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  1. Sorry we cannot be more helpful on where to get the file. I will say try also searching for a file call dl-1425.bin. If you have a qsound.zip already with your 185 pack the update added the dl-1425.bin file to the old qsound.zip. I just did a search of that file name and found a couple sites very helpful. 

  2. @lordmonkus  I have to say though the pain in the ass that Mame can be is easily tamed thanks to the knowledge you and the others on this particular forum share. I have learned more since I joined in Feb of this year than I had the previous 6 months when I decided to revive my cabinet. The mods and many members on this forum have my utmost respect for how helpful and friendly you all are. 

    @neil9000 You are very welcome. The thing that always sticks out to me is the command line parameters messing up RA. I do not know how many times I saw a post about RA not working and one of you always catch something as simple as 3 "L's" in the ".dll" or someone spelling Mednafen wrong. 

  3. @Wheeler Glad it was something relatively simple like the qsound file for your rom issue. I had the same issue you first had when you started the thread and thanks to all of our awesome mods you got it sorted. So I also have to thank you for getting yours fixed and showing me what I needed.  

    It is funny but @neil9000 and @lordmonkus put it best, many times it really is something small. 

  4. I don't really think any new emails have gone out about Launchbox in that time frame. I have lifetime membership and the last email in my inbox was back in May.

  5. This is a good bulk renamer that has been recommended more than a few times here. I have not used it yet, but several of the more experienced forum members have referred to it in prior posts about bulk renaming roms. 

    Bulk Rename Utility

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  6. You can add a custom config command line parameter in the Edit Emulator screen. Go to Toosl/Edit Emulator then go to your Retroarch and click the Associated Platforms tab. Enter the custom config command line in that tab.  

    So say you wanted Game & Watch core to run a custom config you would have something like:

    -L "cores\gw_libretro.dll" -c "config\instert name of custom config.cfg"

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  7. @Wheeler Not sure if there is a full list anywhere. I did a search and only found forum links to people who made a few lists of some, but not all, games that needed CHD. I do know in MameUI version of Mame there is a view option that lists all the games that need a CHD. The list on mine shows about 800 games (though not all of them actually work). 

  8. @Wheeler Anything in that range version range would work. 0.188 being the newest. Gonna follow this closely since I have a similar issue with you. I have not found a fix other than using a slightly older Mame version. I have the issue on 2 pc's. 

  9. No worries. One thing great about this forum is the members will stick with you and try to figure out any issues. 

    I would try a different version of Mame. @Zombeaver earlier linked to some older version of Mame. Try one of those. 

    edited to add:

    What version MameFX are you using? Maybe I can load it on my system and see if I get the error as well since I no I can recreate it with MameUI. 



  10. It could just be that Emumovies API is down. It happens from time to time. Even though you can log into their site the API is different and sometimes goes down for a short bit. 

  11. @Wheeler With it working both in Hyperspin and directly in FE it still makes me curious about which version MameFX you are using. I can get any version of MameUI to work as long as it is before 0.186.

    Do you know what version the MameFX you are using is?

  12. @Wheeler What version MameFX and what version romset are you using?

    Reason I ask is I can replicate this exact issue with my Mame 0.186 romset and any version of MameUI from 0.186 and newer.  Both Mame and LB are pointed to where the roms are. The files will play fine in Mame, but when you direct LB to the Mame .exe and the correct roms it will not open in LB. It gives the file missing error and if you open the rom zip you can see the files there. The only way I have got it to work was download Mame 0.175 .exe. If I point LB to that version .exe and leave the 0.186 roms it will launch the rom. Change the .exe path back to 0.186 I get the error. I could even change it to 0.165 and 0.169 versions of the .exe I have and I do not get the error. So for now I just left LB pointing to the 0.186 roms and the 0.175 MameUI .exe.

    Here is an example of it saying files missing, but you can see in the rom there are there. This game will run directly in Mame no issue.



  13. @eatkinola Thanks, but that did not work. Even tried unblocking and rezipping from different folders. Heck I even dowloaded from another pc, unblocked, unzipped, and transferred to my game cabinet with no luck. For some reason it just does not like that specific .dll. I can download any other pulgin and unzip the .dll and the plugin works fine. 

    I am going to load BigBox on my laptop and test BigBox and your plugin on the laptop see what happens. 

    Edited: After several reboots it works not. Not sure what the heck it was.

  14. I figured out the issue with the .dll from Nosh's theme for the SlimDX.dll. My pc did not have Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable installed. It had 2015 and 2017. So installing 2010 fixed that issue. I can confirm that was it because when I uninstall it I get the error. 

    Now to try and figure out why I cannot get the .dll from eatkinola's Ao BigBox customs unblocked. 

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