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  1. Sammy Atomiswave Platform Video

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    Here is my latest video creation for the Sammy Atomiswave platform.
    Now that this platform works perfectly with the emulator Reicast, so I made this video for my arcade cabinet. I put it online for those who would be interested in this very simple but effective creation.

    Thank you for giving me your opinion and comments... ?


  2. Hi, before, sorry for my english... I have a little problem with the emulator "Demul" to launch my Atomiswave roms on Launchbox.
    I don't know what is the command line to use for launching my games, when I click on game, i have just the emulator launched but no game...
    and I have another problem, how can I have permanently the fullscreen with Demul, Thanks in advance for your reponse...?

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