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  1. I would also like to have Music Box Alpha. But I cannot use any of the payment methods. Neither bitcoin, credit card nor debit card. What should I do now? Please make direct debit or bank transfer.
  2. Hello, how do I get this emulator to run in full screen? Use the Turbo Engine 0.32 version.
  3. Hello Guys, question: Can somebody make a Magazines/Comics Platform Theme? Have a lot club nintendo magazin scans. -edit- found one. it was good hide here.
  4. hello, i m try to use a playlist clear logo, but its not working: -edit- Nevermind.
  5. Good day, i have this same problem. Use retroarch my first time, load this both core: bsnes_accuracy_libretro.dll and bsnes_balanced_libretro.dll. Have this "sgb.boot.rom (1kb)" file in my retroarch system folder. And the Super Game Boy 2 (Japan).sfc rom (512kb). -edit- okay, try -L "cores\bsnes_balanced_libretro.dll" "C:\Users\Karsten\Desktop\LaunchBox\Emulator\RetroArch\Super Game Boy 2 (Japan).sfc" --subsystem sgb and its work. BUT graphic and sound issues. Framerate? VIDEO: https://videobin.org/+ltr/q6k.html I have nothing changed under the audio settings. use the retroarch default settings.
  6. sorry, its all in german.
  7. Version 7. 10 1366 x 768
  8. I have a little trouble with the clear logos.
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