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  1. Thank you guys for the info. I will apply your advice.
  2. Hello Guys, I have a question about arcade roms and software list management using CLRMame Pro (or Romulus): Before asking this question here, I have read alot and done a lot of research about this subject but i did"nt find any clear answer to this. My goal is to properly manage full arcade rom set and software list for MAME and FinalBurn Neo using CLRMame Pro. All my roms are stored on a NAS Server so the storage space is really not a problem for me. I have plenty of free space! Regarding the arcade roms management in CLRMame Pro, I normally choose Full Non-Merged so all parent, clone and bios are all in the romsets. At first for the arcade roms, I want to know if it's the best practice to put the bioses with the roms? Not in a separate dedicated Bios Folder. For the software list roms which configuration is the best (Merged, Non-Merged or split)? And do you suggest to put all the bios in a dedicated Bios folder ? Thank you for your help and advices!
  3. Thank you, that anwsers my question. I will go with a normal 2.5" 2tb HDD in a USB 3.0 enclosure and have enough data space at a more decent price than a 2tb SSD Alexandre LeBlanc
  4. Hello Guys, After a couple of days of thinking, i decided to make my game setup portable. I decided to put my Lunchbox Bigbox setup and collection directly on a portable drive. I have about 600gb of games, so i was thinking to buy a 1TB SSD and a USB 3.0 2.5" HDD Enclosure. But i find the 1TB SSD a bit expanssive. To run games like PS2 games (biggest rom i have in my collection) can i use a normal 5400 SATA III 2.5" HDD and have a decent performance while browsing trought games and a decent loading time, or you think SSD is realy THE definitive choice i must do to have a decent game experience? Thanks again for your advices and help !
  5. Ohhh man i am happy !! I am back from Bestbuy and i played for about 30 mins with my new Xbox one Controllers plug to my PC to SNES games and right away i could see the difference with my old Logitech F310 !! The games are easier to play with a more accurate controller. I feel that I have less need to press the buttons and that the controls are much more precise. Now i will order a pair of Hori Fighting Commander with a USB Hub for those controllers and i will be an happy man ! Thanks again !
  6. Lordmonkus you convinced me ! Let's go for a 4 controller setup ! With these i will be well equiped to play all games! Thanks again for your rapid and precise answers !
  7. Thank you all guys for these answers and advice ! Now i see more clearly which controllers i will buy ! I think i will first order a pair of Xbox one Controller white that i will used wired USB. And if i am not fully satisfied of D-Pad, i will then order a pair of Hori Fighting Commander to play specificaly with oldest games. Thanks again !
  8. Ok, thank you for these advices. You say : I would suggest getting the 360 controller for PC in my experience it plays with Windows (10 at least) better than the Xbox One controller. What do you mean exactly ? Is there's some configuration or compatibility isue with the xbox one controller? I have forgotten to say that i plan to use these controller wired with USB. i am not a bluetooth fan. Thanks for your advices!
  9. Hello Guys, Since the last two weeks i am searching, reading and watching reviews about the game controllers on the market. I am searching for the best overall controller to use with bigbox. I play mainly NES, SNES, GBA and playstation games but i want to be able to play also Nintendo 64, Game Cube and xbox games. I was interested to buy a paire of ibuffalo SNES controller for the oldest games (generation 1-2-3-4) But i was also interested for a more advance controller like Xbox one or DS4 (generation 5-6-7-8) So here's my questions : According to my utilisation, which controller beetween the Xbox one and the DS4 is the best. And should i buy just a paire of advanced controller to play all the more recent games (xbox/playstation) and a paire of ibuffalo for all oldest games. In all reviews they say that the xbox d-pad sucks and it's a bad option for oldest games but easier to setup than the DS4. So im a bit confused to make a choice beetween these two controllers. Thanks for your anwsers and advices!!! Alexandre LeBlanc
  10. Thank you for this clarification.
  11. Hello guy, I am a proud new Lunchbox Premium user. Since i paid for the licence, I spent a few days trying and experimenting with the different options and settings that lunchbox provides to configure the game collection. I noticed that we can create playlists and there's also a function to manage the game "series". I would like to be able to classify certain games by series using the fonction available in lunchbox and I would like to know how. For example, the Gradius, Mario Bros or Zelda series (no matter the type of platform). I've seen that several users use playlists to classify games in the same series instead of using the "series" function that's included in Lunchbox and I was wondering why. Thanks in advance for your help!
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