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  1. OfficialBispo

    Can't use old LaunchBox theme and Big Box

    Yes, I've done that whenever a new version was launched.
  2. Since the 8.0 version, I think, that I can't use the old LaunchBox theme and Big Box because they close in less than one minute. But the new theme, LaunchBox.Next, is still usable and don't crash. Don't why it started happening suddenly. I'm not verry worried about the old LaunchBox theme not working, as it will be replaced by the new theme (although it has some more features that are not still implemented on the new theme), but Big Box is very important to me.
  3. OfficialBispo

    Add To Games DB

    Now I've installed version 8.0-beta-3 and it seems it's working. Don't know why was not working before.
  4. OfficialBispo

    Add To Games DB

    I was going to post here the same problem, I'm also on the last version.