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  1. 45 minutes ago, goofers said:

    I see just don't see why post on the forum and not share..

    On the one hand the theme is far from finished and then and then on the other side it is a forum, certain post videos without ever sharing anything and then a forum it is also used to exchange this is not not just download. And beware I did not say that I would not share, just a little tired of vultures who resell the creations of others, and they are more and more numerous as I said some even come contact me in mp as i share less. what is certain is that I will not prevent myself from exchanging with others under the pretext that I share more or less .let me finish my theme quietly and talk about it in some month;)

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  2. 4 hours ago, goofers said:

    Will your stuff be free to download to Launchbox members?

    frankly I do not know anything if it is to see it do monetize, like a lot of thing that I created it would bother me for stay polite! (good new now the HD dealers come to ask me if they can sell at least it's more behind my back but still lol) so good I don't say no to sharing but no yes no more ... Wait and see

  3. 996089397_ambiancenes.thumb.gif.58a30182f1aef5291e3a85a7387585ed.gifHello, I continue I started to modify the theme by modifying the banner and then finally I realized that I was going to be quickly limited in particular about the background video :/ suddenly I started all over again but with the superb work of 2 Y2guru; this is the first background. I still hesitate to let the sound of film clips in the background, gave a sacred atmosphere, I think I would leave the choice. See you later ! ;)

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  4. Hello guys,
    I am well motivated for beautiful skain work, I have already done some tests with my nostalgic bedroom, and after letting me animate these drawings in theme rachid lotf  the immense kindness of let me use his work again ! Here are some examples of a night of tests, I want all of us to integrate video backgrounds and change the mood according to the developer (the perfect example is the capcom with final fight with a dirty metro :)
    I still have a lot of things to master. I'll keep you updated on developments soon!










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  5. Big project that was close to my heart some would say that I'm crazy maybe!

    But to offer Arcadians about 1000 fully remastered MAME themes that would be a nice gift, no ?,

    I think I have at least 6 months of work but I think it's really worth it to go and score!

    I take this as a tribute :) the goal: Keep (or at least try to keep as possible the period artwork, update the sound while keeping the original tracks and especially to go to the basics (no more 1min 50 per theme!

    I have already realized about 70 themes (roughly all kof and fatal fury)

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  6. Arcade V4

    View File

    It started from a small bet, this theme was not planned! 2 version one or I let go but which in my opinion too many defects for me to put online, and a second version wiser!

    If many of you ask me the 1st version I would do an upload too;)

    First Version ( not in download)


    Second version in download. 1440P /60s  H264



  7. Hello

    Hello some set up, some older than others and then our systems evolve so fast that it is difficult to have a video to days. It lacks hunk: the collections (over 50!), Genres, and of course the arcade :)
    I will update as and when

    good viewing !







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  8. 5 hours ago, Alucard205 said:

    I realize this fourm is long dead, however, I just want to say that I love your work @PaDeMoNiuM. I used a lot of your videos in my personal build. Thanks for all of your hard work for the community!

    Well, thank you alucard, I should perhaps be posted my set ups on another group, I was careful that there was more activity,

    in any case thank you very much for your encouragement!

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