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  1. It's good ! thx ! I was also a memory cache problem since before editing I didn't see my wheels, it's only after editing my theme that they appear in big box mode!I have the impression that the more the basic launchbox is loaded with media the more the elements take time to appear which would be logical thanks sir!
  2. Hello , y2guru "I just finalized a theme and I do not understand why my wheels logo do not appear to the right, I tried to move, modify elements but nothing helps ... I thought of a cache memory problem also but even on a ssd I have the same problem on the "" Wheel2gamesview "view. Everything else works video, background, marquee I do not understand why ! you are my last resort!
  3. Playlist The Halo Master Chief Collection View File Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 12/13/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  4. Game Thème Shenmue 3 View File *Without signature Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 11/18/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  5. Thanks ! No program, I do a little like that comes to the feeling and when I have inspiration especially! I should let go a hundred before Christmas, finally it's the goal!
  6. I'm currently working on it but it will not be before early 2020
  7. Games Themes View File Add of Shenmue 3 in the week ! Enjoy The rest of my work it's on the channel :Pademonium Cinematics More Game themes here: Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 11/04/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  8. Playlist Survival Horror V3 View File Happy Halloween!:) Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 10/29/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  9. Hello, I continue I started to modify the theme by modifying the banner and then finally I realized that I was going to be quickly limited in particular about the background video suddenly I started all over again but with the superb work of 2 Y2guru; this is the first background. I still hesitate to let the sound of film clips in the background, gave a sacred atmosphere, I think I would leave the choice. See you later !
  10. Game Themes Nintendo Switch View File I thought it was missing! Enjoy 2K 1440P H264 For Breath of the wild / Zero compressions= Big File ! And for the main system it's here: Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 10/25/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  11. Various Game themes PC [All posts Centralized] View File Hello ! SOME game themes here and there to pleasure! The rest of my work is here : Pademonium Cinematics Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 10/25/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  12. Hello guys, I am well motivated for beautiful skain work, I have already done some tests with my nostalgic bedroom, and after letting me animate these drawings in theme rachid lotf the immense kindness of let me use his work again ! Here are some examples of a night of tests, I want all of us to integrate video backgrounds and change the mood according to the developer (the perfect example is the capcom with final fight with a dirty metro I still have a lot of things to master. I'll keep you updated on developments soon!
  13. Skain I'm ready to do all the platforms! in any case motivate and the tests are rather conclusive,I try to put background video and set different atmospheres Some tests see soon !!
  14. Big project that was close to my heart some would say that I'm crazy maybe! But to offer Arcadians about 1000 fully remastered MAME themes that would be a nice gift, no ?, I think I have at least 6 months of work but I think it's really worth it to go and score! I take this as a tribute the goal: Keep (or at least try to keep as possible the period artwork, update the sound while keeping the original tracks and especially to go to the basics (no more 1min 50 per theme! I have already realized about 70 themes (roughly all kof and fatal fury)
  15. Yes! Yes! Yes we can !!! Thx for you work ! I waited with great impatience @y2guruEdit : However, I have a little problem at startup,(a Application exception) it tells me that the format of the input string is incorrect. I filled all the boxes, erased some, changed big box (so hard disk). I do not see too much where it can come. I restarted by erasing the settings but at each problem the theme appears back white, but the window (the log I guess) prevents me from doing anything; thank you in advance for the answer!
  16. Arcade V4 View File It started from a small bet, this theme was not planned! 2 version one or I let go but which in my opinion too many defects for me to put online, and a second version wiser! If many of you ask me the 1st version I would do an upload too;) First Version ( not in download) Second version in download. 1440P /60s H264 Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 09/30/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  17. Hello Hello some set up, some older than others and then our systems evolve so fast that it is difficult to have a video to days. It lacks hunk: the collections (over 50!), Genres, and of course the arcade I will update as and when good viewing !
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