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  1. That's more like it! I totally did not realise there was such an option. Thanks.
  2. Could someone please guide me on how to bulk edit file paths? I would like to clean up my library and move all roms to the Launchbox directory.
  3. Not true. I just did so myself and it works as intended. Must be an isolated case.
  4. Would you know what might be causing this? It's as though startup, shut-down and pause themes have all stopped working simultaneously. Never had an issue prior. I'm restoring a back up image to hopefully fix it..
  5. Ok, that's not all. Pause Screen no longer works either. Something is borked. Reinstalling previous versions doesn't help - can I reset it somehow?
  6. I checked both, neither works. In LB under Options I have them enabled, as is the case under Manage Emulators.
  7. Please help.. I am not sure when this first occurred but all of my startup/shutdown screens no longer work. It skips them entirely, regardless of platform. Any idea?
  8. I was about to ask when I saw you had already updated the skin. Legend.
  9. Have only ever used VLC as not a fan of the alternative
  10. Another bump.. Experiencing the same issue as previous posters. Would love to keep videos enabled and wondering if any progress had been made towards finding a solution?
  11. My bad, thanks for clarifying.
  12. Is this universally applicable? I tried doing so with Rincewind but it messes up the theme.
  13. I work in IT, therefore I know best. Sigh.. If it was a core update mismatch the plugin would always be broken over wildly varying user configs. As a matter of fact it isn't. All but 2 users have reported a fault. Let that sink in.
  14. As mentioned above with proof, it is working fine. Any other outcome can be attributed only to user error.
  15. You're kidding?! EDIT: Lies.. I tested with 11.15 and all is working as it should.
  16. It was tongue in cheek because I haven't seen an announcement. Not complaining. Thanks!
  17. 11.15 sneakily released? ?
  18. It is no longer happening in this release, thank you Previously what used to happen is an image getting deleted if I changed its category. Let's assume I changed what was categorized as 'gameplay screenshot' into 'background fanart'. Rather than reassigning the new category to the file in question it would disappear completely on pressing OK.
  19. You can add me to the list of users having fanart deleted when using the Add/Edit Game screen.
  20. This one has me puzzled. I scraped Doom Eternal but every time I boot through LB it crashes the game on start-up. If I boot via Steam it works without issue. This is the only game exhibiting such behavior. Any ideas?
  21. Thanks mate. Turns out the Windows update was entirely unrelated. An older version of MSI Afterburner/RTSS prevented LB to launch. Updating this to the latest beta solved my problem.
  22. I updated to Windows version 20H2 and can no longer open LB or BB. The start up dialogue appears on screen but the application doesn't launch. I hadn't updated past LB 11.4 since I was without a GPU for a while. Any ideas?
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