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  1. 49 minutes ago, The Papaw said:

    Does any one know the title or URL to this particular video? There have been many added since this was posted.

    I cannot specifically answer that, but would suggest since the date of that post you quoted was 1/15/2020 go back to the upload around that date. I think Dave only had one upload in January 2020.

  2. 23 minutes ago, mechaluzz said:

    No problem guys, don't worry! @neil9000 i've tried to find a previous version here in the official site with no success (in my pc there's no previous version locally stored, clean install), after searching on internet i've found an older version to test it out the theme, but, still by uncheck the "auto-update" flags on the option (as reported on the forum) when big box is launched the auto-update take effect without any acknowledgement.

    Please if you know the procedure let me know! anyway for this reason i can say that is not straightforward...

    At the moment i'm build up my setup with the Colorful theme and the latest version of launchbox that are good as well.


    You need to make sure the first 2 boxes in the image are unchecked. If they are LB will not download an update. The only time it automatically downloads without you acknowledging "yes" is if you have the 2nd option ticked.

    As far as reverting to an older version if you do not have any old installers in your \Updates folder than you cannot fallback easily as we do not house old versions on our site. You really should never have to do a "clean install" and delete the entire LB folder. Most times simply re-running an installer over an existing build will fix some experienced issues. Either way, it is usually a good idea to back up data data even if you choose to start with a clean slate.

    Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 12.24.31 PM.png

    Starting The Game

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    57 minutes ago, soqueroeu said:

    Thanks @Retro808!
    I haven't taken this test yet.
    But technically, changing the paths on lines 32 and 33 in axml wouldn't be necessary, as I can point to any file I want. I believe the startup theme is looking for the Nintendo Entertainment System value a step back as the only alternative.

    Correct, technically you do not since the text value is not bound to ActiveGame.Platform it is bound directly to a path. Simply renaming the xaml to match the correct platform name would suffice. However, I have seen custom themes in BB have some hiccups so the recommendation to change was to unify the media & platform naming.

    Starting The Game

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    @soqueroeu If you are using non-standard names for your platforms you should be able to change file and media names for it to work.

    1. Copy the existing NES xaml and rename it Nintendo NES (Nintendo NES.xaml).

    2. in the \Resources folders go into \SystemLog and \Loading folders and either rename the NES images to Nintendo NES or copy them and name the new ones Nintendo NES (Nintendo NES.png).

    3. Edit the new Nintendo NES.xaml and change the image file names in lines 32 and 33 to be Nintendo NES.png.

    Unfortunately since you are not using standard name you may have to do this with all platforms like that. It is hard for theme creators to accommodate the multitude of ways users might name platforms.


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    Starting The Game

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    @soqueroeu @Hazuki The loading bar code from the default theme typically will only work if, for the emulator of choice, you have the option to "extract rom" on launch of a game. At least that is how Jason explained the option. I just tested this theme with a unzipped NES rom and a zipped rom through Retroarch. Without the "extract rom" option ticked the load bar does not show.

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  3. 1 hour ago, y2guru said:

    I would tend to agree with you, an option to turn off priorities

    Yeah this is one thing I have asked Jason if we can get. An image priorities for marquee since its current state defaults to box-front priorities. Wen creating marquee views you have to trick BB. Maybe you can help nudge that with him....??

    LB Galaxy

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    Definitely a nice addition. Gives me some creative ideas on how to modify the LBTheme I am using. Hope you do not mind a recommendation for this theme. Possibly wrap the RetroAcheivements in a ScrollViewer to allow for scrolling the achievements separately from the metadata. The metadata can still keep its own scrolling.


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    Big Fade Start

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    17 hours ago, bundangdon said:

    Great work once again! ? Just wondering, is there any way that we could replace the "Rating" with "Star Rating"?

    Easy to do just replace "SelectedGame.Rating" with "SelectedGame.StarRating" in line 131 of the Default.xaml. Also update line 125 to read "Star Rating:" if you want.

    Or just drop this Default.xaml in the theme folder. This one has those lines changed if you don't want to mess with it.


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    Big Fade

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    15 hours ago, bundangdon said:

    Wow, great work! This is the best pause theme I've yet to try! And something like this would be really nice as a fade (Game startup) theme too?

    I was planning on a Startup as well. 

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  4. Just now, arcan3kn1ght said:

    Ah, my fault.  Sorry about that.  Love the theme still!  Best startup theme out!

    No worries. Thanks. The theme can be edited to show the community rating up in the grid like the other metadata. If you do not want to use a field already there it is easy to edit one of them and replace it to pull Community Rating. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, arcan3kn1ght said:

    I'm having an issue with the star ratings not showing up on this startup theme.  I have the community based star ratings downloaded but for some reason they are not showing up in the startup theme.  Help?

    Also, Sega Saturn discs are not spinning for me

    The rating in the theme is not community based ones. It is the ones you set personally. I do not use community ratings so I built the theme of personal ratings. It is listed as this in the description. I did not want to use community ratings with a logo since those rate in decimal places and that would be a ton of icons. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, bundangdon said:

    @Retro808 I'm also having issues using this startup theme. The games won't start and my mouse-pointer also disappears. The only way I can get the pointer to reappear is by restarting the system. Maybe there's an error somewhere in the code?

    Have you downloaded the new update I just put out? I had it tested by another mod and it is working for him. 

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  7. 21 minutes ago, bundangdon said:

    Great work! What would be nice is if/when there's not a logo available, the name of the game appears in the form of text instead. Thanks for sharing this!

    Not sure what I can do on that as code for that is likely beyond my skill, but I will definitely take a look as I mess around more. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, Avo_Skorm_1986 said:

    ... (kinda boring don't you think?)

    No not really, but you should have known that since you said....you know what others would think.

    1 hour ago, Avo_Skorm_1986 said:

    im a visualist, i know if things look good or crap or boring, or interesting, and what others will think... 


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