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  1. Thèmes Xbox/PS2/Neo Geo MVS View File Hop It's gone again 3 themes Ps2 / Neo Geo Mvs And Xbox which remained almost 1 year exclusive to my french community. I am happy to share it with you. I take the opportunity to give it a facelift, it remains very close to the one you will see Neo geo and Xbox themes can be downloaded from the post pademonium cinématic (It prevents me from uploading twice!) See you ! Submitter Padou Submitted 05/14/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  2. God of War Collection View File Hello, For this week , I Propose A God Of War Collection. Here the Theme in french but in download section it's the english version *I just realized that by mistake it is called "video snk" I'll do an update next time. By the way, did someone finish the last one ?! I take a monster foot! Here in France the notes were completely crazy! (and judging by the metacritic kernels it's everywhere the same) I centralized the rest of my collection themes here, Submitter Padou Submitted 05/07/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  3. Plateforms Thèmes Neo Geo/ PS3/PSP View File 3 News themes : PS3 PSP SNK Neo Geo The last two are downloaded in the download section of the post PaDeMoNiuM Cinématics and for PS3 Oh I forgot, no worries I removed my intro / Signature for the ps3 theme for the download Neo Geo*A short version (2:50) available in a few hours on my channel for those who wish. Submitter Padou Submitted 05/06/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  4. Dynamic Arcade Theme 80's View File A theme that feels good the 80s do from rush and extract. it's my attract theme of the moment for my bartop Hope you like it Submitter Padou Submitted 05/04/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  5. Plateform Thème Gamecube View File New Gamecube Plateform theme as promised ! Update Done Submitter Padou Submitted 04/27/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  6. Playlists / PaDeMoniuM Collection View File Thème Collection of the moment: Metal Gear Collection Final Fantasy Collection (Harryoke reedition) Kingdom Hearts Collection Crysis Collection Double Dragon Collection Submitter Padou Submitted 04/23/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  7. Game Themes "Castlevania" View File A series of Castlevania theme that I realized with the rickonami colloboration. A big thanks at him.(link channel in the description) I am a big fan and I loved editing them. A collection themes will follow very quickly;) I take the opportunity to say that there is something new here... Submitter Padou Submitted 04/23/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  8. Metroid Collection View File Last theme for a moment God of War Ps4 await me See Soon ! Submitter Padou Submitted 04/21/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  9. OK thanks for the answers, and so the update will appear in the "what's news"?
  10. Yes that's it Adding more files at the threads already existing and appear in new's section . It's possible?
  11. Capcom Play System View File After which theme would you like? Gamecube ?Xbox? Sammy Atomiswave?... Update OK for CPS 2 Submitter Padou Submitted 04/18/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  12. Hello community Tell me, is there a possibility to put a post download already existing in the section what's new? I would like everything centralized, but the language barrier prevents me from understanding the whole function of the site thank you very much
  13. Awesome ! Thank you, Your wheel are beautiful! Would you have a source to advise to find the same type of background? Personal for me the set is complete! it just misses collection and survival horrror * Something else (and that's maybe because I'm french: p) What is the clear logo "Plex"? o_O
  14. Far Cry Game Themes View File Submitter Padou Submitted 04/15/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  15. Platform Theme Mugen View File I do not seem to have to seen a Plateform theme Mugen .here is mine. There is a short version of 2 min for those who wish, it will be available in the description on my channel. @ soon gamers;) Post updated Submitter Padou Submitted 04/15/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  16. Main Systems 80's Famicom/Super Nintendo View File On the nintendo turn! 3 themes with variants and it's also my first theme "us" Themes resumes the principle of a vhs damaged, capricious and subject to time flaw I hope you like it;) Super Famicom ( Attract version) Super Nintendo Pal Super Famicom (Alternate version) Submitter Padou Submitted 04/09/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  17. Platform Themes Shmups and Cave View File It's shoot time ! Themes of day ! Cave And Shmup ! I'm working on the v2 theme Shump I would update when it will be finished because there is a little date too. it will be all for this week ! later Submitter Padou Submitted 04/05/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  18. Platform Themes Dreamcast/Nintendo 64 View File I continue sharing to follow the first post "Pademonium cinématics" Here 2 New Themes in Download. Submitter Padou Submitted 04/04/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  19. First of all a big thank you for this theme, it's really a great job, and I'm totally fan of the 80's I'm in love! I did not find clear logos windows / Genre and Collection on the other hand I would have to create one but for in a concern of coherence would have put the same font What do you use for your wheel? Another big thank you, I would spend regularly good morning, I might have something "80's" to offer you;) see you soon ! in the meantime I did that: p the hacker man I found it stuck well
  20. PaDeMoNiuM 80's Platform Themes View File A new theme 80's Collection" 2 eighties themes, inspired by the city hunter theme that I love. the influences are varied. In duet with Ninaca ( hfs play) for the overlay system themes. Hope you like it ! Credits: Thanks at viking/ and zombieavers (gameplay video) Submitter Padou Submitted 04/04/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  21. Pad Collection " Megaman" View File I have many themes to share (more than 200) here is the second "collection" do not hesitate to go on the channels of the artists participating there are all incredible. Pad. Submitter Padou Submitted 03/31/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  22. Huey Lewis ! Very Good Choise !! Edit:it reassures me, it is not only me who has a problem with the 80s
  23. Taff de fou furieux ! Bravo mec
  24. Pademonium Playlist Genres View File Spy Playlist Centralized Fighting 2DV2 Fighting 3DV2 Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 03/24/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
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