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  1. Zelda Collection V1

    For the 35th anniversary i share the v1 !
    initially released in 2019, it kept me spellbound for almost a year at the time. Although these themes are not free from faults, I no longer use them (for the most part they are all animated today or she have gone to v2 see v3) they still do very well, many web artists having participated for the media, they all have a different atmosphere, which is also the charm of the series, there is always an heros, the green tunic but it is always very different atmospheres
    Enjoy !

    you want to go further?
    I got back to work for 3 months at the beginning by recreating a playlist and then finally I felt a little cramped, so I made the decision to go there on a full big box theme, I resumed more than half of the themes starting from the official artwork and I animated them, adding menus (music section, fan made , to come time line and glossary, Making of with the participation of splashwave ! ) in order to give it a real collection aspect by giving it a more aesthetic value and in terms of content
    available on my patreon
    (Quick visit at 2:47)
    My another Collections ========  Rise your frontend ! \O/


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