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  1. Oh, actually, from memory I think I used the default theme and then just changed all the backgrounds manually to Viking’s Nostalgia one’s.
  2. I am using Viking's Nostalgia theme.
  3. On arcade machines and ROM sets whilst you have been playing other games and doing other things humans do like eating sandwiches.
  4. I think that will work well. I suppose everyone has different ideas and there is no one correct way to do it. I used to only want to use an arcade panel, and did for many years, but now I cannot imagine going back to anything other than a controller (Hori FC4). I think the six buttons will still allow you to play 99% of what is out there and those extra buttons for miscellaneous will make it so you do not have to pull out a keyboard every time you want to navigate your front end etc.
  5. If it were I I’d go with an eight button layout like one of the following: Especially because you’re wanting to play the later systems. Then you’ll be set for pretty much anything. If the panel were big enough I’d have extra buttons for P1-Coin, P2-Coin, P1-Start, P2-Start, Enter, Exit, Pause etc. so that’s 23 buttons right there. Good idea for the USB ports to connect controllers so you have that option.
  6. Quite a generic reply which I guess you’d expect from most companies these days. You never know though, it only takes one thing or idea to get something going.
  7. Sometimes companies listen, so hopefully this is one of those times. If they do I’ll be buying my very last controller ever.
  8. I was just curious is all as it is a good looking shader. Have you played this shmup before?:
  9. Is that just the crt-geom shader you have on the top two?
  10. I guess we are all different, my eyes see DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou in that category. I do think Battle Garegga is amazing besides the hard to see bullets, even though I know it was intentionally done. I just sometimes it is The Beetles of the shmup world where people love to praise it a little more than it deserves. Maybe I should not have used that Beetles analogy because that can evoke Beetles-rage depending who you talk to, haha.
  11. Hi all, I was wanting to make some 3D boxes for the SEGA Mega Drive that are not in the database. I was watching this tutorial and cannot find a blank template for the Mega Drive / Genesis. Would anyone happen to know where I may obtain one so I can contribute some art to the database? I should mention too that I only want the blank 3D template with no shadowing or spine as I have front covers and spines to add. I know you can get lots of stuff here but they do not seem to have the nice tang tab ones common with the EmuMovies and LaunchBox database. Thank you.
  12. I looked at that list and had never seen the number one game, Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi. There is something about a lot of those post-2000s shmups such as DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou being the third game on the list where they just look too polished. They look too shiny and modern for me and despite whatever potential amazing gameplay, they may harbour my eyes just cannot get past the visuals which I do not like. I much prefer the more grittiness of regular DonPachi and DoDonPachi. Also, not surprising to see Battle Garegga at the number two spot as was previously discussed here how everyone seems to be a little obsessed over it. I will go through that list more because there is bound to be a few titles I have missed over the years.
  13. Paying money for games? What is this strange notion you speak of? Like an amnesia sufferer, I am having flashbacks of a time where I exchanged money for games. Seriously though, that looks pretty cool. I had never heard of it before.
  14. I gave Eliminator Down a good proper try for the first time tonight on the Mega Drive, it sure is a difficult game. Though there are definitely some interesting enemy patterns and level changes.
  15. You and me both brother. They can put a man on the damn moon but they cannot number USB slots on a PC? Ridiculous!
  16. So, I have the following controllers now and have tested them all: My order of liking most to least is: Hori FC4 Hori FC5 PS4 XBOX One Logitech F310 I am finally able to play 2 player games now because although RA will not let me manually config buttons the XBOX One controller is the favourite for my girlfriend and RA auto configs it nicely.
  17. Yes, I have swapped them around but unfortunately, it does not help. Yes, I did so here but unfortunately, the suggestions did not fix the problem. I made sure the Logitech and XBOX controllers are corded as they will definitely be distinguishable from the Hori controllers. As for the PS4 ones, I will just go wireless with those. It will be good to see the differences between them all for myself. The Logitech and XBOX controllers were no more than $40 each so if I do not care for them all that that they can just be spares as that did not break the bank. Is your Hori FC5 still king of the castle?
  18. It is such an annoyance. Because of the recent frustrations, I have had with not being able to play 2 player games with my girlfriend because Retroarch will not distinguish between my Hori FC4 and FC5 I have purchased but not yet received an official Xbox One Controller and Logitech F310. I am curious to see what they are like for myself anyway. I remember you saying you tried them and they were not your favourite but I will soon see. I will also pull the trigger on an official charging station for my two PS4 controllers. I have always resisted wireless, preferring the old school corded way but I guess I should jump into the world of wireless eventually. I never want my Hori wireless though, they are perfect the way they are.
  19. I have two PS4 controllers and think they’re absolutely brilliant, except for one horrible flaw! The micro USB connection on the controller seems to be very flimsy and susceptible to disconnecting or breaking. Has anyone else experienced this? Just curious how common it is.
  20. If you find a solution let me know! This issue has been a thorn in my side for some now. I have a Hori FC4 and Hori FC5 and Retroarch will not see them as separate controllers. You would think with how popular gaming is these days there’d be a solution to this.
  21. Has anyone got into customising Retroarch's appearance and made your own theme? I saw some of the users showing this off over at the Libretro forum and I would love to see if anyone has done so here.
  22. I have posted about this on the Libretro forum here but am still no closer to fixing this. Just thought I would post that here in case it prompts any help. Sorry, but I am at a complete loss with this one. DOes no one else out there have 2 Fighting Commanders on their setup? If so, have you had issues or has it all worked out well?
  23. I have still made it no further with this. My PC and MAME recognises both controllers just fine but Retroarch does not. MAME sees my FC4 as Joy 1 and the FC5 (the one Retroarch will not map) as Joy 3 so would it be a matter of entering this manually into Retroarch? I imagine it would need to be able to recognise the controller though, right? If so where would I put it as pretty much everything says "null" for player 1 even though player 1 is mapped just fine. I just am not making it anywhere with this one and I cannot help but think like most things it is something that is simple and glaringly obvious to another person, possibly.
  24. Don't tell me what to do! Just kidding, added it.
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