II - Trials of the Olympian Gods (Europe)
    Putty Squad (Europe)
    Rocko's Modern Life - Spunky's Dangerous Day (USA)
    Super Metroid (Japan, USA)
    Super Turrican (USA)
    Super Turrican 2 (USA)
    Super Widget (USA)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Tournament Fighters (USA)
    Tintin - Prisoners of the Sun (Europe)
    Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel (USA)



    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-30-21-988.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-30-29-359.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-30-52-610.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-31-27-095.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-31-47-673.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-32-35-531.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-32-51-433.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-33-07-317.png

    BigBox 2017-11-14 18-33-28-767.png

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