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  1. Great work as always, thanks for all your hard work. It's appreciated 👍
  2. There is a great site where you can get every clip you ever need........ Youtube
  3. It should be call MonkeyArch, because it is so easy to use, a monkey could probably set it up. Once you get the hang of it you will not use anything else.
  4. Here's an idea, don't buy it then and save yourself $75 That's for a LIFETIME of use/updates. Do you think people spend 24 hours a day making stuff like this to give it away for nothing !! You could spend that on a controller along, nevermind something like this that you can use for years to come.
  5. Make sure you are using the correct neogeo.zip file that corresponds to your MAME romset (e.g. MAME 0.220 needs neogeo.zip from MAME 0.220 bios set)
  6. Does MAME work on it's own ? Try dragging a mame rom onto the mame.exe to see if it loads up. You should not have to change anything by default just to get it up and running. You would only then change settings if you want to improve your setup.
  7. Scroll back through this post, you will find most of them there.
  8. Try a system restore back to when it was working.
  9. You need to use MAME chd files now.
  10. No disrespect mate, but you are wrong. Is this your first time using MAME ? Maybe read up a bit on how to change the resolution/shaders in MAME as this is the issue. If not then you are talking about a PC version or a game on another system. ssf2t - MAME 0.220 below
  11. I have boxart for ALL the games he is missing on the image above, so they obviously exist somewhere. The only ones I can't find are most of the Sega Dreamcast Japan boxart (300 or so missing)
  12. It's not an issue with the rom being low resolution, it's the issue with you not setting the resolution any higher in MAME. If the rom works, then it's simply tweaking the settings/shaders within MAME to get it to run as best as it can run. It runs no better or worse than the other 30,000 games in MAME.
  13. Downloaded this twice, both times can't unzip file as it says it's corrupt
  14. Have you heard of Google ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nintendo_64_games
  15. My highscores for Bombjack and Galaga are gone after latest Launchbox update !!
  16. Finally others see the issue with the mods too. Very poor attitudes indeed!! This won't be up here long, they will just delete entire thread as usual when any criticism comes their way. I would have thought someone would have a word with them.
  17. Thanks, are these both no nag versions MAME & Mamearcade ?
  18. Snappy and Launchbox is a contradiction in terms 😉
  19. FYI, This game loads fine using all nes cores in RA 1.8.4, but I can't get controls working
  20. Create 2 x Yuzu setups. Set one to Vulkan and one to OpenGL. Make sure they are both portable setups.
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