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Status Updates posted by PaDeMoNiuM

  1. Still some wheel which makes resistance and translate in french, but this one is completely finished!

  2. Capcom Play sytem 2 Interface in progress ! :)


    BACK C1P 2.gif

  3. A Collection soon to be shared, it was a long time;)


  4. 3 years of collection

     the best is come yet ;)


  5. Year 3140: Nintendo, Sony, Sega, Google, Amazon no longer exists ... For almost 700 years, Mircrosoft now has a monopoly and controls the actions of consumers. Despite this digital and virtual exclusion, it is said remain those we name: The retro, those who have not given in to the illusion of everything dematerialized ... They are discreet, and we often find them in old ruins:

    we call them ...

    Cyber Runner !


    1. CMOSS


      Your work is amazing :)

    2. Kan


      Wow ! 

  6. 01.thumb.png.282b4c6d874696ede877b5ad9e5aa4da.pngPatrons choise for this month :)

  7. Street fighter collection is almost done ! 4 views , almost 30 themes responsive audio and animated with the icons ,I ate street food for a month but it was worth it ;) 






  8. This obsession with wanting to create virtual collections will have my skin ... or not! : p Already taken in advance especially for the next ones quite proud for the Bioshock "Steampunk approved" ;) "all  animated of course "

    Desktop Screenshot 2020.07.13 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.19 -

    Desktop Screenshot 2020.08.19 -

  9.  Time to...Hado... ;)

    stret figghter a 23.gif

  10. Summer Best of !

  11. A huge Final Fantasy Collection planned for september with  responsive audio themes ! ;) 


  12. Belmont Crew !💘

  13. This is it ! It's running on my custom big box (there are some adjustments left and some info is missing) but it will give you a good overview ;) 


  14. Main menu Kof Collection is done and it's ....Hot !

    KOF INTRO2.gif

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    2. PaDeMoNiuM


      hi @CMOSS! this is the collection of the month for patrons, the last was mario collection. all with their icons, these are themes which are entitled to a small preferential treatment in general, (animations, fx, orchestral soundtrack.;))


    3. CMOSS


      Can you point me to your patreon? Your work is great. I would be willing to contribute.

      By the way, I've seen this in your youtube channel:

      Is this a new BigBox theme you are planning to release? Are you using the Community Theme Creator to build it?

    4. PaDeMoNiuM



      Here is the address of the patreon.

      Yes this is my 2nd custom themes in design, I would share it here normally if all goes well for the release of cyberpunk 2077 :) 
      I use the community creator of @y2guru, it's not easy with the language barrier but it's progressing well !


  15. Almost finished uploading mario collection
      it is a 15 of premium themes that I offer you as well as the icons!


  16. Another Collection almost done !

    1. CMOSS


      Nice work.

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