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  1. Thank you!! i see them now but i have to click on the thumbnail to make them play. how would i go about making them autoplay each time i click on a game?
  2. Where In options do i make the videos appear in the details panel? i have the full version but i cant view them for some reason. its not in the viewing area or video playback area so its confusing.
  3. Yes You were right it did'nt work. i appreciate your @JoeViking245help on this but i guess ill just have to break out the keyboard when playing this one. thank you
  4. @JoeViking245error not popping up but its still not working. this is the toughest game ever. can you make this a hold 1 for 3 seconds and send alt+F4? and when i finally push esc when done playing to exit the ahk,exe? bc i see its still running
  5. found out i didnt need the emulator section. so i made an ahk and I pasted the above in the script. im getting this error now.
  6. unfortunately this did'nt work still had to push alt+F4 BC as many times as i mashed them all ways it didnt work
  7. I have a Game That Has Two Exits. and it will not escape quickly no matter what i do. The Controls Are: When Loading Game: ESC = quit In-Game: Soft Reset= ALT+F4 This Particular game has to soft reset before the ESC works. Since im using arcade controls i would like to be able to press 1+2 simultaneously and that would send Alt+F4. Then when it takes me to the beginning i can just press escape like normal. can someone help me please? and would i paste this in running ahk script or exit ahk script? thank you in advance
  8. @DeadVoivodit seems like pressing escape does it automatically, just like mugen. im running my games through shortcuts.
  9. @VinceF I changed over 2 years ago and have'nt turned back. now all i use it for is a jukebox and movie player now lol.
  10. This Is My Teknoparrot Userprofile Folder. It Contains All The XML's Needed. Direct it In Your Launching Area Lastly, Use A Custom Command Line Like Above starting with --profile=GAME.xml no spaces! try that
  11. Its not. its called nox.exe actually @Koroth the first script did actually work my mistake and thank you both. now if i can get my Daphne in order ill be alright lol $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe nox.exe ExitApp }
  12. @KorothNeither one of those worked. i changed to 100, didnt work. i think the exe is called noxplayer.exe so i changed it and it didnt work either. They wont even work sometimes like the first script from joe does. $Esc:: { WinClose, noxplayer.exe ExitApp } and $Esc:: { Send, {Alt down} {F4 down} Sleep 100 Send, {Alt up} {F4 up} ExitApp }
  13. that worked great! but at times it does'nt escape but instead minimizes to the previous smaller screen and wont escape at all until i use the mouse. maybe im escaping too fast or sumn
  14. hello Everyone. I checked the hotkeys for the nox player and it has Ctrl + 0 for full screen and alt + F4 for exit nox. my problem is that im loading the games through shortcuts so i would have no way of pasting these in the script area BC i dont have an emulator set. is there any way i can place them in the section in the picture anywhere so i can use these shortcuts. i would like to run the game, then after like 20 seconds send Ctrl+0 and when i push ESC it send the Alt+F4 keys to close. Thank you In advance. Android Issue.mp4
  15. Your Script Worked. Thank You My Friend Once Again. You Guys Are Awesome
  16. Hey guys. im using a few mugen games and some of them are starting with a small screen. Is there a way i can paste an ALT+Enter script into the autohotkey section? that section is not showing up Because im not using an emulator for mugen. thanks in advance Sleep, 2500 SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send !{Enter} Return
  17. Didnt work in the exit tab, but i updated the program, used QT and used this script in the running autohotkey section and it worked. Exits smoothly now. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } ; Project64 has a messy exit process; this ensures that it exits cleanly Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}
  18. I pasted this in the running and exit autoscript section each (Not both at once) just to test and it still same as video above. not even with qt.
  19. Hey Guys. Trying to figure why when im closing duckstation emulator the UI still remains. i used the exe duckstation-sdl-x64-ReleaseLTCG but the ui still stays open. my guess is that this emulator has two exes. I Tried to made a .bat (I Put it in the additional apps section) to close the UI upon Exiting but its not closing it. Im Trying to get the proper name of the UI .exe whatever it is because apparently its not duckstation-qt-x64-ReleaseLTCG or duckstation-sdl-x64-ReleaseLTCG. So its that or either a proper AHK script to close it successfully. This is the .bat script line i used
  20. Is there a way to make the cmd windows appear behind the loading screen and/or make a script for my Teknoparrot Section to have a splash screen for about maybe 40 secs before the game pops up. teknoparrot takes a while to begin the games. those cmd windows are annoying. thanks in advance. bandicam.mp4
  21. Anyone here run pop cap games? hi all. im running across a problem with some of my popcap games where when i load them they sort of go out of focus and i have to completely escape out of big box when that happens. But before i escape i have to click back on the big box screen because the screen is froze BC its out of focus. then once i've escaped its running and minimized to the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop. is there any way to fix this? i dont wanna have to delete my games bc they are doing this ya know? thanks in advance Popcap games running in background, Bigbox out of focus
  22. I followed your instructions and star trek loads perfectly!!!!! thank you all so much for your input!!!
  23. That command did'nt work for me. i pasted it in the custom line parameters. was i wrong?
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