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    MS-DOS 3D Boxes

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    I'll share what I have, but it's not a lot I'm afraid.  I've deleted a huge amount as it was just a big disorganised mess of unnamed images.  My method was to cut out the image, create the 3D box, then do any clean up work on the completed box, discarding the rest.  Most of this pack was created from ebay photo's, so there's probably not a lot that's useful for a project such as yours.

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    MS-DOS 3D Boxes

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    40 minutes ago, Z3R0B4NG said:

    1200 ... wow, i did not expect THAT many anymore.  

    So, did you do anything else during the lockdown or have you just been slaving away on this this the entire time?  


    I looked through all of them quickly,

    i found a broken one: 
    Supreme Warrior.png
    it is like two different half transparent boxes over each other and one is like a triangle box, everything else looks fine.

    That's been the benefit of "working" from home these past 5 months.  Supreme Warrior is not broken, it's how the game came.


    MS-DOS 3D Boxes

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    18 hours ago, PoloniumRain said:

    Any rough idea when the next update will be ready? :)

    BTW i've attached a box i made for FX Fighter if you'd like to use it.


    FX Fighter.zip 1.14 MB · 1 download

    I've decided to hold off until I have enough for one final big update.  I have around 400 more completed, and I would expect it'll take me another 3 or 4 weeks worth of work before I'm ready to release them all. 

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    MS-DOS 3D Boxes

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    On 6/1/2020 at 12:07 PM, PoloniumRain said:

    I hope you find more box covers because this is really great (wish it had the Mortal Kombat games). Decent resolution as well. So many other sets are ruined by being really low res, so they look like crap on a 4K display.

    Check out a browser addon called RevEye, it might help you find some more scans/photos. It's very useful for finding stuff like this.

    Thanks!  All 3 Mortal Kombat games have been done and will be out on the next update.  I'll give RevEye a go as finding good media is always a pain.

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    MS-DOS 3D Boxes

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    4 hours ago, kurzih said:

    One of the best 3D boxes collection I've ever seen. I really like the authentic look with all those "imperfections" kept in place, like small tear and wear, stickers etc. Perfect nostalgia from the time where boxes looked really cool all around. Sometimes even better than the game itself :D

    I wouldn't mind seeing some commodore (Amiga) 3D boxes this way ;)


    Thanks!  Yeah I definitely want to do a big box Amiga set if I ever get done with working on these DOS boxes.

    MS-DOS 3D Boxes

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    Yes, this set barely scratches the surface of DOS games in the eXoDOS collection.  I’m currently working on an update pack now which should be ready to go soon.  It’s finding scans of the box spines, or photo’s I can use to recreate the spines in Photoshop, which is the real problem.

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