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  1. MAME 3D Boxes (4885)

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    On 6/5/2018 at 10:20 AM, Reevesad said:

    I hope you don't mind me using your template to create some boxes for the roms that I have on mame that don't have any legit flyers available. mainly the bootleg games, eg: Ave Fenix, Batman part 2 (both Pheonix clones) and to cover some of the more obsure far east games.

    You posted this back in 2018 and I'm only seeing it now...heh Do what you want man theres better 3D Boxes for arcade out now made by Mr.Retrolust

  2. 15 hours ago, Gustavus said:

    hello, I have a problem with the file


    I donwloaded it twice but both times its corrupted, I tried 7zip and its say the file has errors, anyone else have problem?

    I just re-uploaded these, there working again now I don't know what happened there...

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  3. Yes this did take a good while to get together, the originals were in a bad way unfortunately. Your additions here are nice though I must admit some of them like Daytona USA and Quake are barely noticeable but thanks for the effort. Fighters MegaMix was in a bad way.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Retrofrogg said:

    Nice discs! Did you use any Photoshop action or anything to edit these? I'm going through some discs and the inner and outer edges tend to need cleaned up (generally the edges cropped off), but doing that manually for each disc is taking too long 

    Thanks man. I have done quite a few disc projects and this was the first disc project that went fairly easy because who ever uploaded the originals to the ReDump website did a really good job of scanning them in.

    Yes I do have action files that I use that help with the manual parts. (Like my PC DVD set) For example having a Part 1 action that firstly resizes the disc and creates a selection close to the edge so that then the selection can be manually adjusted before running the next Part 2 action which will resize again and cut out the center, I find doing things that way is much easier than trying to do it ALL manually.

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