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  1. Hi everyone, I opened this as a feature request (you can take a look at this here: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5379/cover-image-enhancement) but I think based on Christian's comment, I can bring this to a topic, since it can probably be fixed with a theme configuration. My request was this: I would love to have the possibility to specify an aspect ratio for cover images on each platform, so all the covers (I use box front) looks the same. In addition it will be awesome to specify if I would like to stretch the covers or fill the space by centering them vertically or horizontally. I think this should be done independently for each platform since the cover size really change for example from PS2 games to PSP. The ps2 covers are more likely squared and the psp are largely taller. Then Christian told me that Old Default uses a logic similar to this. There is also a LB theme called “Lambda Beta” on the forums that does something pretty similar that could be worth checking out as well. Here was my response (note that I been thinking on this as a feature, that's why I insist on using any theme, but for now I will be very happy if I can fix it with a theme, so if you continue reading, you will notice that I ask for a feature instead of a theme configuration, but I'm posting this because you guys probably know how can I configure the theme to get this behavior). I checked both, I was in fact using lambda beta and now I moved to Old Default. I understand what Christian mean, and it looks better in some ways, but it is not to what I was referring to. I think this could be a great feature no matter what theme you choose. In fact, I like the LB Plex Theme a lot, but I’m having like the same issue. It will be great if I would be able to fill the aspect ratio with the image, so no matter the theme I use or how I configure the box layout (spacing, padding, etc), I’m still able to fill the whole aspect ratio with the cover. So even if I have taller or wider covers, they fill the entire box space and all boxes can look the same. I was thinking on something like a different aspect ratio per platform, because of course, the covers change a lot from one console to another. I’m trying to avoid this: If you can see I draw some lines at the covers sides. In the first row, the first one is taller than the second and also more taller than the third. Also all of them have different widths. For example Age of Wonders III is way less wider than the African Kingdoms cover. I know this is happening because the covers I found (or downloaded using LB) have different sizes. But, if I have an option to fill the space with cover, they will have all the same width and height. Of course they should be either stretched or cut off in order to fill the space, but I do prefer that over this, because that will also allow me to put any other image (wider or taller) and it should be adjusted to the space. Something more similar tho this is what I would like to have: ‌ So, I will be very happy if someone could tell me how can I configure LB settings or change any value in the xml files for the theme in order to get this working. Thank you in advance!
  2. how can I get the light blue background?
  3. Yes I know, I actually have a catalog on Excel, but I would like to have some kind of list in here too. I would probably buy the premium account anyway, the big box launcher is a feature that I was looking for long time ago.
  4. Hi all. I’m about to do the purchase of a premium account for the same reason the user that created this post. I would like to know what is the current state of the list view. Did the devs implemented new features or is still working the same way it worked a year ago? Thanks!
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