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  1. Capcom Play System View File After which theme would you like? Gamecube ?Xbox? Sammy Atomiswave?... Update OK for CPS 2 Submitter Padou Submitted 04/18/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  2. Hello community Tell me, is there a possibility to put a post download already existing in the section what's new? I would like everything centralized, but the language barrier prevents me from understanding the whole function of the site thank you very much
  3. Awesome ! Thank you, Your wheel are beautiful! Would you have a source to advise to find the same type of background? Personal for me the set is complete! it just misses collection and survival horrror * Something else (and that's maybe because I'm french: p) What is the clear logo "Plex"? o_O
  4. Far Cry Game Themes View File Submitter Padou Submitted 04/15/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  5. Platform Theme Mugen View File I do not seem to have to seen a Plateform theme Mugen .here is mine. There is a short version of 2 min for those who wish, it will be available in the description on my channel. @ soon gamers;) Post updated Submitter Padou Submitted 04/15/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  6. Main Systems 80's Famicom/Super Nintendo View File On the nintendo turn! 3 themes with variants and it's also my first theme "us" Themes resumes the principle of a vhs damaged, capricious and subject to time flaw I hope you like it;) Super Famicom ( Attract version) Super Nintendo Pal Super Famicom (Alternate version) Submitter Padou Submitted 04/09/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  7. Platform Themes Shmups and Cave View File It's shoot time ! Themes of day ! Cave And Shmup ! I'm working on the v2 theme Shump I would update when it will be finished because there is a little date too. it will be all for this week ! later Submitter Padou Submitted 04/05/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  8. Platform Themes Dreamcast/Nintendo 64 View File I continue sharing to follow the first post "Pademonium cinématics" Here 2 New Themes in Download. Submitter Padou Submitted 04/04/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  9. First of all a big thank you for this theme, it's really a great job, and I'm totally fan of the 80's I'm in love! I did not find clear logos windows / Genre and Collection on the other hand I would have to create one but for in a concern of coherence would have put the same font What do you use for your wheel? Another big thank you, I would spend regularly good morning, I might have something "80's" to offer you;) see you soon ! in the meantime I did that: p the hacker man I found it stuck well
  10. PaDeMoNiuM 80's Platform Themes View File A new theme 80's Collection" 2 eighties themes, inspired by the city hunter theme that I love. the influences are varied. In duet with Ninaca ( hfs play) for the overlay system themes. Hope you like it ! Credits: Thanks at viking/ and zombieavers (gameplay video) Submitter Padou Submitted 04/04/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  11. Pad Collection " Megaman" View File I have many themes to share (more than 200) here is the second "collection" do not hesitate to go on the channels of the artists participating there are all incredible. Pad. Submitter Padou Submitted 03/31/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  12. Huey Lewis ! Very Good Choise !! Edit:it reassures me, it is not only me who has a problem with the 80s
  13. Taff de fou furieux ! Bravo mec
  14. Pademonium Playlist Genres View File Spy Playlist Centralized Fighting 2DV2 Fighting 3DV2 Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 03/24/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  15. PaDeMoniuM Cinématics View File These themes are made by passion, by a fan for fans please make good use ! By respect for my work and respect for participating YouTube artists ! Thx Encouraged By your messages , I drop the themes ! I open the doors of my Youtube Channel (after much hesitation) Once again A big thanks at Viking for his theme A big thank you also to robin55 for allowing me to remake these themes PLAYLIST Next themes: Nintendo nes/ Street fighter collection Playlist fantasia games and sports Themes of the moment : Updates Old thèmes : List of Themes: Platform Theme Classic Sega Megadrive Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 64 Nintendo Gamecube Nintendo Super Famicom (Alternate version) Mugen ( Long version) Sega Dreamcast Sony PSP Sony PS2 Sony PS3 CAVE Capcom Play System 1,2,3 SHMUMP Sega Model 3 SNK Neo Geo MVS SNK Neo geo Microsoft Xbox Master Chief Version Collection V2 Playstation 1 MSX Arcade V3 Handhlelds V1 Coming soon : Nintendo Nes 80's Themes Arcade Nostalgia 80's Dynamic Themes Arcade (Start up or catégories) Catégorie Console 80's Playlits Collection 80's Sega Master System 80's Outrun version Sega GENESIS Ultimate Arcade Tribute Theme Last eighties thème séries: Playlist Collection Zelda Collection Metroid Collection Megaman Collection Castlevania Collection Crysis Collection Double Dragon Collection Metal Gear Collection Legacy Of Kain Collection Doom Collection Kingdom Hearts Collection Final Fantasy Collection ( reedition Harryoke) Shenmue Collection Zelda Collection Version 2 remastered Coming soon street fighter Collection Playlist Genres Reedition Robin55/ Horror Playlist RPG Playlist Update! Racing Fighting 3D Submitter Padou Submitted 03/22/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  16. Playlist Genre " Horror " View File I propose a "re-orchestrated"version of the beautiful theme of robin55 (with his approval) I hope you like it !other themes will follow A big thank you at robin55 Uploaded in 1080p Submitter Padou Submitted 02/27/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  17. Really nice I worked on the same template but for zelda the author has done great work. I really like what you do. See you Harryoke!
  18. Arcade 80's Platform Categories View File A theme for the old PLAYER of the arcade It should remind you of good memories! It was a good time! Hope you Like it ! Eighties Rules ! Arcade Png : By skainlurmis (Thanks you !) Gameplay vidéo : By Zombeaver (Thanks for the share) Video Background :Lumion 7 And a little taste of the following theme Submitter Padou Submitted 02/02/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  19. Platform Theme Sega Megadrive View File Hello, I was a little fed up with static themes. Of all the titles sega these are the 2 games that had me the most marked, and I also had a bet with my girls to win! : p Successful bet? *the beginning of the theme is taken from a French advertisement, a small wink to the French 'who are hiding in the comu' See soon Thanks at : Music : Syfer Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtcWa... Sonic Animation: deebznutz100 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK83t... Submitter Padou Submitted 01/18/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  20. Hello, here are some examples of themes based on Viking work, I tried to do some things dynamic, original and energic . The sega megadrive theme is largely inspired by one theme genesis of James' but adapted in French: p Say me if you want a up a theme See you soon!
  21. Platform Theme Ds Lite View File I share with you my theme Ds lite. One of my favorites themes based on the game Rythm Heaven. Many Thanks to Viking For sharing these wonderful themes Nostalgia and to Tony Leys (Compositor of Sonic Hd) for the music . See you soon Pad Submitter Padou Submitted 12/28/2017 Category Platform Theme Videos
  22. Dragon Ball Fighters Z Game Theme Videos View File Saiyajin friends, I take a little advance to offer you my theme DB figthers. This is clearly a highlight of the beginning of next year and it is arc system controller! (Guilty gear 2 is awesome) January 26th fast !! Submitter Padou Submitted 12/21/2017 Category Game Theme Videos  
  23. "ZELDA Collection" A Tribute Theme View File One of my biggest themes, very happy to share it with you. A big thank you to the authors and those who allowed me to use their media, I love to edit, that memories! If you want a short version, do not hesitate and ask me, I would post a Update anyway for Breath of the wild. Submitter Padou Submitted 12/17/2017 Category Platform Theme Videos  
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