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  1. Yes sir. But funny. It now works after i rebooted the computer. Strange but now happy its working! Thanks neil9000!
  2. Yes I have, i learned on the fly how to do it with a few other systems I added in. Its also set to default
  3. Hello, Recently I purchased launchbox and I love it. I got all my games using Retroarch setup with it easily however I am having issues with CPS games and Neo Geo games. They work in Retroarch but not in launchbox. When I click them I mouse pointer goes as if its loading but it does not. I have tried all the cores i am using with launch box that are able to run these games and made sure the neogeo bios is in the correct place. I have tried the following cores: fbalpha_libretro.dll fbalpha2012_libretro.dll mame_libretro.dll mame2014_libretro.dll They are all working in Retroarch using fbalpha_libretro.dll with no problems. I have ensured that extract rom is not checked as well. Is there anything I might be missing? I have been stuck on this all day and have visited the forum and checked multiple posts and checked youtube tutorials before asking and am about ready to pull my hair out. Thanks for any help I get in advance. Reading the posts I love this community and hope to be a part of it!
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