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  1. anyway to add them to the theme menu to add through there? kind of confusing to me on where to put the files. first attempt failed.
  2. that was the whole problem the transaction never completed. thank you all for your help and I apologize for and inconvenience
  3. I checked my Account and the money was never taken out. should I try again? Thanks
  4. yes i checked both. trying to hang in there thanks
  5. Thank you Dos76 thats a relief appreciate all the help. i will post when i receive it.
  6. cant someone admin send me my license? please
  7. I haven't received it yet so wrote the support email hope this works or i am out $50
  8. I purchased a forever license tonight but have not received it. if whomever takes care of this could they please forward to my email on file. Thanks
  9. Mid Knight

    execute key

    thanks i did it works great!
  10. Mid Knight

    execute key

    I just did what you mentioned and it worked. Thank you.
  11. Mid Knight

    execute key

    no i just deleted it and it created a new one? now what ugh
  12. Mid Knight

    execute key

    A definite bug. I dont know how else to put it
  13. Mid Knight

    execute key

    we need a patch or something so while mapping it doesnt time out until you accept the keys you want please help
  14. Mid Knight

    execute key

    i want to change the key that alows you to enter a menu/game anything. theres no way i can do it while setting up key mapping the select/enter time out and theres nothing in it and it wont let me even go into anything now in bigbox what is the solution please maybe an admin or programmer knows what i need to change or where please help
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