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  1. Classic Capcom / Mass Effect Collection View File Download here : (up work in progress) Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 03/06/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  2. Big Thank You !!!! I was two fingers to buy the psd this morning
  3. Great job !!I took you someone
  4. If you knew, all the thinking I take in the mouth, for a stall, or an effect that does not please, but how many of the people who appreciate your work? proportionally much more,those who spit on you represent A tiny part minusucule, I m sure the majority likes what you propose many forget that we do this on our free time that despite all that remains amateurs.Continues to do your great job harry, ignore the rest and take pleasure it's the essential !
  5. Nice work !I take it, it's good I did not want to do this one he was not inspiring me at all, thank you harry!!
  6. Thanks Retro I was in the same case, and actually it was the game start up that posed problem .
  7. Favoris Arcade /Batman Collection View File It was a long time that I wanted to make an intro for my favorites arcade, oriented rather attract something to leave on Saturday night around a drink with friends I add my dark knight theme (arkham) that I cut in half to make it more impactful later! And to finish the week in the series "nostalgic bedroom" here is another (upload work in progress) at the very end: *I left 40sec neutral gameplay bonus, it can make you a nice background;) *Thanks at @Zombeaver for the gameplay Download favoris arcade , 90's nostalgic bedroom here = Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 02/26/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  8. Nintendo Nes "Nostalgic Bedroom" View File Nostalgic bedroom is an homage to my childhood and to the nostalgia common among those who grew up in the 80's and 90's. Big thanks you to the participating artist ! µI cut the thème so that it adapts to the big box * If my job interests you, think subscribe, very exclusive theme, content, and other fun of which .here is some extract : See soon Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 02/19/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  9. @Theonerm2 Good luck for your theme! Unfortunately, I would not be a great help, I always wanted to do a custom theme but the language barrier prevents me from understanding all the subtleties one day can be;) later!
  10. I made a startup theme this month given the progress of xenia :). It is a temporary exclusive content (and more attract) for my subscribers but I should be able to make it available for everybody next month.
  11. They really do a fabulous job, I often use them as a basis for my themes, again a big thank you to them for this great job!
  12. Snk Classics Playlist/Sammy Atomiswave View File Sammy Atomiswave and Snk Classics Download == Download here Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/26/2019 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  13. Various Games themes Auto-moto [16/9] 1080P 60/s View File A little summary of my car theme, I would make regular updates I found that it was missing a little here. See you later ! Pad Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/23/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  14. Ré-up Resident Evil Thèmes+Collection! He his coming ! View File Centralization of all my up + the collection, addition of the theme resident evil 3 nemesis (here in download) (coming soon resident 5,6) Remake theme : in download here == The collection Games themes for all support. No gameplay just a mood... New theme resident evil 3 : Resident evil 2 : Resident evil reibirth: Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/22/2019 Category Game Theme Videos  
  15. @faeranThanks for more information, I may say a bit nonsense but I looked for a version 16: 9 is she still in the works? It makes me think a lot about the old theme of skainlurmis that I had started adapted for hyperspin to a difference I had been so far especially at the level of the marquee it's beautiful, and memories!
  16. GreaT work faeran ! Really ! Say me it is possible to integrate just in arcade? or so once it is installed it is on all the supports?
  17. Playlist" Genre" Cyberpunk+Legacy of kain V2 View File If you wish For a perfect optimization you can cut the intro to 0:41 I also add a v2 for the collection legacy of kain and do not hesitate to go on the patreon of the artist the Hylden aka Patrick Johnson it deserves ! it is a great project! * For fans: A texture pack + reshade for defiance is also available on this channel * Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/20/2019 Category Playlists  
  18. 4 hrs? !! my god I hesitated to use it for a mass effect collection I think I'll go my way! Good job harry !
  19. Playlist Genre and Plateform categories 80's View File Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/11/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  20. Playlist Catégorie Genre (Turbo 80's) View File One last for the week ! LINK OK See soon ! Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/09/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos
  21. Catégorie Playlist Genre ( Turbo playlist 80's) View File One last for the week ! Ré up work in progress See soon ! Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/09/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  22. Playlist Fighting 2D V2 View File The playlist Fighting 2D go to v2 Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 01/08/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
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