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  1. 7 hours ago, ninja2bceen said:

    à ce jour, c'est le meilleur thème que vous avez fait. Fantastique, utiliser ce thème sans aucun doute

    Thanks a  lot @ninja2bceen.I did a lot in the same spirit, and it is thanks to the work of @Styphelus.With someone exceptions i haven't really shared system themes for almost 2 years (already!) , between those who are not online and those that I reserve for my patrons that like doing a lot and there are some that are worth a look. I open a 2 nd channel to put everything flat,The most beautiful prod are not online I think

    I found it a shame not to show them ;)


  2. Hello @y2guru 

    Well annoyed, I still do not know how to create a playlist but games appear on the left but in the middle box, nothing appears ...I should have the list of my playlists that appear as for platforms but nothing

    I do not know how to edit the" default "of the middle of this fact I can nothing create, would I have missed a step?

    Thanks !2125677567_DesktopScreenshot2020_04.19-17_24_39_11.thumb.png.bf2166871f663fc105f3245d9b79b123.png

  3. 1 minute ago, y2guru said:

    Ne fonctionne pas dans la version actuelle et n'a jamais fonctionné depuis que j'ai sorti la version alpha initiale, mais ..... il a été corrigé dans la prochaine version que je publierai dans une semaine ou 2


    Okay super, I will wait so thank you!

  4. 7 hours ago, Retroid84 said:

    Love this theme. been using it since it came out and doubt i will ever switch it. However it is just missing a startup video for Big Box mode. Any chance someone could make one at some point? Just the finishing touch it needs and will be perfect! 😃

    I am of the same opinion, I love the layout, with the info part and the screens on the left and the theme is just perfect for the Clear logos / icons and this attention to details we feel that there has been passion and memories  .

    I make you a short version of the first theme and I would add another short format 30 sec :)

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  5. 4 hours ago, y2guru said:

    A play button image? 

    @horse(y2guru correct me if I'm wrong) You need to publish your theme to see the final result, you will not have an optimal result and you will not see for sure the modifications you made without it. In any case at home without publishing the theme, I am like you, I see almost nothing of what I have before. I am sure that in a few months we will most certainly have real time previews;)

  6. Hello @y2guru , is it possible already to integrate a kind of buttons which would allow the user to choose between the sound of the wheels or the ambient sound of an animated background? it would be great, the user could choose and switch to 2 types of atmospheres and it would save the creators of the themes from having to publish 2 different versions of themes. I know that currently it is possible to choose between the 2 but I did not find a possibility of being able to leave the choice to the users.

  7. 17 minutes ago, y2guru said:

    Check the z-order of your wheel, in the ui elements panel, simply drag it up higher in the list to bring it closer to the foreground

    It's good ! thx ! I was also a memory cache problem since before editing I didn't see my wheels, it's only after editing my theme that they appear in big box mode!I have the impression that the more the basic launchbox is loaded with media the more the elements take time to appear which would be logical

    thanks sir! :)


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  8. Hello , y2guru "I just finalized a theme and I do not understand why my wheels logo do not appear to the right, I tried to move, modify elements but nothing helps ... I thought of a cache memory problem also but even on a ssd I have the same problem on the "" Wheel2gamesview "view. Everything else works video, background, marquee I do not understand why ! you are my last resort! :) 


  9. Skain

    I'm ready to do all the platforms! in any case motivate and the tests are rather conclusive,I try to put background video and set different atmospheres

     Some tests :)

    see soon !!




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  10. Yes! Yes! Yes we can !!! :) Thx for you work !

    I waited with great impatience

    @y2guruEdit : However, I have a little problem at startup,(a Application exception) it tells me that the format of the input string is incorrect. I filled all the boxes, erased some, changed big box (so hard disk). I do not see too much where it can come. I restarted by erasing the settings but at each problem the theme appears back white, but the window (the log I guess) prevents me from doing anything; thank you in advance for the answer!

  11. Play Box

       496    7

    Congratulations to you it's very successful, look forward to see the evolution! It feels like in the living room!

    Definitely this community is more creative, Happy to see projects almost as crazy each other almost every day. And it's not over, the best is yet to come! :)

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