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  1. I gave Eliminator Down a good proper try for the first time tonight on the Mega Drive, it sure is a difficult game. Though there are definitely some interesting enemy patterns and level changes.
  2. You and me both brother. They can put a man on the damn moon but they cannot number USB slots on a PC? Ridiculous!
  3. So, I have the following controllers now and have tested them all: My order of liking most to least is: Hori FC4 Hori FC5 PS4 XBOX One Logitech F310 I am finally able to play 2 player games now because although RA will not let me manually config buttons the XBOX One controller is the favourite for my girlfriend and RA auto configs it nicely.
  4. Yes, I have swapped them around but unfortunately, it does not help. Yes, I did so here but unfortunately, the suggestions did not fix the problem. I made sure the Logitech and XBOX controllers are corded as they will definitely be distinguishable from the Hori controllers. As for the PS4 ones, I will just go wireless with those. It will be good to see the differences between them all for myself. The Logitech and XBOX controllers were no more than $40 each so if I do not care for them all that that they can just be spares as that did not break the bank. Is your Hori FC5 still king of the castle?
  5. It is such an annoyance. Because of the recent frustrations, I have had with not being able to play 2 player games with my girlfriend because Retroarch will not distinguish between my Hori FC4 and FC5 I have purchased but not yet received an official Xbox One Controller and Logitech F310. I am curious to see what they are like for myself anyway. I remember you saying you tried them and they were not your favourite but I will soon see. I will also pull the trigger on an official charging station for my two PS4 controllers. I have always resisted wireless, preferring the old school corded way but I guess I should jump into the world of wireless eventually. I never want my Hori wireless though, they are perfect the way they are.
  6. I have two PS4 controllers and think they’re absolutely brilliant, except for one horrible flaw! The micro USB connection on the controller seems to be very flimsy and susceptible to disconnecting or breaking. Has anyone else experienced this? Just curious how common it is.
  7. If you find a solution let me know! This issue has been a thorn in my side for some now. I have a Hori FC4 and Hori FC5 and Retroarch will not see them as separate controllers. You would think with how popular gaming is these days there’d be a solution to this.
  8. Has anyone got into customising Retroarch's appearance and made your own theme? I saw some of the users showing this off over at the Libretro forum and I would love to see if anyone has done so here.
  9. I have posted about this on the Libretro forum here but am still no closer to fixing this. Just thought I would post that here in case it prompts any help. Sorry, but I am at a complete loss with this one. DOes no one else out there have 2 Fighting Commanders on their setup? If so, have you had issues or has it all worked out well?
  10. I have still made it no further with this. My PC and MAME recognises both controllers just fine but Retroarch does not. MAME sees my FC4 as Joy 1 and the FC5 (the one Retroarch will not map) as Joy 3 so would it be a matter of entering this manually into Retroarch? I imagine it would need to be able to recognise the controller though, right? If so where would I put it as pretty much everything says "null" for player 1 even though player 1 is mapped just fine. I just am not making it anywhere with this one and I cannot help but think like most things it is something that is simple and glaringly obvious to another person, possibly.
  11. Don't tell me what to do! Just kidding, added it.
  12. Just wondering if this issue is because Retroarch sees the controllers as the same? Is that a possibility? If so, is there any way around that?
  13. I have a Hori FC4 that I have used without issue in RA (1.7.6). Its' setting in User 1 Binds are: User 1 Device Type: RetroPad User 1 Analog to Digital Type: Left Analog User 1 Device Index: Fighting Commander (#1) The settings I have on the controller itself are PS4 and DP. The second controller I have just purchased is the Hori FC5. In the User 2 Binds, I feel like I have tried a combination of everything above but RA does not want to cooperate. I have used the Update Joypad Profile in the Online Updater. I have not messed with any Driver settings because everything works just fine with the Hori FC as player 1. Regarding Drivers, however, my Input is set on dinput and my Joypad is set on xinput. I have read many forum posts about people having problems with their player 2 controllers, but a lot of them seems to be non-PC related. Is anyone able to help with this? Thank you. EDIT: I have DS4 on my PC and even though I have my two Hori FIghting Commander controller set on PS4, DS4 says no controllers are present. Despite this, my Hori FC4 has always worked as previously stated so I would not guess that would have anything to do with it but wanted to put as much information as I can in order to aid in anyone able to point me in the correct direction. Someone help me so I can finally kick my girlfriend's arse at Tetris! Please.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    The SEGA Game Gear overlay for Retroarch that is available out there is ugly in my opinion. It sits right down the bottom of the screen instead of being centred. This might not be a huge issue but I thought I would improve the overlay image and share in case it annoyed anyone else or just for anyone wanting it. Place it in your folder: RetroArch\overlays\handhelds\ along with the .cfg file below SegaGameGear.cfg
  15. Better/Fixed SEGA Game Gear Overlay for Retroarch View File The SEGA Game Gear overlay for Retroarch that is available out there is ugly in my opinion. It sits right down the bottom of the screen instead of being centred. This might not be a huge issue but I thought I would improve the overlay image and share in case it annoyed anyone else or just for anyone wanting it. Place it in your folder: RetroArch\overlays\handhelds\ along with the .cfg file below SegaGameGear.cfg Submitter Dane Submitted 04/02/2019 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  16. Does anyone know how to rotate the screen on RA 1.7.6 as I am unable to find it? I know the menu layout can change over time and this thread is from three years ago.
  17. Oh! SOrry, I just wanted to ask too if you remember when you copy your mame.ini across and rename it does it have to be a fresh mame.ini as in what you would get just after installing MAME or can it be a mame.ini that you have had for a long time? I ask because the version of MAME I have has been on my computer for quite some time and bound to have some setting changed, thanks.
  18. I thought that may be the case but I thought I would ask as I know due to being a pain to set up and the standalone of course being a lot better there is hardly any info out there on the matter. I appreciate your reply.
  19. @Lordmonkus Once you copy the mame.ini what folder do you put it in?
  20. Once you copy the mame.ini what folder do you put it in?
  21. If you wanted to make me cry, you just succeeded.
  22. Even though RA has given me grief on the odd occasion I absolutely love it. I will most likely always use the standalone MAME for Arcade games but for most other platforms that are good with MAME/MESS like the 5200 I am wanting to start getting them to work with the MAME/MESS core through RA. I just wanted to ask how to structure it all. So far I have: RetroArch > system > mame > hash > *all the .xml files* The first platform I wish to get up and running is the Entex Adventure Vision. I have the bios for it which I named 'advision.bin' and placed it in a zip called 'advision.zip' as 'advision' is what MAME calls it. With that 'advision.zip' file do I place that in the system folder, the mame folder that is in the system folder or in the hash folder? I have actually tried it in all three folders with the mame, mame_2014 and mame_2016 cores and it did not work. Do I have to put 'advision -cart' in RA's Default Command-Line Parameters, or Extra Command-Line Parameters after the custom config line? So many questions!
  23. I just spent about an hour and a half creating a custom config for every platform: It took so long because I had to set the shader, overlay and controls for every single one. I am hoping this will eliminate or at least greatly reduce potential issues in the future, particularly pertaining to controls. I did have custom configs for my handhelds prior but that was only because I use overlay/borders for each of those but now if one platform plays up for any reason it will not spread to everything else or just plain clash with anything else. My Game Boy border problem is still happening so, for now, that is the only one single problem I have with my entire setup. Well, that and the first five Touhou games not running smoothly but that is an age-old problem.
  24. Yes, you must try it. As for Twinkle Tale, it is a very attractive, unique and fun game for the Mega Drive and another Japanese exclusive we unfortunately initially missed out on gosh darn it.
  25. I only just played Advanced Busterhawk Gley Lancer on the SEGA Mega Drive for the first time yester and holy poopcycles is it fantastic! I love how you can adjust your ships speed which is something I have not really seen before in other shooters. Also, in the options, before you play the game you have the ability to choose the behaviour of your gunners (side weapons). So it is quite 'customisable' for a 16-bit shooter and the graphics, music and level variety are all awesome too. Shame it was a Japanese exclusive back in the day, I reckon if I would have had it as a kid it would have blown me away. Two more shooters I have recently discovered, on the Nintendo Famicom, that are great, are Uchuu Keibitai SDF and Formation Z. Formation Z is challenging but has become my favourite Famicom game. I love how at any time you can transform between a man/robot and a plane. It is so much fun!
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