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  1. 12 hours ago, Raykusen said:

    I tend to be simple and literal to avoid confusing people in order to get what i mean. Not that i try to offend anyone. That is never my intention, so please don't feel offended guys, i just don't enjoy to sugarcoat and i appreciate when someone is like that (being straight).

    @Neil9000 : Yeah

    @PaDeMoNium : I get your point and you are right, don't feel bad that i tried to be brief and to-the-point, I like your work since you are very skilled at what you do and i don't meant that you did a bad job, is the contrary, looks superb, my point was the cheesy feeling of the intro (that Mario Odyssey intro video). I think the Breath of the Wild part was better for the intro.

    What i don't encourage you is to stop creating those nice videos you make. Keep up the good work.

    You know what, next time I think that would put 3 gameplay screens, and a png that moves from left to right in fixe theme  , it will make less noise i :)  And relax you guys we are just talking video game at the base ;)

  2. 1 hour ago, damageinc86 said:

    While I think it wasn't really a necessary remark, it is also a given that it was a personal opinion since it came from a person (we assume), and a given that it does not have any bearing on the quality or skills needed to create it.  It is sort of redundant to state those things. 

    Completely agree, Rayuken has a way of saying things a bit straight but it happens to be positive (sharply but it happens to him), and I respect his opinion,and we can not please everyone, I am far from having the "perfect skill" and else do or will do better than me.But some are sometimes can be (too?) demanding...  (i think neil9000 meant that) 

     but yes a lot of noise for a little things ..

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  3. 14 hours ago, Raykusen said:

    The theme is too much disney-like. Not good.

    Hello Rayuken decided that it is here or elsewhere you always have something to say .You should start your sentence by thank you for the sharing is not much but your critics would better if not by force you will end up discouraging everyone who shares ( still)

    Too Nintendo you mean? :) 

    Nothing prevents you from going to download the neutral theme on the viking post Here

    that will be less "nintendo" but very well done ... how is it too color? -_-



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  4. Play Box

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    Congratulations to you it's very successful, look forward to see the evolution! It feels like in the living room!

    Definitely this community is more creative, Happy to see projects almost as crazy each other almost every day. And it's not over, the best is yet to come! :)

  5. Arcade 3D Boxes 2.0

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    Phew, I already told you but what work! We discuss a lot on French forums, and this project is often back in the files! ;)

    Well done to robin55 also and to all the participants it's just awesome !

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  6. 25 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

    If you made 10 post tomorrow no one else would be mad about it at all I've never seen any other creator ever complain about or mention when someone else drops a bunch of packs all at once and many others do do exactly that. You're being very petty about it and you don't make the rules here bro. So hopefully this is the last time we have to talk about this.

    Your cynicism will lose you, you have understood me very well, you judge me and make me pass for what I am not while it is part of a simple practical advice without bad attention ... It is very devious ..I have no pretensions to define anything here, I only share and comment. The discussion is clause.

  7. 1 hour ago, DOS76 said:

    By centralized I believe he means one post that you keep updating. You have done nothing wrong at all my friend there are no rules about how you upload your content. If you feel more comfortable doing it how you have been doing it feel free to carry on.

    DOS76: No there is no rule of course, it's just common sense, and a sense of respect towards others. Sharing is also knowing how to let others express themselves DOS76. If I come tomorrow with 10 videos and if I make a post every time

    I'm not sure it's to taste, other content creators that I alone in the spotlight  you do not think? :)

    @Shro2016 don't worries  sorry to have invaded your comment area;)

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  8. 1 hour ago, DOS76 said:

    While I don't know how everyone uses the forums I just go to unread and skim through all the topic. I find I'd rather see media and packs released in one shots then grouped together.

    This statement is just untrue and actually sounds more self serving then constructive criticism. Hopefully I'm just taking it wrong


    This is not an affirmation, it is advice, you must not see the evil everywhere. And how does it sound wrong? it's a shro now covers 80% of new content.After he may not have had the choice or he wanted it to be clearer but it's just a bit of a shame for those who posted yesterday a shortly before him. their content did not stay long. It's not flood but it's just frustrating when you've worked on content and it's still 10 minutes visible. That's just it. Point

  9. Do not take it badly, it's just a suggestion but I think you could have centralized, because there is no more visibility for friends. It's a bit frustrating when you post, I often try to put 3.4 videos on the same post to avoid monopolizing.

    But otherwise nothing to say about the content great job :)

  10. If you knew, all the thinking I take in the mouth, for a stall, or an effect that does not please, but how many of the people who appreciate your work? proportionally much more,those who spit on you represent A tiny part minusucule, I m sure the majority likes what you propose  ;)

    many forget that we do this on our free time that despite all that remains amateurs.Continues to do your great job harry, ignore the rest and take pleasure it's the essential ! 

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  11. CoinOP

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    @faeranThanks for more information, I may say a bit nonsense but I looked for a version 16: 9 is she still in the works?

    It makes me think a lot about the old theme of skainlurmis that I had  started adapted for hyperspin to a difference I had been so far especially at the level of the marquee it's beautiful, and memories! :)

  12. CoinOP

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    GreaT work faeran ! Really ! Say me it is possible to integrate just in arcade? or so once it is installed it is on all the supports?

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