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  1. Could you do a tutorial on how to install this wonderful theme?
  2. Hello Brad, my internet service provider was really having problems and I already dealt with them ... I downloaded and updated the BigBox ... it was great congratulations for the support Thank you . We Love BigBox Forever
  3. I am having problems downloading the launchbox ... the server is too slow to download the update ... have a host on another server? My internet is 10mbps .... and it's taking more than 1 hour to download the bigbox.
  4. I got it here ... thanks! I was leaving the video loose in the bigbox folder !!! I put it in the videos folder ... now it's perfect! Thank you!!!
  5. ShinWagner

    Startup video

    I would like to know where I put the boot video of the bigbox, do you have a specific folder? I liked the blue explosion start theme. Thank you.
  6. ShinWagner


    In case I would need a video card to run Demul? I think my gforce 210 video card is very weak! Can you recommend a video card to run dreamcast?
  7. ShinWagner


    So my computer is an AMD FX8350 16GB DDR3 1333 Video Card GFORCE 210 1GB ... I had a lot of problems with Demul, Null, I have not tested ... but I'm going to test Retroarch ... if it does not work, I'm going to test Demul. Thanks for the guidance
  8. ShinWagner


    Yes the games work in Retroarch ... I have already solved the problem I edited a command line here now I can call Retroarch !!! I had to create the command line reicast_libretro.dll .... after that the retroarch is working! Thanks for listening
  9. ShinWagner


    I need help, I want to use retroarch (reicast), to run roms in dreamcast format (.gdi) ... I did everything here .. when I click on playing ... the bigbox, it does not open the retroarch ... could me help out?
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