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  1. Frankly speaking, it is hard to import documents in batch into additional apps. There are some workarounds, but they take a lot of time. There are no easy ways to add documents currently or even additional apps. I can use excel, but it's definately pretty a lot of work, especially if the names are messed up. Pretty a lot of manual work and time. I might wait because near future features might make it a bit easier. I don't know yet. I thought about many current possible methods, but there is always something that blocks it (tiny details that make it hard). For instance, LB can't detect .jpg extension, but deleting the extension allows me to import the files. Takes time to get to know if that is possible. Such different tiny details make it so whatever I try, it will require a lot of manual work. I will just use excel to import it into additional apps, but I will have to go through a lot of games and compare them one by one so that they match. If you know how to use Excel, there are some features that are not even needed, generally. I've always used it.
  2. ---------------------- I hope the names and regions can be shown in the details panel. Otherwise, what is the point of downloading them into the edit dialog if we are not aware that a given game has a different name in a different region? This must be shown to us when we click on a given game. Same thing with videos. I did 10 recordings, but I am not aware of them untill I go to edit dialog. Edit dialog should be only used to edit things, and the rest should be shown on its own to us, for instance, in the details panel, just like screenshots or somewhere else if possible. ---------------------- Also, we need more options what can be shown in the details panel. For instance, we should be able to choose which custom fields are shown one by one (per platform) because I have 50 of them and the video is way down at the bottom. If not, we should be able to choose the order so that the videos are at the top or something. There is an opton to turn off all custom fields, but then we won't be able to see the given custom fields that we want. ---------------------- All settings should apply per platform, not globally. I think it would be very nice and convinient to all users. Well, just like with image groups. I think this is the only current setting that can be applied per platform. I will put that request on bitbucket. Maybe that idea will have some support. ---------------------- Oh, the screen capture does not work. I turned off all processes in the background, anti-virus - all what is possible. And it just stopped working after an update. OBS works OK, and it detects the hotkey. Not the case with screenshots. No idea what can block Launchbox? I don't remember installing or making any changes in the system other than upadating Launchbox (unless some Windows 10 update if there was any during that short time). Also, not data related because I checked on a clean install, too (same device/system, though). ----------------------
  3. Every custom field gets duplicated in the side bar? There should be only one.
  4. Is there a way to show alternate names in the details panel?
  5. Amazing update! "The sidebar now supports multi-string fields". Thank you for this. I will test how it works.
  6. Yes. If I add documents there, it will be very long. It will be mixed with roms, and it can be difficult to find them etc. Good idea would be to do the same what you did with multiple videos, I think. Maps, cheats, guides, manuals, magazines etc. It's on the list, but I don't know how you want to implement it in the future. Maybe there is a better way to open them than going into the edit menu. I tried FS-UAE and Steam. Both worked a week ago.
  7. Guys, Beta 11.2. Screen capture stopped working completely for me. I tried everything already. Just not working at all.
  8. I think this is already on the list. I won't hold more additional apps, and I want to attach magazines, more manuals etc. It won't hold everything. For example: I cleared and refformated the names, but adding doznes of documents here, which randomly mix among the apps would definately mess things further.
  9. With multiple videos, I think it's time for multiple manuals and music, which were left off in the media tab.
  10. I think Uplay is also problematic. Generally, switiching between platforms (those launchers) breaks the cycle so that it won't capture images untill you restart LB. Can we somehow configure this Windows Built-In solution? When I use one launcher it is ok (except Rockstar) but when I switch, it stops capturing the next games that I launch from any platform (also emulatros that worked before) etc.
  11. It did not accociate Rockstar Launcher game, then when I started the next Uplay game afterwards, it wanted to associate it to the previous game. It is a manually added game rdr2.exe in the app path. LB normally launches the launcher and the game rdr2.exe
  12. Must be incompatible. I launched a Uplay game afterwards, and it wanted to attach a screenshot to RDR2 instead. I had to restart LB and the game so that it could reset itself etc.
  13. Does screen capture work with Rockstar Launcher? It is not working for me.
  14. Yes, custom fields should support multiple fields, the same as genres or series field, for instance.
  15. One more thing. I checked this again now. The error stopped appearing now. Yes, I relaunched LB, the system etc. and it suddenly stopped appearing, so for now please do not bother with that error. I just report every error, But this one stopped appearing for some reason But it doesn't mean it won't come back etc.
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