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  1. Zelda Game Dynamic Themes Pademonium Collection View File I share with you my Zelda collection Do not forget to like or comment ( if you like) It's an indicator for me , if the post works i post the rest of the collection otherwise i consider that it does not interest anyone and i would not a update kind regards Pad ***The link awakening theme was wrongly named it is actually the last but one file "link to the past" Zelda Collection is available here : Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 11/04/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  2. The 3DS theme goes into V2 too Thanks again to @viking for these theme i'm having fun ! *it wil of course be cut for the download
  3. I made a V2 for the theme FIGHTING 3D I can add it also in 1080p If this interests you
  4. I add this one in the post genre with the survival horror
  5. Pademonium Collection Themes View File I share some theme of my Collection Here is the list of themes I have already done: Do not hesitate if you have requests! List of Collection themes: Assassin’s Creed Collection Batman Collection Bioshock Collection Fr Castlevania Collection v1 and v2 Contrat Collection Crysis Collection Darksiders Collection Dark souls Collection Double dragon Collection Doom Collection Final Fantasy Collection ( with harryoke) God of War Collection FR Kingdom Hearts Collection King of Fighters Collection Legacy of Kain Collection (fr and english vers + v2) Mario Collection Mass Effect Collection Mortal Kombat Collection Metal Gear Collection v1 and V2 +attract version Metal Gear Collection fixe version Metal Slug Collection Megaman Collection Megaman X Collection Metroid Collection v1 and v2 Resident Evil Collection v1 ans v2 deluxe for subscribers Starfox Collection Silent Hill Collection 2 VERSION Suikoden Collection Star Wars Collection Street Fighter Collection Tomb Raider Collection V1 AND V2 Zelda Collection v1 and v2 The last collections : Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 10/24/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  6. Pademonium Cinematics[1440p/1080p 60fps] Plateform themes View File These themes are made by passion, by a fan for fans please make good use ! By respect for my work and respect for participating YouTube artists ! Thx Last themes : Last playlit: List of Themes (On the forum) Season 2: (You will find my System themes of the "season 1 on the launchbox servers) All in 1080P/60S ( except the 3ds but should be re edited soon) *Atari Jaguar *Sega Model 3 *Nec Super Graphx *Nec PC Engine *Nec PC FX *Nintendo 3DS V2 *Open Bor 80's *Mugen V3 *Neo Geo "100 Mega shock Version" *Taito Type X v1 *Sammy Atomiswave v2 *Sega Saturn *Sega CD *Ultimate SNK Neo Geo AES *Snk Neo Geo MVS " Special Big Box" *Triforce *Ultimate Sony Playstation 3 *SNK Neo Geo Pocket *SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color New (out of series): Attract Thème For Custom Future State neon deluxe Playlist: *Konami Classics (1440p) *Nintendo Classics *Snk Classics *Capcom Classics Spécial Series : *Nintendo Nes "Nostalgic Bedroom Series" *Sony Playstation "Nostalgic Bedroom Series 90's the..." Categories/ genres : *Arcade Favoris *Computers *Playlist genre ( Turbo 80's) + Version Synthwave *Fighting 2 V2 *Fighting 3D V2 *Horrors survival V2 *Fantasia games *Rpg *Racing *SHoot 'them Up Available On the Launchbox servers (720p) *Capcom CPS 1,2,3 *Arcade 80's v1 v2 v3 (Thème dynamic attract) *Sony PSP *Mugen (long and short version) *Nintendo DS *Nintendo 3DS V1 *Shmup *Cave v1 *Sega Megadrive *Sega Genesis 80's *Sega Genesis "Sonic Run" Snk Neo Geo v1 Snk MVS V1 *Super Nintendo v1 *Super Famicom *Sega Dreamcast V1 *Fighting 3D V1 *Nintendo 64 *Another themes: I see too much post creators without like and comment... you know, i don`t get anything for a "like" or download but it is a nice way to motivate content creators with a little THANK YOU via like or comment so we know that the work pleases the community. kind regards Pad The rest of my works is on the Channel : PADEMONIUM CINEMATICS Soon more 500 themes Submitter PaDeMoNiuM Submitted 10/24/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  7. Pademonium Playlist Genres [Survival Horror V2 + Game theme] View File Just in time for Halloween Perfect ! i thought it might be of interest to some and i add you (in advance) the theme Resident Evil 2 Remake Again thanks at Robin55 for the background *The Horror theme is available in long version on the channel also : Pademonium Cinematics Next Playlist genre in download coming soon Submitter Padou Submitted 10/24/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  8. Hello blue I did a theme collection god of war some time ago I even adapted it in English if it interests you do not hesitate I up. I just finished Métal Slug and Contract Collection and I attack the Soulcalibur Collection.
  9. 6 new Playlists/Plateform Themes View File Back for 6 themes I hope you enjoy Metal Slug Collection Street Fighter Collection Nintendo Classic Coming soon: Sega Classic Neo Geo Collection Next thème In download on the week Mario Collection I worked hard ! See you very soon and do not forget to subscribe *Sega classics thèmes : in download tomorow Submitter Padou Submitted 10/02/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  10. Awesome harry ! On my side i Work on this : sports / fantasy games/ action adventure and some playlist Collection and plateform vidéos
  11. apologize for the late response I did not see your post yes you can find it in the platforme theme section pademonium cinematics. I'm not very proud of this theme but it's often the ones I find the less successful who are the most demanding 😅
  12. Ah, thank you, harry, it's my daughters are going to be happy!
  13. They are superb Gabriel! I thought I would do the themes castlevania ps2 finally I'll take yours: p we should we all this concords @ CTR-ALT-DEFEAT @ davemk@Suhrvivor "theme makers" to avoid duplicates or create a list remains to be done, a simple common Excel spreadsheet and sharing could do the trick. It's too bad to work each one in our corner. I do not know what you thought but it would be cool *If this list already exists do not consider this message 😅
  14. Zelda Collection V2 View File a V2 for my Zelda theme collection. the theme is finally a little more than 4 minutes (intro and credit cut) and is clearly oriented attract a big thank you to splash wave, sam dillard and major link to have played the game I hope it will please you. See you soon for new platform and playlist theme this time. Submitter Padou Submitted 09/14/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  15. Thanks Jason, I'll go and see That!It can not be more complicated than hyper spin looking forward to seeing what we can do. I reassure you it's the same on the french forums Fortunately the translators today is rather complete to succeed in this understanding
  16. Hello Guys! I would love to work on the big box custom theme in the past I had to work with the format swf on hyperspin and I had made some really nice spot like theme default gamecube fully animated. on which post should I go to learn to learn a little basics, to tell the truth the language barrier does not help me a little trouble to find my forum. thank you guys!
  17. I did not succeed either lol french connexion -_-
  18. hello I am the queue of the conversation between 2 cartons! A community that stifles I find it always great! In advance, sorry for this english I write from my phone:). as for videos I'm currently working on theme sport( i don't if nobody work on also ?)and I had before the call of jason li make a thematic video "fantasia games" that groups games with a poetic tendency( rime / ico) if it can serve! %5BURL=https://www.casimages.com/i/180901123949534062.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttps://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/09/01/180901123949534062.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D for the rest I did some reedition of the fabulous work of robin55 on the playlist and everything is not here! I had worked on strategy / fighting 2d and shooter (which is special in terms of rendering) they are old theme, I'm almost ashamed to show them but it will give an idea because I think I can do reworked version here. see you later ill be back ^^ strategy https://youtu.be/v7etcajnotI Fighting 2d https://youtu.be/ckjvs-AcIFY Shooter https://youtu.be/F8haFEqDGeU
  19. @Jason Carrwith great pleasure jason in full displacement I would be less active in the coming months while I find a connection but it will give me time to work on the new content see soon!
  20. StarFox Collection View File Update : Suikoden Collection in Playlist Themes StarFox Collection @stevencostner Submitter Padou Submitted 08/25/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  21. GAME THEMES ARCADE (16/9) (720/1080P) View File Somes arcade Themes .These are the first i would complete the post soon Hope you like it! Big thanks at Rickonami ❤️ for some of themes. Submitter Padou Submitted 08/17/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  22. GAME THEMES GAMECUBE 16/9 [720/1080P] View File Choose Files... Some themes of my gamecube system. I can not all upload (small connection) but if a title interests you on the channel do not hesitate I also add 2 playlist themes " Fighter 3D" and a short theme "Racing" and a new platform theme Arcade V3 Update PC Themes in progress also ! Game Themes Gamecube : Submitter Padou Submitted 08/15/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  23. Game Themes Pademonium Cinematics 1080p [ MULTI SUPPORT [16/9 ][30/60FPS] View File I centralize all my game theme it will be much simpler I would re up little by little dont worry .(The Megaman And Legacy Of Kain post will disappear to be re uploaded here, enjoy) . They all remain available on my channel. New section on the channel also the "Ready For The Day One" here are some themes, the idea is to be a little early and have the theme ready for the day one All already posted and erased series will come back here, , Best rpg, Konami games .. To complete the great works of damvek here are various themes recent and older "Ready For Day one": (Download Here) GAME THEMES GAMECUBE Submitter Padou Submitted 08/03/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  24. PLATEFORM THEMES PLAYSTATION 1 / MSX View File Download on : Download here The rest of my Work on : Pademonium Cinematics Submitter Padou Submitted 07/30/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
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