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  1. 3 hours ago, viking said:

    Ahah merci @PaDeMoNiuM !!
    La vitesse est une impression. En faite, j'ai créé presque tous les montages Photoshop avant de lancer le projet ici. Du coup, ça va assai vite maintenant.
    Mais c'est une impression ! Les centaines d'heures passées avant, sur les montages, sont invisibles pour vous... 😅
    Pour les sources, tout est basé sur des photomontages. Photos trouvées sur Google Image et Vanamo Online Game Museum.
    Sauf les bornes d'arcade que j'ai créées moi même en 3D (c'est mon métier depuis 18 ans) Je les ai créés de façon à ce qu'on puisse les custom sous Photoshop. Je posterai toutes mes sources à la fin de cette 1re série !

    Same text, in English:
    Speed is an impression. In fact, I created almost all Photoshop montage before starting the project here. Suddenly, it goes quickly now.
    But it's an impression! The hundreds of hours spent before, on all montage, are invisible to you ...
    For sources, everything is based on photomontages. Photos found on Google Image and Vanamo Online Game Museum.
    Except all arcade cabinet, that I created myself in 3D (this is my job for 18 years) I created them so that we can customize them in Photoshop. I will post all my sources at the end of this 1st series!

    Petite question comment fais tu pour générer une ombre sous un objet sous photoshop ? C'est le seul truc qui m'échappe après le reste j'arrive a bricoler  mais je suis loin d'égaler le sensai ;)

    Little question how do you generate a shadow under an object under photoshop? it's the only one that escapes me after the rest I can tinker but I'm far to equal the sensai;)

  2. @ viking Han les modéles sont magnifiques vik, c'est toi qui l'ai créé ou tu as une source particulière? Je viens de finir le modèl 1 et la naomi , c'est dommage avc ces modéle la ça aurais bien plus bien de gueule et j'aurais pu rajouter un peu de gameplay, en tous cas comme d'hab super boulot! Mais tu fais ça tout seul ou bien?

    J'hallucine là t'a été super vite! GG en tous cas!

    Eddit: si je peux te donner un coup de main sera avec plaisir! :)

    Et c'est vu pour la source ;) , je ne connaissais pas superbe ! 

  3. I have a fairly astronomical amount of media (Wheel, cinematic theme, standard theme, animated default theme all of my creation ..) in fact the content of my channel represents about 50 to 60% of my real work .  A subscriber my suggest a solution set up a drop box with participation ... Paying access to media under copright Hyperspin.fe.com do it, Emumovies.com do it I do not think he pays a global license to be able to host all these logos, these videos? Yes? . I mean, where would I be less legitimate to do it? If anyone has any notions of law I take!

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  4. 15 minutes ago, Kondorito said:

    Sorry to hear that... I too see a lot of my artworks in hard drives for sell, and it kills me that users are paying for something they can get for free, as well as the hard drive sellers not reaching out the content creators to even ask for permission for using their stuff and making a living from. What can you do...

    I really love your work and creative mindset, so I hope you never give up on your craft :)


    Sad especially for graphic designers, the guys from the shadows who supported me and who 'mount trust to see their work on spanish threads .. it crazy balls! I had so much stuff on the fire, so I paused everything so the market mad me the sheaf ... the best way to see the sharing is reduced is good to steal the work of others and To sell it without authorization. Many theme creators threw in the towel when they saw their resold themes when no one else would deign to thank them on the forum. There are not many "artists" who still make themes, the community was busted by the dirty mentality of speculators and raptors of all kinds who want only take without giving. I would not be the first there last. sorry for the hangover buddies

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  5. While waiting for PASC I realized that with a little motivation we could cool things in video. Always in order to light the work of different  web artist. A project for fans and users of frontends. The big advantage is that it's like any frontends and there will be no adaptation to make.

    I will post the final here in the meantime here is a small demo .


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  6. Bioshock Collection / Spy Playlist

    View File

    My last Videos .A little message to thank you for your welcome but I decided to stop my editing on the one hand because I have less free time and I prefer to spend it with my loved ones rather than being in front of a screen, and on the other hand, because in the end it's also a lot of energy, time to spend and personal investment for very little return,

    the community is clearly looking for simple snaps, and goes to the basics, is not me who says it but the number of download.

    A video with 5 gameplay screens and a flashing title will triple download and have more chance to walk than a video edited and animated with the same timing ... (attention I do not aim at anyone and I do not denigrate the work of noboby is simply an observation, a fact ).

    I tried something different I hope that it will have more to some despite all.

    I leave the place to the young! :) 

     I remain of course active despite everything on the forum but it will be rather the side of the big box theme custom that you will meet me ;)

    thank you for taking the time to read me !




    Spy Playlist

    Enjoy !



    Another Playlist Here :






  7. Set Up Zelda Collection

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    This is it ! My last zelda themes, which comes to close my set up zelda collection.
    Finally . I may return later (for minish cap and seasons) on the way I  recommend the @hevenik  and @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT themes to complete your collection that did a great job.

    The last theme is  special I use it as background I had it as a home menu for my hyperspin, it's up to you to see what you would do, it's a bonus ;)

    Edit : I would add link to the past in the weekend






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