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  1. Very good I hope that the sync option will be also included, though. I will not get it without this feature, unfortunately. I would like to be able to sync my data and playlists (with a choice what exactly to sync) etc.
  2. @Jason Carr What is the Android version for? Its purpose? I mean, the main LB purpose (for me) is to launch games from all different platforms with different emulators in one place (app). And now, I wonder why would I (or others who wanted/voted for it) would need an Android version? I won't be able to run Steam/Windows games on Android, for instance. But will this integrate with other Android emulators? Retroarch etc.? And will I be able to sync it with my desktop version of LB or at least import a playlist into Android (with all data and images etc.)? Thanks for your answer @Jason Carr A sync option (with an option what to sync to Android) would definately make me buy the Android version, though. Also, compatibility with other retro emulators on Android. However, I do not know how much work (and time) is that to achieve it? The only good thing about it (for me, personally) would be the ability to look through my favourite playlists and games when I am not at home. When I travel, for instance. Why? Because I am a PC player, like most people who love good quality games, and I am not a lover of mobile gaming on a touch screen, which I consider to be terrible (touch controllers, very small screen etc), except for games that are especially designed for such gameplay, fun etc. Is there any discussion on the forums here that would try to answer those questions? Votes, yes. But why? Well, that's my mind on this. Maybe no discussion is needed. Just one sensible answer to the question.
  3. I did it and that is the result that I got. Yes, it filled the missing images. I still wish that there was an option to set one type of image per playlist, however. I have no idea if this could take you a few minutes or many hours to implement? Anyways, thank you for your help! And sorry for trouble.
  4. After changing it to Steam banners, I get somethig like this. Images are missing, even though there are front boxes for those games etc. I think, it should find it automatically for Steam banners to fill it if the banners are missing. Only Plague Inc. stayed the same (steam banner) after changing it from Steam banner to boxes. Don't even get it why?
  5. I see. I just wanted to have one type of image per playlist. Currently, they are mixed. It is something that does not look nice to me. Is there a way to do it, currently? Like here: steam banners mixed with boxes etc.
  6. Thanks for your answer! Actually, this is a pretty new feature that not everyone knows about yet. Just feels very unfinished to me. You go to manage platforms, then edit platform to set a default platform in the "Images". Currently, there are only 4 types of images that you can set as a default in a platform. Steam banners are missing!
  7. Because this is the only feature thread now, I do not know where to ask about it. So here it is. Why can't we set steam banners as a default box type in platform settings? We can set banners etc. but why not steam banners? I have those "messy" images now in my "mixed platform" playlists just because this option is missing. This was added just a while ago. And I cannot understand why all types of images were not included? Was there any time consuming obstacle? Or maybe just an oversight, I wonder? Now if I merge banners with steam banners to get the result, it will break other things. Because this is not meant to be done. @Jason Carr just has not finished implementing this feature yet That's my theory. Probably it will take 5 minutes to edit/add it. I hope so. Thanks!
  8. Will the pause screen support looking through pdf, txt etc. with the ability to zoom it in/out while in game?
  9. I believe he wants the weblinks to appear in details panel (so that you can actually click them in the details panel).
  10. Good to know. I can wait two months because I need to bring back my previous (overwritten) descriptions.
  11. It's fixed. Also, great you added properties.json to turn off the tags. Updating all the videos will not break my tags now, which I put into one field. Not only to save space in the details panel but also to be able to create auto custom fields based on the tags. Please add the same option to videos and description as I often edit them (or download from other sources), and the plugin overwrites everything. Here is a screenshot of my tags:
  12. This is "probably" right. But look at this. I changed the extension from mp4 to webm and suddenly the length of the video showed in the explorer. Also, I can edit, cut it etc. with no issues at all. Draw your own conclusions. I am just happy that I found some simple solution to this issue. Thanks again.
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