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  1. If you are not handy it is because you have not properly sunk your teeth in. I bet you could do it if you tried. A lot of things are daunting and intimidating at first but eventually things click and you can do it. I am completely gutting/renovating my house at the moment and I am doing everything myself. Most things I have not done before but I just do a little research, watch some videos and then away I go. I am also going to build my own guitar afterwards for the first time too. When I first got into LaunchBox I didn't know what to do but asked many questions and now for the most part I am confident with it all. There are friendly forums out there for asking questions regarding building a control panel, you could even document the process here in an appropriate thread and ask questions along the way as this is such a friendly and helpful forum, unlike Hyperspin! That's right, I totally went there girlfriend. You could just change MAME to open the menu with another key if you want to use TAB-key for something else. It might sound silly but the only thing I have Controller Companion used for regarding MAME is my Hori FC4's home button is set to '4' on the keyboard. The reason is because when I was using the X-Arcade Tankstick the left flipper button was mapped to '4' and it exited out of the emulator. So, I still just have '4' as my universal exit button on everything. If I ever build a 4 player panel (can't imagine I will) I will just change it all around to something else. It will give me something to do and keep me off the streets.
  2. I have never tried anything like that but it looks quite awkward for trackball games. I imagine only using the thumb would not be as accurate as your palm on a larger trackball. As far as controllers go I have owned various controllers, arcade sticks, trackball, spinners and light guns. Out of all of them the most trouble I had was with light guns. They were just so finicky I am not going to ever get any again. That is not to say they never work, I just had little luck and found them frustrating. The spinners from groovygamegear were definitely worth the money.
  3. Rough finishes do cause friction and friction does cause heat so it makes sense. I have DS4 but to be honest I have never done anything with it except have it on my PC so it is recognizes the Hori FC4. I virtually never ever pay for anything but I made an exception with Controller Companion because I really wanted it. I did try and obtain it illegally first, haha. I am such a tight-wad. Just rob an old lady and steal her purse next time you are at the grocery store. That looks pretty sweet. I had not seen the Real Arcade Pro N Hayabusa before. For true sexiness though the Real Arcade Pro. 4 Kai gets my vote. I own an X-Arcade Tankstick and like it, I have attached spinners and the 7" Mini-Racer™ Steering Wheels to it. Though if I were to get another arcade stick/panel I would make my own next time. I have always been a joystick dude but after getting the PS4 and FC4 controller I don't even use the X-Arcade anymore, at all. I was thinking about getting the stand alone trackball for the trackball games as there are a handful that are much loved like Shuffleshot, Shuuz and World Class Bowling. Though once again, I will probably make my own and then sell the Tankstick, probably, maybe.
  4. How do you like the d-pad as it is one of the significant changes from the last model? I know you cannot compare them because you don't have both, but does it feel solid, responsive and all that jazz? You might not have a need for it but if you need a way to map buttons that react only a certain way in certain applications you can try Controller Companion. It was recommended to me by someone on here. Confusing as hell at first but it can be a life saver and is worth the couple of dollars it is to purchase it depending what your needs are. I mainly use it to utilize the home button to exit out of emulators among other things. I am glad I never got too accustomed to the modern controllers. That all stemmed from my distaste of the SNES controller layout back in the day. I could get used to it but my brain has become wired to the Mega Drive 6-button layout and arcade panels. On a side note, controller wise, the third-party Quickshot Starfighter 3+3 (QS-173) for the Mega Drive is one of my favorite controllers of all time. It is obviously lacking 'extra' buttons compared to the modern stuff but I could otherwise gladly use it on my setup with a USB cable. The d-pad is a little small and stiff so takes some getting used to but once you to it is solid as a tank. Speaking of 'a tank', 'The Tank' is also a simple but amazing controller. It is made by Australian company Home Entertainment Suppliers. They have been making them from the 16-bit era for the Mega Drive (which are rare as hens teeth now) to the XBOX 360 and PS3:
  5. That’s cool, I look forward to hearing how it goes. Yeah you’d think you’d have it set to PC but I recall having to set mine to PS4. I can’t remember if it was necessary or not but I downloaded DS4Windows.
  6. I thought I would mention about the different models. That picture is the newest model, the 5. I went with the 4 as it appealed to me more. This is a good read which might help you to decide.
  7. Unfortunately not, but to compensate I hook myself up to a TENS machine and hire someone to watch me play and turn it on and off every time I get hit or bump into something in the game.
  8. I just have this hooked up for LaunchBox, I refuse to play with anything else.
  9. Dane

    Merry Christmas ya'll

    Good luck and keep us posted on how you find having multiple controllers for each user and what you think oof the ultra sexy Hori FC4, I am sure it will work out okay for you. Because I have not had a whole lot of experience with analogue sticks due to mostly being stuck in the past I cannot compare the PS4 ones to others but now you say that about the over-responsiveness I do agree. Maybe as well it is just because I am not used to them on account of the aforementioned but I do find them a bit loose and thus a bit awkward. For all I know though they are perfect with PS3/PS4 games but I have never played anything more modern than the PS2, the future scares me. If only they made the Hori Horipad 3 Turbo Plus a little wider with a six button face instead of the diamond shaped layout then everyone's problems would be solved and wrapped up into one completely and utterly perfect bundle. We should get a petition going to send to Hori. Screw Christmas, this is now officially a controller discussion thread.
  10. Dane

    Merry Christmas ya'll

    Yes it can be done, I would just pick a dedicated USB port for each on your PC and not change them around to avoid potential gremlins paying you a visit. I might very well do the same thing after I finish renovating my crappy house and then setup LB properly. I already have 2 x PS4 controllers and 1 x Hori FC4, so I just need 1 more Hori FC4 so then both players have the option of using either. Though I am most likely to just get another Hori FC4 and stick to those alone as analogue does not bother me too much because I am more likely to play older stuff. Saying that however, I recently obtained and added 1,310 PS2 games so the PS4 controllers would be neat. It would be fun to have every controller for each system but I favor and crave simplicity first and foremost so I will remain disciplined and resist any temptation to complicate things. Speaking of setting things up, the mailman delivered this to me today. Now when I get to wall mounting the TV I can easily flip the TV to portrait for shmups.
  11. Dane

    Merry Christmas ya'll

    It is definitely the best thing I have purchased for my setup. If it is not the best controller I have ever owned it is pretty damn close to it. At first I hated the idea of not having a joystick as I used the X-Arcade Tankstick all the time but as soon as I held that sweet puppy in my hands I was in love. I just find it really comfortable in my hands, very responsive, solid/quality and having the ten buttons plus the other options it gave me everything I needed. As for the 8Bitdo SF30 PRO, I have never used one before so cannot comment on it. I think it looks fantastic and if analogue sticks are your number one concern, it along with PS4 controllers (which I own 2) would be your best options. For me, what won me over with the Hori FC4 was the six button layout on the front. I love fighting games so much that it was my number one priority to have that layout. I remember hating the SNES controller back in the day purely because of the button layout regarding fighting games. However whoever grew up with the SNES (I had a Mega Drive) would be completely used to it I am sure. If your first priority is analogue and they are a must have go with 8Bitdo SF30 PRO or PS4, if you can live without analogue Hori FC4 is the crème de la crème of all crème de la crèmes. I do not unplug and plug in controllers and swap stuff around. If I were to I would just always make sure that you know what USB port you mapped it with as sometimes I have found that can effect it. With MAME map your buttons outside of LB/BB. Just open the emulator on its own, map the buttons via the menu, save and then close. I have found mapping MAME whilst it is open via LB/BB can result in losing the controls. I only really use MAME and Retroarch with the Hori FC4 so keeping things simple helps a lot to avoid gremlins playing with your setup.
  12. I don't give a poop if it isn't Christmas where you are yet but I am in Australia and it is 08:28am Christmas morning, so Merry Christmas all. I look forward to next year setting up LaunchBox properly in the living-room of the house that I am currently renovating which has taken me away from LaunchBox time-wise as of late. I am 37 and made the decision to not breed so Christmas is just another day for me...
  13. That looks a heck of a lot better than cords everywhere and those controller stands look very smart indeed.
  14. I would position them in a nice straight line at the top of the panel and mark them all clearly with either a letter on the button like 'P' for 'pause' or the full word for what it does below the button on the panel/artwork. I am 37 and too get confused, probably because my diet is significantly dominated by these.
  15. I personally would add additional buttons such as start/enter, back/exit, pause, player(s), coin(s), menu (MAME), volume etc. I would go nuts if I built a cab and have it looking like a control panel at NASA.
  16. I do not, I like to live life on the edge. Plus, ladies like bad boys. Seriously though, I really should do that. I just have not got around to it (famous last words I know). Thank you for the suggestion good sir.
  17. I have my games backed up on identical hard drives but as for the LB side of it I am just risking it as it is not backed up.
  18. The artwork on it is okay, but detracts from it a little. I would of went with something a bit better like this or this.
  19. @alec100_94 thank you for your detailed answer, very helpful and greatly appreciated.
  20. I have some PS2 games that consist of two files, which are .mdf and .mds. Which one of those I need to add to LaunchBox for PCSX2? Also, I was looking for a list online of compatible file extensions for PCSX2, but I cannot find one. Is it just .iso, .bin and either .mdf or .mds.? Are there any more? I ask because I have about 1.3k games each in separate folders and I do not want to leave any out when searching during importing. Thanks in advance.
  21. That is often a source of frustration unless money is no object, which it is to me. I filled up my 8TB, so tonight even though it hurt I just deleted my NDS, N3DS, PSP, PSP-Minis & MSU-1 titles. Reason is I would not have really played those all that much anyway, except the MSU-1 titles. Though I needed the space for my newly acquired 1,200+ PS2 titles. I guess I had to decide between spending money or deleting games I was not likely to play all that much. I started out trying to obtain every game on every system but it just got out of control so I have been cutting back. I know that probably does not help, but would you possibly go down that route also?
  22. That’s very cool, it’s such a large library space wise. I look forward to exploring the PS2 more as I only ever had a handful of games for it.
  23. Out of curiosity has anyone obtained a full PS2 library? I have been trying to get there for a couple of months now and gee it is time consuming. I have not seen a full set available, understandably so due to the size. So I have been acquiring them individually. I have 910 titles thus far but won't add them to LB until I am done. Boy oh boy I look forward to having all of that PS2 goodness!
  24. Holy crap, that is devastating. That’s my worst nightmare. There was a big storm here the other night so I turned the computer off and pulled the plug out from the wall. I know you’d do that in a storm anyway but I did it just with the games in mind as they are so precious to me. How did both of yours die?
  25. Just add them as their own platform, during the adding process pick any emulator and then after they’ve been added uncheck the use emulator checkbox in the game options. That’s what I did anyway and it worked.
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