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  1. 11.5 beta 2 fixed the issue!

    The issue occurred when opening any game with Startup Screens enabled with either Retro Console or Simplified (I have seen other affected startup themes as well on the forums). The mouse cursor would disappear and nothing would load. There would be a Launchbox Game Startup window that opened behind LB. I would have to restart in order to get the mouse pointer back. Games loaded fine with default startup theme, or no startup themes at all.

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  2. OK, I've been able to pinpoint this issue. It must be related to startup screens. When startup screens are off, games load fine. When the default startup theme is enabled, games load fine. When either Retro Console or Simple Detailed Startup themes are enabled, the mouse disappears and a Launchbox Game Startup window opens behind LB. I have only experienced this behavior after upgrading to 11.4 (from 11.2). I'm happy to provide additional info.

    @degetalwolf experienced the same issue with a couple of other themes in the thread below.



  3. Well, in the process of trying to connect my drive to another PC, my external fell off the tower. Now I just get a faint pulsing sound. Gonna need a new drive. It will be a while until I can test this out again. 

    I'll revert back once I'm up and running. 

  4. Sorry for the lack of details but there really are none other than what I said. Games do not load, no error message, and a new blank window opens behind LB titled Launchbox Game Startup. Mouse disappears and I have to kill LB/BB via task manager. Same happens when launched in BB. I tried a reinstall of 11.4, but that didn't fix it. I then rolled back to 11.2, and everything works fine. 

  5. I recently updated from 11.3 to 11.4. the update finished without any issues and I restarted as directed. I attempted to start a MAME game, but nothing loads. The mouse cursor disappears and I noticed a new window, Launchbox Game Startup, is open when I Alt+Tab. 

    Any ideas on what the issue is?

  6. I recently noticed (on 9.3) that whenever I download media through the import wizard, the process initially works fine, but the progress bar stalls at the very end and the final file never finishes downloading. I am forced to cancel, close LB, re-import without downloading from LBDB or Emu, then manually download media for the last game.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  7. 6 minutes ago, Belgarath said:

    Found this explanation on a forum


    "Most of those numbers are disc pressing codes. Many games were popular enough that they had to make a lot of manufacturing runs, but those runs may have had some slight differences. Redump indicates these by the ring code.

    The actual game data is same for all of those, the difference is mostly in small things, like one audio file being different, or offset by a few bits or something like that. So just pick one and play."

    Awesome find! Can you share the link?

  8. 6 minutes ago, FlightRisk said:

    I searched everywhere and I can't find an explanation. Maybe someone who has ripped these would know. And if a version is 4 or 5, what is the "S"?.

    So I remoted into my PC. There are so many different ones now that I am looking.

    Fighting Vipers has (5S) and (6S) versions
    Fighters Megamix has (RE)
    Last Gladiators has (4S) and (5S)
    Minnesota Fats has (R)
    NBA Jam TE has (3S)
    NHL All-Star Hockey (1S) and (2S)
    NFL '97 has (Rev A)
    NiGHTS into Dreams (RE)
    Panzer Dragoon (1S) and (5S)
    Street Fighter The Movie (8S)

    There are a few other. There MUST be an explanation somewhere. In the end, it doesn't REALLY matter, but i just NEED to know lol. 


  9. 10 hours ago, FlightRisk said:

    What other letters are you seeing? They are listed by country like all other roms (though these are technically ISOs) 4S and 5S are iPhones. They have emulators too. Not sure what RE is. Was there more than one game listed as RE?

    Definitely not iPhones lol. Just to make sure I'm not breaking any forum rules, it is the "Not Light Aqua" set which is all bin/cue.

    For instance there is Fighting Vipers (USA) (4S) and Fighting Vipers (USA) (5S). I'm not home right now so I'm not sure which games had RE, but there were multiple instances of each throughout the USA set. 

  10. Hey everyone. Random question, but I was looking at a certain set of Saturn roms. I know they identify different versions, but does anyone happen to know what 4S, 5S, RE, etc. actually stand for? This obviously doesn't impact playing them, but i just feel like I "need" to know.


  11. Yes, I found those after searching through some threads but saw they were from older sets. Right now, everything is up to date and works, so I'm a bit hesitant to try. I always end up breaking something when I set it to "improve" it. 


  12. Ah Ok. Our process is the same. It just never crossed my mind to manually check off the files from the list generated by TC. I always let the hash check run to figure it out. And the CHDs are easier, I just get the update file and overwrite the old CHDs. Then I use TC to remove the unnecessary files/folders.


    Do you happen to know a way to copy roms/chds out of a full MAME set to keep separate folders for CPS1, CPS2, NAOMI, etc? I'd like separate platforms (not playlists) in LB so I can use different emulators for each.

  13. 6 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

    I run torrent check against my existing set and then use the results to just grab those files which I download to an updates folder then I paste them all in the appropriate folders a little different but mainly the same process.

    What step am I missing to only grab the missing files once I run TC?

  14. Well, I managed to get my sets updated. For those looking for a solution, I point the download to the old set, the download client performs a hash check and downloads everything else it needs. I then use TorrentCheck to remove all unnecessary files/folders.

    I'm sure most people know how to do this but I figured I'd share anyway.


  15. I am a RocketLauncher user. I have spent years (geez, that's frightening) learning how to configure, maintain, and update RL. I just wish it was updated more frequently, specifically the modules. We are spoiled a bit here with the frequency and of LB/BB updates.

    I like the loading/unzipping screens when starting a game, along with the game info (publisher, year, times played, etc). Some other graphical eye candy would be nice, and theme-able would be even better. I'm sure we will see @RetroHumanoid's work in there. On a side note, could you add a feature that runs a game immediately from the BB wheel, instead of going into the game menu first? Like a Fast Load option in settings?

    For pause, I really like the idea for platform specific controller mapping to standard controllers (XBox, PS4, etc). Personally, that would be a huge help for systems I don't have a ton of experience with. Accessing other media like manuals, magazines, and save states would also be pretty cool. 


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  16. 4 hours ago, Casdha said:

    I used the Create missing arcade/MAME playlist under tools and it worked great.

    The problem I'm having is that when I try to add, lets say a Naomi or a Model 2 light gun game, to the Arcade light gun games list (right click> add to list) it says 1 game added to playlist but when I go to the playlist it is not there.

    I'm assuming it is because MAME has these marked as not working, Is there a way to make this work? or do I need to edit a file manually?

    I would have thought that it just adds to the list like it does if you make one manually, EMU and everything, just how it is in its native list but I must be wrong.

    Edit: I've made manual list from multiple platforms before, I know I can always go to the list and hit "cntrl+A" and create a new list and then add to the new list I, I'm just wondering if there is something simple I missed.

    If you use criteria for an auto-populate Arcade system playlist, and a you would like to add a particular game that does not meet the criteria, you could just add new criteria that specifically identifies the game (and only that game) that you want.

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