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  1. Yes sir. But funny. It now works after i rebooted the computer. Strange but now happy its working! Thanks neil9000!
  2. Yes I have, i learned on the fly how to do it with a few other systems I added in. Its also set to default
  3. Hello, Recently I purchased launchbox and I love it. I got all my games using Retroarch setup with it easily however I am having issues with CPS games and Neo Geo games. They work in Retroarch but not in launchbox. When I click them I mouse pointer goes as if its loading but it does not. I have tried all the cores i am using with launch box that are able to run these games and made sure the neogeo bios is in the correct place. I have tried the following cores: fbalpha_libretro.dll fbalpha2012_libretro.dll mame_libretro.dll mame2014_libretro.dll They a
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