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  1. I love the work the community here has created. Is there any chance that the download section could have a zip file download with all files in?

    I'm finding it time consuming to download individual files especially if there are alot.

    Also any chance we could remove the underscore as i have to rename every file?

    Again thanks to everyone for there hard work and contributions

  2. well i have now gone back to critical zone and narrowed it down to view as the other views or at least the vertical wheel art view seems fine. i have scrolled through them 1000s times. When i went back to the view i wanted as per video , same issue. I have then deleted the background video and resrated, which it puts it back on starting up and would you believe it that its seems to have resolved it. I need to test it more but am tired of pressing right tonight. Thanks for al your help ill test again tomorrow and let you know

  3. Cheers mate its a puzzle and hate being beaten.

    I have reinstalled .net framework, vc redist and directx. I have done a clean install of nvidia graphics driver and updated windows. I have even tried turning sli off but still the same issue. Just weird how its every other screen

    Jason as your here thank you for your hard work mate!

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  4. I have updated and still have the issue. What i can say is that if i change the view the text comes back. Also if i go back to the platform menu it comes back See Video below

    My Specs are:

    Running on
    i7 4790k @4.00gGHz
    16gb Ram
    2x 980ti SLI
    512 Samsung SSD


  5. Thanks for the reply i have updated codec before posting but will update drivers. i know graphics driver is up to date. Its quite random and its every other screen that doesnt show when it does. So could be the options screen or the game detail screen.

  6. I using the current beta and have an issue (had it in the latest non beta build)

    I keep losing text (details) every other game when going through my collection

    please checkout this video as it explains it better than i can.

    On some occasions it may be the video that doesnt show. Any ideas as its doing my head in

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