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  1. Y2GURU, If your reading this, I want this feature too! Ideally on the list of animation triggers there should still be a general "during selection" animation trigger, but there should also be a "during left selection" and "during right selection". Good luck mgerety!
  2. These look incredible! Amazing work. I love how high rez these are! I can imagine this took...forever.
  3. No problem! Don't worry about it!
  4. That is an interesting problem! I have put about 15-20 hours in the theme editor so far on a theme that I'm cooking up. What you are asking is doable I can assure but it may not be easy. I don't fully know how you would do this but I have have part of it solved in my head. Instead of having something trigger which animation plays, I think it would be more doable to have two separate wheels in the exact same location. The animations would be set to "During Selection" and there would also be some clever opacity switching so basically if you had just used the left one, the right one would instantly fade in and the left would fade out. The real problem is...how does is know you've done right or left? I think this will have to require some small amount of code. Some sort of "if, then" statement or something (I'm not good at that sort of thing). To do this without coding anything will require serious clever thinking.
  5. Man, you're putting out themes left and right! I definitely like the minimalism here! I'm in the process of making a theme myself and I can't relate to your statement of it being hard to come up with new layout ideas! That theme editor is great though. That's such a game changer for themes. You should really consider taking a quick video of your themes with OBS or something so people can get a better idea of your theme before downloading. Nice work on this though! I'm glad to see more minimalism on here!
  6. Great theme! It's obvious that you put a lot of time into this theme as well as all night long! I like what you did with the blue lines on this theme.
    Wow. I just realized that it existed and tried it out and it's so easy. I love that I can add my own configs as well. I was a little skeptical at first but once I realized how this worked I was excited. This works so well I wish it was built in to the emulator. Now I don't need five copies of pcsx2 anymore! Thanks so much for this.
  7. I still would like to have MPC as an option! It's so lightweight that it could really help performance.
    Very authentic to the source material. Well designed. High quality and one of the very best themes!
    This thing is literally incredible! I love the addition of the sounds. The font is dead on and so beautiful. I never used big box mode until i saw this theme on a youtube video from Beatemups. I love this thing. I know this may be difficult but i'd love to see a version that scales well to 4k. The text honestly looks fine but like you mentioned, the wheel acts funny and its off. 1080p does look great though! I am a huge fan of this theme and it's the one to finally make me take my setup to the next level! Thanks for all the effort
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