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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A small addon to thank celebrate the final version of the custom theme of Mister Retro lust! I share a little less on the forums but I am still present on the scene, you can follow my work here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_XcPcxBIY7OEvePbsbDCIg/ My patreon :https://www.patreon.com/user?u=25683313 Project Patreon : Here 2 original project for the patrons
  2. I was a little more inspired than expected sorry😅
  3. I am of the same opinion, I love the layout, with the info part and the screens on the left and the theme is just perfect for the Clear logos / icons and this attention to details we feel that there has been passion and memories . I make you a short version of the first theme and I would add another short format 30 sec
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Just Back for 4 Game Themes! *Doom come in download for the end of the week Enjoy !
  5. PC GAMES THEMES View File Just Back for 4 Game Themes! *Doom come in download for the end of the week Enjoy ! Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 03/12/2020 Category Game Theme Videos  
  6. Over 600 downloads and not even a comment, so thank you, it was missed a lot!
  7. Big Merci @Mr.RetroLust ! Same thing here, she doesn't like French, 😭 and my question will seem silly but how do we change the language and switch to English (I didn't even know it was possible)😮 Edit :It was under my nose I found thank you!
  8. Rather discreet at the start of the year for good reason, I am actively working on 2 custom themes One more advanced than the other The 1st based on my work on my cinematic themes "Nostalgic Bedroom" with the participation of Rachid lotf and the assets of @skainlurmis and his superb themes new retro big box. About 10 system themes finished which takes me the most time are the animad background, I'm not sure how much I'm going to do in the end I focus on the main and the best known * Movies 80 section with a selection of movie I integrate in my overall theme "a section" with 30 film themes (demo at 5:12) I find that it makes sense with the typically good 80 atmosphere which already emanates from the theme to integrate these films which have rocked our yout * Integration of my full set collection medi It is an ambitious project but I am progressing well and I am confident The second is more cyber! Completely fan of all that is cyberpunk I started to make drafts for a cyberpunk theme I have a precise idea of what I do, I hope to be able to release it for the day one of cyberpunk 20
  9. Nice job !!!!!! I love
  10. @horse(y2guru correct me if I'm wrong) You need to publish your theme to see the final result, you will not have an optimal result and you will not see for sure the modifications you made without it. In any case at home without publishing the theme, I am like you, I see almost nothing of what I have before. I am sure that in a few months we will most certainly have real time previews;)
  11. Hello @y2guru , is it possible already to integrate a kind of buttons which would allow the user to choose between the sound of the wheels or the ambient sound of an animated background? it would be great, the user could choose and switch to 2 types of atmospheres and it would save the creators of the themes from having to publish 2 different versions of themes. I know that currently it is possible to choose between the 2 but I did not find a possibility of being able to leave the choice to the users.
  12. Hello @y2guru thank you for all these improvements, I will still have fun experimenting with all of this. I am trying to modify the view just before launching the game. Is that possible? I can't find the name of the view thank you!
  13. On the one hand the theme is far from finished and then and then on the other side it is a forum, certain post videos without ever sharing anything and then a forum it is also used to exchange this is not not just download. And beware I did not say that I would not share, just a little tired of vultures who resell the creations of others, and they are more and more numerous as I said some even come contact me in mp as i share less. what is certain is that I will not prevent myself from exchanging with others under the pretext that I share more or less .let me finish my theme quietly and talk about it in some month
  14. frankly I do not know anything if it is to see it do monetize, like a lot of thing that I created it would bother me for stay polite! (good new now the HD dealers come to ask me if they can sell at least it's more behind my back but still lol) so good I don't say no to sharing but no yes no more ... Wait and see
  15. Hello @skainlurmis I resumed work on the theme to focus an arcade I finished the capcom system, I think I will use it as a basis for the rest. will remain the consoles then, but I'm happy it takes shape
  16. It's good ! thx ! I was also a memory cache problem since before editing I didn't see my wheels, it's only after editing my theme that they appear in big box mode!I have the impression that the more the basic launchbox is loaded with media the more the elements take time to appear which would be logical thanks sir!
  17. Hello , y2guru "I just finalized a theme and I do not understand why my wheels logo do not appear to the right, I tried to move, modify elements but nothing helps ... I thought of a cache memory problem also but even on a ssd I have the same problem on the "" Wheel2gamesview "view. Everything else works video, background, marquee I do not understand why ! you are my last resort!
  18. Playlist The Halo Master Chief Collection View File Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 12/13/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  19. Game Thème Shenmue 3 View File *Without signature Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 11/18/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  20. Thanks ! No program, I do a little like that comes to the feeling and when I have inspiration especially! I should let go a hundred before Christmas, finally it's the goal!
  21. I'm currently working on it but it will not be before early 2020
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