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  1. So i have Mame setup in launchbox/BigBox. I am using 228 emulator and 228 roms set. I am also using a homemade jotstick that has 12 buttons and an eightgate  stick with a zero delay board. it works great. Some games will not let me use the start and coin buttons that i have assigned, but if i use the keyboard its no problem. in particular Express Raider. i am building a arcade machine so i dont want to have to us a keyboard to start the game any thoughts or solutions would be appreciated.

  2. So, I have some PS! files the I want to use. The problem is they are split up into something called track. They are .bin files. Can I merge them into 1 file? If so, how would I do that? I also have a four disk set that I would like to run as well. Can these be combined to 1 file?

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