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  1. 4K Sega Genesis Mini Retroarch Overlays

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    To commemorate the upcoming Genesis Mini, I created some new 4K overlays.  Some of these will be fine for other systems, but they match the 80s / 90s Genesis style best.  These are inspired by the official overlays, but by no means exact copies.

    To use, enable integer scaling, and use 4:3 apect ratio.





  2. 15 hours ago, JoeViking245 said:

    Just shooting from the hip...

    Since you're launching retrochange each time you start an RA emu game, how about putting this in the RA emulator under the AHK tab...

    #SingleInstance, Force
    Sleep, 3000  	;give RA a few seconds to load
    Process, WaitClose, retroarch.exe
    Run, "G:\LaunchBox\changeres.bat"

    Another thought would be under the games' Additional Apps, add g:\LaunchBox\changeres.bat and have it run "Automatically Run After Main Application".

    I ended up getting to work by installing AutoHotKey as a standalone application, and using this to call the AHK on exit:

    Run, G:\Launchbox\AutoHotkey\retrochange.ahk

    So glad that's finally done, now I can move on with sorting my collection. 

  3. 16 minutes ago, Jason Carr said:

    Beta 16 is out now with the following:

    • New exit game AutoHotkey scripts
    • New swap disc AutoHotkey scripts
    • Redream default pause screen settings with AutoHotkey scripts
    • Demul default pause screen settings with AutoHotkey scripts
    • PCSX2 default pause screen settings with AutoHotkey scripts
    • ScummVM pause screen fixes and settings/scripts

    At this point, I'm going to call this beta feature-complete. The only thing left that still needs to be done is to see if I can resolve some pause screen issues with a few troublesome emulators. Hopefully I can figure that stuff out without too much trouble and we can put out the official release early next week.

    Hey Jason, could the exit game AutoHotkey scripts be used to run a batch file after the emulator exits?  Otherwise what is the likelihood of having batch editing of "additional apps" being incorporated into the next beta?

  4. Thanks, I just have a simple batch file that runs a command line program to change the resolution.  

    It just runs this one command:

    changescreenresolution.exe /w=640 /h=480 /f=60 /b=32 /d=0

    I'm trying to figure out how to implement either the command itself, or running the batch file when Retroarch exits  as an AHK.  I thought I had it working, but it only worked one time.  I thought maybe the AHK was still running, but even after a reboot it didn't work anymore.

    What command/s could I try in the AHK section to run that on exit?  

  5. Maybe if people knew why it was such an important feature they'd be more willing to vote for it?  

    For me personally, I'm currently in AHK hell trying to run a batch file to get my resolution to change back to 640x480 on my arcade monitor when I exit Retroarch.  (I'm using super resolutions). Using the additional apps feature and pointing it to my batch file works perfectly. 

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to get it working. 

  6. Hey guys, 

    I recently started using super resolutions for my arcade CRT monitor, and it works great with GroovyMame, but with Retroarch when I load a game the resolution changes as expected, however when I close Retroarch the resolution doesn't go back to my normal desktop resolution of 640x480. 

    I found a program that can change the resolution via command line and I have a batch file that calls it and it works.  So what I would like to do is have the batch file run when retroarch closes.  

    I'm currently trying this method and I think I'm close, but so far it's not working:

    Within my retroarch emulator settings under the Autohotkey tab I have this:

    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
    run, Autohotkey.exe "retrochange.ahk"

    And my ahk looks like this:

    #SingleInstance, Force
    Process, Exist, retroarch.exe
    pid1 := ErrorLevel
    If (!pid1)
              Goto Next
    Process, Exist, retroarch.exe
    pid1 := ErrorLevel
    If (!pid1)
             Run G:\LaunchBox\changeres.bat

    The ahk is located in the Launchbox/metadata/Temp folder

    What am I missing, or is there an easier/better way to run my batch file when Retroarch closes?

  7. 4K Retroarch bezels/overlays

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    I designed some overlays for my 4K TV since I couldn't find any at that resolution at the quality I was looking for.  I'm in the process of creating more systems in Photoshop, but the console themed designs take quite a while at 4K resolution.  Many of these are inspired by the consoles design, so they aren’t 100% accurate to the source, they are just formatted to look nice as bezels/overlays.  These overlays are designed to maximize screen real estate (IE no integer scaling), so there is no gap on the top and bottom of the screen.  Use standard 4:3 aspect ratio or custom scaling.  So, I won't be creating designs for consoles / handhelds that display primarily in 16:9, as doing that requires shrinking the game.

    I use the CRT_Geom shader with these settings changed and the screens are curved exactly where they need to be:

    CRT Geom Curvature Radius: 3.00

    CRT Corner Size: 0.00

    CRT Geom Sharpness: 3.00


  8. It's always bugged me that Windows box covers have so many different standards, layouts, looks, etc.  Consoles are unified and look great in a collection.  So, I've designed my own Games for Windows box art template and started creating a unified set.

    Here is an example:


    The logo is a diagonal version of the windows flag with the original colors.  They are laid out in the same diamond as the Xbox controller face buttons (ABXY), with the negative space resembling an X, which shows it's relationship to the Xbox as well.

    I've also designed a "digital download" logo, as these games aren't being played from a physical media, it seems to be a more accurate representation.

    I can upload the template if others would like to contribute to the project.  I hve completed about 20 or so thusfar. It would be great to finally see Windows games have a high quality modern unified look.


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  9. 2 minutes ago, spektor56 said:

    Basically anything you want to do you can do in XAML.  You can even make your own custom control dll's and reference them in the XAML file.  It's just up to jason to provide the proper bindings to make the controls

    Well, then I just have a go at some mockups and see if anyone wants to join forces.  I only have light to moderate coding knowledge so the need for a partner is pretty vital.

    I use bigbox on 2 sources:

    - Custom Arcade cabinet with a real arcade monitor capable of 800x600 

    - My 65" 4K tv

    So I'd like the theme to be as versitile as possible, which may call for the need of 2 versions, a low and high res, 4:3 / 16:9 version

    Anyhow, I'll get to work on some mockups and should have something to show within a few days

  10. Hi guys, new to launchbox.  I recently bought the license for bigbox and it's got me thinking.  I was a skinner from over at the Kodi.tv forums since back in the xbmc days.  I designed several skins, but many weren't finished due to the complexity, and how many pages had to be skinned.  I'm mostly a graphic designer and had help from coders over there getting my designs from concept to reality.  Bigbox seems to have only a few pages that require skinning and I want to try my hand at it.

    So I started digging around the themes here and I'm a little lost.  I don't see where any images are located within the theme folders.  Are they all generated by the theme engine or are they stored in some compressed format?  I am completely unfamiliar with XAML and noticed there are some tutorials on youtube, but as a designer what I'm wondering is if anyone would be willing to work with me to create a new theme?

    I have some thoughts but have no mockups as of yet, as I am unsure of what the theme engine is capable of.  

    Here are some examples of my KODI skins, if someone is willing to work with me, let me know! :)












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