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  1. Padou

    Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    Hello blue I did a theme collection god of war some time ago I even adapted it in English if it interests you do not hesitate I up. I just finished Métal Slug and Contract Collection and I attack the Soulcalibur Collection.
  2. 6 new Playlists/Plateform Themes View File Back for 6 themes I hope you enjoy Metal Slug Collection Street Fighter Collection Nintendo Classic Coming soon: Sega Classic Neo Geo Collection Next thème In download on the week Mario Collection https://youtu.be/56zCOIPtjrM I worked hard ! See you very soon and do not forget to subscribe *Sega classics thèmes : in download tomorow Submitter Padou Submitted 10/02/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  3. Padou

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    Awesome harry ! On my side i Work on this : sports / fantasy games/ action adventure and some playlist Collection and plateform vidéos
  4. Padou

    Dynamic Arcade Theme 80's

    apologize for the late response I did not see your post yes you can find it in the platforme theme section pademonium cinematics. I'm not very proud of this theme but it's often the ones I find the less successful who are the most demanding 😅
  5. Padou

    Disney Games Playlist Video

    Ah, thank you, harry, it's my daughters are going to be happy!
  6. Padou

    More Ps2 by me

    They are superb Gabriel! I thought I would do the themes castlevania ps2 finally I'll take yours: p we should we all this concords @ CTR-ALT-DEFEAT @ davemk@Suhrvivor "theme makers" to avoid duplicates or create a list remains to be done, a simple common Excel spreadsheet and sharing could do the trick. It's too bad to work each one in our corner. I do not know what you thought but it would be cool *If this list already exists do not consider this message 😅
  7. Padou

    Zelda Collection V2

    Zelda Collection V2 View File a V2 for my Zelda theme collection. the theme is finally a little more than 4 minutes (intro and credit cut) and is clearly oriented attract a big thank you to splash wave, sam dillard and major link to have played the game I hope it will please you. See you soon for new platform and playlist theme this time. Submitter Padou Submitted 09/14/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  8. Padou

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    Thanks Jason, I'll go and see That!It can not be more complicated than hyper spin looking forward to seeing what we can do. I reassure you it's the same on the french forums Fortunately the translators today is rather complete to succeed in this understanding
  9. Padou

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    Hello Guys! I would love to work on the big box custom theme in the past I had to work with the format swf on hyperspin and I had made some really nice spot like theme default gamecube fully animated. on which post should I go to learn to learn a little basics, to tell the truth the language barrier does not help me a little trouble to find my forum. thank you guys!
  10. Padou

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    I did not succeed either lol french connexion -_-
  11. Padou

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    hello I am the queue of the conversation between 2 cartons! A community that stifles I find it always great! In advance, sorry for this english I write from my phone:). as for videos I'm currently working on theme sport( i don't if nobody work on also ?)and I had before the call of jason li make a thematic video "fantasia games" that groups games with a poetic tendency( rime / ico) if it can serve! %5BURL=https://www.casimages.com/i/180901123949534062.jpg.html%5D%5BIMG%5Dhttps://nsa39.casimages.com/img/2018/09/01/180901123949534062.jpg%5B/IMG%5D%5B/URL%5D for the rest I did some reedition of the fabulous work of robin55 on the playlist and everything is not here! I had worked on strategy / fighting 2d and shooter (which is special in terms of rendering) they are old theme, I'm almost ashamed to show them but it will give an idea because I think I can do reworked version here. see you later ill be back ^^ strategy https://youtu.be/v7etcajnotI Fighting 2d https://youtu.be/ckjvs-AcIFY Shooter https://youtu.be/F8haFEqDGeU
  12. Padou

    Calling All Media and Theme Creators!

    @Jason Carrwith great pleasure jason in full displacement I would be less active in the coming months while I find a connection but it will give me time to work on the new content see soon!
  13. Padou

    StarFox Collection

    StarFox Collection View File Update : Suikoden Collection Up in Progress in Playlist Themes StarFox Collection @stevencostner Submitter Padou Submitted 08/25/2018 Category Playlist Theme Videos  
  14. GAME THEMES ARCADE (16/9) (720/1080P) View File Somes arcade Themes .These are the first i would complete the post soon Hope you like it! Big thanks at Rickonami ❤️ for some of themes. Submitter Padou Submitted 08/17/2018 Category Game Theme Videos  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Somes arcade Themes .These are the first i would complete the post soon Hope you like it! Big thanks at Rickonami ❤️ for some of themes.