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  1. That worked perfectly. I wasn't aware that the list view was there!
  2. Well, because there's a bunch and they show up under "all"! I was hoping there was a utility to remove them if not associated, or an XML that I can edit.
  3. Is there an easy way to remove all roms not associated with a platform? I have a large amount of roms that I imported, then removed (or so I thought), but they still show up under ALL and don't have a platform associated.
  4. Thanks. I was hoping to find a way to do it in LaunchBox and leave the ROMs as they are. Since it drops the first extension, it would be nice for an option to drop the second too. I'm using these ROMs for Hyperspin too and don't want to get into renaming them, although it would probably just be a little change in Hyperspin.
  5. When importing PS2 ROMs as .iso.gz files, the ".iso" part becomes the end of each game name causing no metadata to be found. Is there a way to mass edit the .iso off all of the game names instead of doing them one-by-one? Or, possibly add an option to ignore the extension?
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