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  1. i was so happy until i discovered im already at 60hz I am very sad i spent so long setting retroarch up so depressed.
  2. Hey guys, I just recently discovered that when scanning zipped files inside of playlist on retroarch, it runs insanely slow. Is there any magic settings or tweaks for the pc version to scan roms faster?
  3. hey guys! I just wanted to say I am back and ready to continue all the awesome work this awesome community started over 4 years ago. How has everyone been?
  4. each time I try to update launchbox it crashes and closes and doesn't do anything... do I need an update for my laptop? I had to reset windows 10 due to massive bugs etc...
  5. ok i fixed it back i mean i restored all of them from baxckup folder thanks much again
  6. yeah everything is the same... just no time to do all that crap over
  7. ugh i might delete it all and just call it quits
  8. it tells me this error for each platform!
  9. this happened after i successfully changed all the locations inside of LB.. the first time I had to change F:\ TO K:\ Then my laptop when dumb again going back to drive F: SO i have to edit all locations back to F:\ NOW I can't even open lb at all.
  10. I AM in data/platforms but it doesn't show any results to change from F;/ TO K:/ when i search.. NVM I FOUND IT!
  11. Im in the backups folder of LB but idk which xml file to edit... and when I search for F:\ THERE no results please tell me how to do it
  12. since i started changing it to K I am gonna do the notepad++ method
  13. ok so my laptop fizzed out and i rebooted it several times but without my external HDD plugged in... now it use to be drive F but noe K: I have corrected all the pathes to the emulators etc manually but I am still getting this error... How do i USE NOTEPAD++ to correct the paths?
  14. yeah it be great if the rom sets were cleaned beforehand thanks again.
  15. HEY guys, I have a ton of roms to import and I am trying to get rid of all the duplicates using tools like dupeguru etc. In LB I don't have time to go through thousands of roms to delete hundreds of duplicates, is there some function to do this for me when importing roms to the database?
  16. thank you guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mate. can now close thread... man I missed this place... I am trying to put my life back together after the devistation of all the Hurricanes...
  17. ok thankfully i find it! on my alt HD LB Premium? now i just need to know where i place it in the LB folder.
  18. yeah that got fried with my hard drive along with over 10 years of my life's work...
  19. just because i had it uninstalled? surely hope they can fix it thanks... yeah it was on my old copy of windows that was completely lost and fried.. i didn't have time to back anything up but i did indeed pay for it. will do right now thank you.
  20. Hey Guys, yes i am back from the dead... I lost all my stuff due to a fried hardrive months ago and man that set me back years... Anyways I am now just getting back to setting up LB and I was wondering why it doesn't say my licensed named on it anymore like it use to when ever I would open it...? I got the full version several months ago and wanted to know if this is a new update or is something else wrong.. I am using vers. 7.11 currently
  21. hey after last update LB will not open... I experience error box with options to abort, ignore or quit once install started.. since ive never recieve errors with updates i kept hitting ignore option to finish installation not LB no longer opens at all...
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