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  1. 1 hour ago, seaview59 said:

    To get this logo I used a utility named PS3GameExtractor and found it in the INSTALL.PKG. Not submitted to LB database as I could find no entry.


    I love technical solutions :) 

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  2. 1 hour ago, neil9000 said:

    The second shot is asking for your profile name, but for some reason you are entering a full URL. Thats not what you were asked to input there, just put klopjero

    O dear... is my face red... 

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  3. Hi, 

    When I try and use the Import GOG games wizard, near the end of the wizard it says:


    Earlier in the wizard is gives instructions on how to access this information. I have followed these. 



    The account settings should be correct, when I browse to the above URL using an incognito windows in my webbrowser it displays my games correctly. 

    So what can I do to fix this problem ?

  4. Hi,

    Would it be possible to have startup video's loop? like Coinops does?

    and as an extra feature, maybe when bigbox is done loading on the background, have an image drawn over it, stating that it ready and that you should press ny key to continue ? 

  5. 11 hours ago, dagosal10 said:


     I love this theme, great job !!  I would like to be able to see arcade (mame, neogeo, naomi, etc) with its own cabinet and the marquee of each game. In turn, that the consoles are seen with their platform average. Is all this possible in the same view?


    the marquee's change already. the cab's we might do and I do not understand your last sentence about average consoles.

  6. why does Jason have to do that ? 

    why ? does Jason update my emulators ? no,

    if a Bezel drawing feature is in place that is is based on AHK's and it is looking for the title of a drawn window but the bezel is not drawn why not add a trouble shooting feature which launches the emulator and allows me to click on the emulator window and the process captures Title element? 

    Kind of like how you setup your fade for windows programs in rocketlauncher.

  7. 1 hour ago, y2guru said:

    I suggest the platforms should be renamed to conform with the launchbox preferred naming standards, having platforms named differently will prevent platform specific images and videos from being displayed.

    to ensure the correct platform naming convention is to be used i suggest clicking the main menu, utilities then build fake rom list (from the community theme 

    The scrape as feature got us covered for that right? 


  8. I have a question. 

    we can use the theme creator to make specific views for platforms, based on the default view.

    but is it dependent on the fact that the user uses the exact name of the platform ? I'm working with CMOSS on the CoinOPS Redux, and i Noticed that his platform specific views were not showing up when I downloaded his Community theme creator project.

    instead of an "equals"  the look up could be "like" or "Contains" but that could negativly influance performance perhaps ? maybe the theme builder could provide alternate names for a system ? 

  9. 8 hours ago, CMOSS said:

    your image transition looks better then mine :) what settings did you use ? i'll make a video of what i made so far... maybe we can join forces or something, 


    the attachment is a bit hodgepodge clicky clicky no editing thingy... 

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