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  1. I put a lot of time into this. It depends how you want to do it. I found two ways: Let's take C64 as an example. You can use a good external webpage scraper. But this can be very expensive. Second way: You can export gamebase database to a txt file. Then, copy this to excel. I bought excel plugin/tools to make things faster and efficient (and less of a nightmare chore). Then, did a lot of fuzzy matching because the names won't always agree. To do this, you need to know the basic LB xml structure; how to import/export xml files with MS Excel. It won't accept LB xml structure, like custom fields and additional apps. So you have to do them seperately. Then, stick them together in Notepad++ etc. In short, a lot of chore if you want to import thousands of games and thousands of additional apps etc. With large database, you need to use 64-bit excel because you will run out of memory, and it will simply crash If you match things together, it is easy to re-name the rom files. I used both methods. I even scraped Mobygames database etc. Keep in mind that I know nothing about programming. Programmers will find their own ways.
  2. Pixel

    View Region Images

    I just would like to mention that this could also be useful for different editions of games that have totally different covers/boxes from editon to edition. There are a lot of games like that, actually.
  3. If they ask it, then you will tell them that it is an older version of LB But many PC users who are interested in retro games know what it is. It's like saying that few people know what is RocketLauncher, so let's not bother with it etc. I do not need Gamebase anymore because I managed to import it over the years. I had to use paid apps to do that. Obviously, the GEMUS scripts won't work, but I used the database at least.
  4. Pixel

    View Region Images

    I explained what was my point. I will have to ignore "region" field and use "status" field instead. Not perfect but always. Then, I will use a watermark app to mark image scans from different regions. Cheers!
  5. I have a few different images from different games from different countries/regions etc. Is there a way to view them and display the info. about a region/release? For instance: https://www.mobygames.com/game/amiga/batman-the-caped-crusader/cover-art I think region field should have an option to "tick" a region (like genre or series). That would help a lot @Jason Carr Secondly, there are already auto created region folders. It would be good to see what region/type of image we view (which folder it comes from) etc. If I click view images, there would be some info. about it, you know. Or maybe in the details panel... etc. As you can see in the above link, the covers from different regions are totally different. LB cannot currently inform us, which one is which. I think so... It's a small thing, but would be very helpful to make the "region" field "tickable" to make regions seperate. How much work would that be? @Jason Carr Then, just display a region when viewing the images if possible etc. Sure, we can choose a region priority to display, but this applies to every platform (globally), not per platform or playlist. And it still does not inform us, which is which? Thus, it is no help at all. That's my idea. BTW, my last 3 or 4 posts have been totally ignored. Are those bad ideas? I just don't know. I don't think so... I think it would be pretty important to (harcore) users and collectors to have these options. And I think some of them are very easy and fast to add unless I am wrong?
  6. Not everyone can catch a livestream etc. Not everyone can be present etc. For instance, I wasn't. Some people could not remember it that day etc. There are many things to do. But Gamebase is a huge, if not the biggest database for some systems like C64 and others. So it's worth it. Only C64 counts almost 27,000 entries. And it even includes such a detalied info as the length (blocks) etc. http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=8615&h=0
  7. This has been on the "list" since 2015, I recall. But still not on the poll.
  8. @Zombeaver How can we use those automators? Is there any guide on this?
  9. Pixel

    Importing Amiga

    Many names from FS-UAE database differ, and LB cannot detect them. A lot of manual work, I guess.
  10. I confirm that some games do not want to import. I searched in an xml file. No entry or even a word like that at all. I also cannot force duplicate because thousands of games would be duplicated as I do not know, which ones were not imported. I have to re-import everything from scratch. There is a problem of some sort. What is more, even after forcing duplicates, there are still games that did not get imported. I checked it out. And I can't re-import it. I would have to do it manually, looking for games it missed! Out of 3,198 games Launchbox imported only 2,967 games. It lost over 200 hundred games. That's a lot. And I ticked force duplicates. I managed to import all the games by not combining them and forcing duplicates. No other settings worked. But now, I tried to consolidate them into one games. And it does not work. Only a few games were consolidated. Does it take into account different versions of games? I had to manually do the work in Excel. I finally managed to merge them. It took me a lot of time. But consolidation of a platform fails to do the job. It is broken.
  11. The game ID is not a database ID. Two different things. Just wanted to ask if the game ID is generated randomly during the import process (each time differently)?
  12. I know it won't happen soon. But this is what I think would be good to add. I need some settings only per platform or playlist, not globally. For instance, I need a version to be displayed only on a few platforms, not all of them Or I want big images in one platform, but smaller ones in the other etc. Settings should be per platform, not global unless we want it global. Just like image groups already remember types of images we choose per platform etc. That's what I think.
  13. Fixed it This comment helped me a great deal. I would never know it was not needed.
  14. It stopped working for me. I changed to ink shortcut in the "Launcher_uuid.exe.config" to have an icon and it stopped working. Now it keeps popping up many command windows constantly. And it won't stop. It worked today. I have no idea how to FIX IT? It probably remembered it somewhere in the system, but I cannot reinstall the whole system! Amiga is a nightmare. Better not mess with it! I am extremely frustrated with it now @Jason Carr @Zombeaver I put too much time into this setup!
  15. I know that Retroarch is very bad at it. Amiga's been never easy, actually.
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