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  1. Because it's not just video games in life! 😈


  2. @Jason Carr Nope it works for 15 minutes to finally get me this: Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200)
  3. @Jason CarrI believed it! First test with a small 11 mb video, despite the absence of a progress bar Good !! It's ok ! , second test with the metroid dread thème ( 99 mb) and bam ...Back to the error 200 :( The Curse! lol I try again
  4. I will try from another computer also I want you to know!
  5. Ouch I feel that we have for a moment with this problem. if it can help my providers in france it's "free."
  6. I just tried with a 2.6 mb mp4 file and it went! But always the same on larger files (mp4 or zip)😆
  7. Ah, it reassures me to know that I'm not the only one. A small observation (which may help Jason) and you will have to try on your side too @La papaye but for my part same problem with hyper.fe I would have to try emumovies. What is the connection? It seems to me that all 3 share the same interface ...? Which does not help me at all since it is as if I was banned from any upload / share...😅😮
  8. THis is it ! Definitive version Rendez vous in few Month ! And crédits ! @y2guru @Jason Carr
  9. Year 3140: Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Google, Amazon no longer exists ... For almost 700 years, Mircrosoft now has a monopoly and controls the actions of consumers. Despite this digital and virtual exclusion, it is said remain those we name: The retro, those who have not given in to the illusion of everything dematerialized ... They are discreet, and we often find them in old ruins: we call them ... Cyber Runner ! I have always dreamed of having a HUD type interface at home and when I was little I already dreamed of having a Gundam or controlling the kaneda bike. Last project to date on which I worked last year "Cyber Runner" in some synthwave cyber atmosphere with a lot of hud!!!! the theme is about 50% I have all assets remains assembled the puzzle ! with the added bonus of a small scenario which will make you smile I have good hopes to be able to finish it this year and I open the post it is that it goes in this direction.
  10. In a word, nostalgic bedroom was thought of as a memory box. I worked a lot on the atmosphere with film extracts in the background or in the background which are mostly all animated by hand under after effect :dust particle light effect animation, I worked a lot on the details. Which really makes it something quite unique so far it seems to me. I also added a film part with a 30 "slots" with an animated theme to be able to launch in the best conditions all these cult films which have rocked a youthful note! the theme is more than scalable since it also allows you to unlock all the custom collection part: dedicated collection with animated background on which I work every month (reserved for my contributors for the moment) with a lot of passion! ** the theme is localized French with a lot of French reference so (advertising etc ....) then I am doing it possible to translate it into English for a release here. The theme is in my opinion not yet stable enough for me to present it to the team (unlike the zelda ultima which has very little default) It must be said that this is a big project, since nostalgic bedroom is at "the ship" of all the collections with a dedicated interface that I have produced so far... But I think that by 1 or 2 update and with the 'help from my patrons to debug it will be good
  11. Hello guys! @sucramjd @zugswang @Jason Carr news from your side? It's really bad, it's time of year when there are the most games released and where I have the most things to share ! For my part nothing has always changed "this damn error 200". From what I see that does not affect everyone since there is new content, the last time I uploaded was in August and perfect, never had a problem .. Don't hesitate jason to send me a little notification when you think the problem is solved !
  12. Huge, immediately I think of a mortal kombat collection with this feature....😅😂
  13. There is no reason that I do not show the others (Note that there is an average of 3.4 different views for each collection and that everything is animated (characters , backgrounds etc...) The Next
  14. Usually rather discreet about my work in the community, I have just put an end to a Zelda Ultima project which no longer has a simple playlist but the first completely independent big box dedicated to Zelda. Anothers New features for this 1.1 Version: * New "home" and pre Launch view. reorganizations, and redesign of icons. * New quick launch bar "Back to the adventures" *Added The Timeline SAGA!! *Added Fan game (solarus , parallel worlds) with the dedicased thème and icons *Short films , demo playable (ocarina remake projects) in the "hidden chest section" *News clip with a selection to the best tracks in the "hey listen section" *We gain in flexibility and speed !! (because less media) I actually produce a lot of 1 or 2 collections in playlist format every month, but on the whole big box it was a pleasure to be able to quietly display all my media! If I show it to you, it is because I have a project to share it within a few months in the community since I planned to do 5 in this format. Next ? The Resident Evil Saga :
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