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  1. Well, I searched on google for a Mayflash forum and this was the first link, soooo
  2. Hi everyone Not long ago I bought a Mayflash Max Shooter One, so I could play on my Xbox 360 with k/m. Once I got it I plugged everything in and followed the instructions that were given to me... The Mayflash k/m and player 1 lights turned on which means that they were recognized, but when I went in-game, nothing happened, I couldn't move nor look around. Does anyone know what the problem is? Recommended hardware, Keyboard: ✔ usb connection without Macro- or hub function ✔ wired ✔ without mouse function Mouse: ✔ usb connection ✔ wired ✔ very high dpi resolution Controller: Wired ✔ Licensed by Microsoft Might it just be the controller, or is it something else like the programming? HALP Thanks in advance
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