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File Comments posted by MadK9

    Lambda beta

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    In case any of you want the filters button, i've edited the SideBarView to add the filters option, just hit the icon to the left of the search bar to pop it open,

    This is an interim fix/bodge until @shadowfire adds it to a full release. I recommend backing up the SideView.xaml before you replace the file.

    (note this is for the current Betabuild of Launchbox, don't use this on any Full version.)


  1. 2 hours ago, Mikee580 said:

    Were you looking for logos like this? I'm that mad idiot you were referring too!



     Then i take my hat off and bow to your idiocy :P

    But very nice. I did make a start myself, but very slow going,


    8 minutes ago, zugswang said:

    Thanks for these. Did you create them using a script or have to do them all manually ?

    I just used XnViewMP to batch convert the files names. I recommend XnViewMP been using it for a fair few years now, pretty versatile package.

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  3. 44 minutes ago, MrGadget00 said:

    I cannot seem to make this work. I replaced the exe and I still get the nag screens. I'm running .222 Mame64 and the latest version of LB/BB. I'm going to play with it some more. Instructions were straight forward but it just didn't work for me. I didn't have a mame.ini and created one with the -cc and then entered the entry in the instructions but still got the 2 screens.

    Let me know what I might be doing wrong?


    Check the ini folder for another mame.ini if you find one in there just move it to a safe spot, and lastly just make sure you have  'Skip_gameinfo 1' set in the mame.ini, if you can't find it in the ini file that means its set already as the default is 1, so don't add the line if it does not exist, its more ofr people that still use older mame.ini files where it used to be set to 0. Thats all there is to it, i rechecked my local version and can confirm there is no issue with it.

  4. On 2/21/2020 at 3:32 AM, sundogak said:

    I have this link bookmarked for a step by step compile of a no-nag version. It also includes the DIFF files in a link about 3/4 way down as each MAME version is updated. 

    Downfall to that is you have to wait for the diff files, and they don't always show up till late in the cycle.

  5. 16 hours ago, Tomkun said:

    Thanks for stepping up to do these. Could you recommend a tutorial for creating a nonag build, or explain how it's done. I've tried many times, but I have always failed.

    Pretty much this guide for the most part (i would ignore the actual git part as getting a release git pack is pretty hard, so just use the proper released source pack from the website.)


    So grab the msys64-32-2019-12-23.exe  install to the root of C, can be installed elsewhere, but to save hassle root of c is so much easier. Once done you have the mysys64 folder on the root of c:\

    Update the tools with pacman, then unpack the mame source to the root of the src folder, then make the changes to the 3 files that are normally changed  frontend/mame/ui/ui.cpp, frontend/mame/ui/mainmenu.cpp and emu/render.cpp

    And the actual removal of the messages can be done with a diff file, but edditing the code directly is pretty quick, just read any latest No Nag diff file, fairly easy to find and it will show you what files need to be edited and what to remove/change.

    Heres an example  https://github.com/keilmillerjr/mame-diffs/blob/master/mame0211/suppression.diff


    Hope that helps you out.

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