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  1. Just now, neil9000 said:

    Nothing you upload here to the forums will be available in the Launchbox scraper, you need to add them to the database for that. Anything you are uploading here other users will have to come here and manually download your files.

    Ah, wasnt aware of that @neil9000, how would I add them to the database?

  2. Thanks for the feedback regarding the uploads @PaDeMoNiuM, I had not even considered that this would have any impact etc. as was just uploading as they were being created. I am working on more systems so would be useful to understand what you mean regarding centralised upload though to see if I could use this for future uploads?

    Do you mean to have all the various system downloads under one post? If so then will the Launchbox/BigBox media downloader still know which images correlate to which system? If so how does this work as the post would be tagged with all the systems as I don't believe you can tag individual files rather than posts unless I am missing something?

    Also thanks for the support @DOS76 though hopefully you can both see it was not my intention to cause any issues/grievance with the community, just trying to add more content. Apologies if this has been done incorrectly in some way.


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    Unfortunately not @isilkin - the reason for using the screenshots is that this ensures the theme remains consistently sized - if using boxart then each system has different size boxes which then doesnt look right and would require layout to be changed.

    This is one of the issues I am currently having in that the themes will only ever be as good as users artwork - steam banners and square tiles is how it is being done on consoles so that all tiles are consistently sized. I am currently working on some boxart files to upload to emumovies that will give consistent dimensions but @jasoncarr would then need to somehow reference these as additional image types to pull in automatically for theme use but one step at a time.


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    Is it the same on all game views or just some? Have you also set the platform video path and path within the game info back to default location? 

    This does sound like an issue with the plug-in I’m using for the video. @eatkinola are you aware of any known issues with the plug-in and video files being held outside of main launch box directory? 


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    @YanNot quite sure if this is now working for you or not since you changed the platform video path? If not could you try moving a single video to the videos folder within the launch box videos directory and see if that works? 


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    That sounds like a plug-in issue as the game videos use @eatkinola plugin which is included in the theme. 

    Can you check to make sure that the DLLs within the theme/plug-in folder are unblocked by right-clicking the file and viewing its properties. If blocked there should be an unblock button at the bottom of the properties page.

    Also if you could check your launch box videos folder and confirm what the file name and folder structure  is within there for a game video that is not showing please as that may help troubleshoot this.




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    Not sure what’s causing this @knightCrawler  but can you check a few things:

    Is this on load or when a certain view is loaded? 

    Can you check the file properties of the dlls in the theme plugins folder to make sure they are all unblocked as may have been blocked by windows on download

    Have you tried with video set to both VLC and MediaPlayer and is the error present on both? 

  3. I am hoping to get it uploaded very soon all being well. Been slowed down slightly by a few things including my PC being replaced and being away over Easter but got a few themes in the work but this one will now be first hopefully this weekend. 

  4. Thanks @Newlander I got the list through PM - thanks again for doing that.

    in the new theme I have focussed on the horizontal theme layout as that is how Nesica is setup originally and has allowed me to have different styles but keeping closer to the original design. Would be good to know though if people are using the vertical style wheel views currently as if these will be missed I will try to either incorporate them back in or alternatively make a vertical wheel version of the theme after this new version is released? 

  5. Glad you like the theme. I have been very busy with work over the past few months but am now back to work on the themes and am hoping to have a completely reworked version of this theme uploaded next week. The new theme has completely reworked graphics and tables which should allow it to scale correctly all the way up to 4K resolution. The theme also has improved control layouts and cleaner banner images. I will add in additional systems for banners and controls if you can provide a list of which systems in particular you would like that are currently missing. With regards controls my intention is to have mapping’s from the various console controllers to Xbox, PS4 and arcade control panels that users can customise but again if you there are any other controllers being used by the community let me know and I will try to include in the next release. @Pyrometheous @Newlander @Kriven @Nyny77

  6. On 7/17/2017 at 11:57 PM, Invader said:

    Really nice job! this is my favorite them at the moment.

    Just a heads up. the MusicNotificationView.xaml seems to be broken. At least for me. It just errors out when attempting to play a track.

    Keep up the great work! :D

    EDIT: Fixed it. Line 6 is wrong. It looks like this:

                 d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="300" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" BorderThickness="1" BorderBrush="DE303030">

    It should look like this:

                 d:DesignHeight="300" d:DesignWidth="300" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" BorderThickness="1" BorderBrush="#DE303030">


    Thanks, good catch I will amend in the code and upload a revised version this week.

  7. @Pyrometheous you're more than welcome and it was only a very slight change to the code on each view to change the format of the flowcontrol from banner style dimensions to one more suited to boxart. The theme is up now. I will also try to get the template for the controller layouts uploaded in the next few days too so that people can amend the controller layout images easily with GIMP GNU to their own setups.

  8. @Pyrometheous and @jarvey_14, was much quicker than I thought and have a new version of the theme being uploaded now called Griddle Boxview  (should be up in next 15 mins) - you can install this alongside this theme and switch between the themes as you wish. Only thing not sorted in either yet is the video dimensions issue @jarvey_14 reported which I cannot seem to replicate here - can you advise which videos you are using when this occurs?


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  9. @Pyrometheous thanks for the comments. It seems a few people are disappointed I have focussed on banner style covers rather than supporting all media types. It would not be much work to be able to set this so that other media can be used but would require a new theme to be created as unlike the previous theme I have set this so each view just changes colour rather than wheel image type to keep the look consistent. I will try and get another theme created shortly as a variant of this one that allows for boxfront images instead of banner style images - I think that should also help @jarvey_14 have the theme displayed the way they would like as well.

    With regards two different videos for a game (trailer and gameplay) I do not believe this is possible at present as believe each game can only have one video and I dont believe its possible to set a different video for game info screen to the game select screen @Jason Carr - is this possible in any way you can think of?

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  10. Hi @jarvey_14, since the last theme I made the decision to format the wheel from now on for Steam style Banner format. The reason for this was that setting the size for boxart fronts means that you can make the spacing appear right for some systems but not all and one system or another always ends up not looking right (more often than not SNES boxes are the worst looking and arcade flyers are all over the place). The same is also true if setting the wheel to display media as the carts/disk/floppies are different sizes so what looks right for one system does not look great for another. I have collated and also created quite a lot of banner images for the games I have and am happy to upload these if it would help people out with getting the theme to look right. There are also a number of great sites on the internet to get any that are missing for your collection - unfortunately Launchbox does not search these sources at present so it is  a manual job. The size for these banner images is 460x215 btw.

    With regards the background image this is pulled from the existing game fanart and should scale correctly for any image that is 16:9 in dimension but I recommend 1920x1080 or larger for best viewing but 1280x720 does look ok.

    As for the video I am unsure why it is doing that but this is a bug that I will fix. Is it only on the platforms screen where the video shifts out or does it also do this on the game select screens?

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  11. Thanks for all the positive feedback. @Pyrometheous Hope you like it. Those templates you uploaded look very good and are very similar to the ones in this theme. Having templates that are easy for users to edit would definitely be a good thing. I have the template file for the ones I created. If anyone's interested I can upload those as well?

  12. Thanks for the feedback. I had it set like that as using on a cabinet but meant to change to a more standard layout before uploading but forgot.

    easy for me to correct that, I'll go through the controls this week and upload a new minor version with controls corrected. 

  13. Thanks @Pyrometheous for both the review and publisher logos contribution - glad you like the theme! 

    Adding the line in sounds like an error  on my part and should be simple to fix - I'll try and get an amended theme uploaded this week. I am also still working on making this theme more responsive so it resizes better to other resolutions and am also working on a new theme which will incorporate many of the elements of Nesica but be a theme specific to BigBox only. Had a lot on st work recently so progress has been a bit slower than planned. 


    Would you mind if i included your additional publisher logos in future releases of this theme and the theme I am currently working on which will also utilise publisher logos? I will obviously give you a thanks in the theme description. 


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  14. @Thanos Reigns - I have tried changing every setting in options and cannot recreate the issue you are seeing. Can you try turning off "remember separate view for each platform" in views and then going to image cache and clicking Refresh All Images.

    if this does not work then I am lost as to what is causing it as cannot replicate the issue on my setup no matter what I try 

  15. Can you untick "remember seperate view for each platform" as that is a new setting in the latest LB release that I have not tested so could be causing issue. If you can also make sure "show filters recent games" and "show filters favourite games" are unticked. If this does not solve it if you wouldn't mind sending through screenshots of your other options settings, I will try to replicate the issue on my setup tomorrow. 

  16. 19 minutes ago, Thanos Reigns said:

    Does it on all views, platform and game



    Sorry about this, sure I'll crack it shortly. Nothing on those options that I would think could cause this. Can you screenshot the options set in images, videos and game details please?

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