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  1. I've been fighting with this for an hour now reading forum posts, watching videos, and nothing has worked. I'm trying to play a 3DS game using Citra 2018, it works fine in the retroarch outside of launchbox, but inside i click on it and it does nothing. I go to manage my emulators, i download the exe file that the wizard directs me to from inside of launchbox, i put everywhere where all of the videos say to put them, I open up the exe that i linked to launchbox, and i go to download the core, it says it downloaded it, but then it doesn't. It says it does, but i go to the main page and go to "load core" and there is nothing there (other than a cloud controller option). I don't know what i'm supposed to do to make this work inside of launch box, and when i go to the manage emulator and i see all of the cores they all say "core missing" and when i click on them it says "The Retroarch core is missing. Download it to ensure the platforms using them work as expected" but i can't download them, because they won't "stick" in retroarch when i do. what am I doing wrong here?
  2. So im having this issue where when I connect a gamepad controller to my phone my screen (On Super Retro 16) turns from black into an off grey, and its SUPER annoying, I cant figure out why this is happening, if somebody has the same isssue or could lend me a hand and give me some ideas why this is happening, PLEASE dont hesitate to shoot me a MESSAGE or reply to this thread, I really need your help. Once again the screen (upon direction input) goes from deep natural black colors, to off gray. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from someone soon/. Please help
  3. Im trying to use mame2003plus for several games that run better with this core. Under edit tab for game, then under emulation/use comnand line ,I am using the following command line: -L "cores/mame2003plus_libretro.dll" This isnt working. Game wont launch. I was hoping by now, the latest version of launchbox would have a simple check box menu under the edit menu to choose which core you would prefer. You can do this for games with multiple versions.....simply choose the version click ok, and your done. But we are still manually putting in command line code for using a prefered core. Retropie allows you to choose a core and your done. Still....Im pretty happy with launchbox. Thanks for any help.
  4. pc win 10 intel 5 3.7 8gb ram questions 1) pcsx2 - any progress on making VAMPIRE DARKSTALKER COLLECTION work on ps 2 emu ? This is a well known issue and there have been many posts on this in the past but ive yet to get it working. The issue is severe graphical glitches and stutter and slowdown. I used a .dll file and fixed the glitches but it still runs at about 10 fps with distortion. Was hoping it was a settings issue . ANy ideas? 2) rpcs3 (see squirrel girl) BlazblueChrono Phantasma Extend ps3 is meant to be compatable but what ever i do i get this see through characters despite the game running reliavely smoothly and no other obvious issues. Again maybe a setting issue . ANy ideas? Ive spent hours on this before asking... thanks
  5. Hi, Sorry i know this is a really noob question! I am new to N64 emulation and was wondering on some other opinions on what emulator to use. I've been toying around with Project 64, most games work well enough for me (not too bothered about upscaling etc) but there's too many that I'm struggling to get playable. (most recent example being Pokemon stadium, I'm getting a tonne of graphical glitches in menus and also flickering in the borders whilst in a battle) I've seen online that there maybe an option to change the graphics plugins possible, any guidance on that would be appreciated. A bit of background info is that i have been trying to avoid retro arch as previous experience for me has been rough (prior to using launch/bigbox) but if that is the going consensus on the most reliable emulator I'm happy to give it another shot. Not sure if necessary but PC specs are as follows: I7-4770, GTX 780 3GB, 16GB RAM, All games and emulators on a 4TB external drive. Cheers !
  6. I have been using several different emulators and decided to amalgamate using launchbox. After importing the games. I noticed with epsxe and ppsspp the controller stopped functioning. Everything is fine with redream and snes9x. I am on windows 10 with a logitech f310. Xinput set for everything so I'm stumped! I even tried disabling controllers for launchbox itself and still nothing.
  7. My emulation controller suddenly won't work. The controls have been reset to the keyboard. I can't change the controls. Can anyone help me? Update: I'm hearing jingle noises that activate and deactivate the controller. Anyone have a similar problem?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hey everyone, just a quick upload to kill some time. A lot of these were made ages ago before I even went to college, so you'll find some that don't follow proper design/layout principals. But they're there nonetheless, and you'll definitely find a good amount of recent ones throughout. This is made with emulation in mind for Steam's Big picture mode, in the case that some of you may like to launch your roms from your Steam library and need some new game art. Here are some examples:
  9. iShade's Steam Grid Icon Collection View File Hey everyone, just a quick upload to kill some time. A lot of these were made ages ago before I even went to college, so you'll find some that don't follow proper design/layout principals. But they're there nonetheless, and you'll definitely find a good amount of recent ones throughout. This is made with emulation in mind for Steam's Big picture mode, in the case that some of you may like to launch your roms from your Steam library and need some new game art. Here are some examples: Submitter iShade Submitted 03/20/2020 Category Game Media Packs  
  10. Hey guys. How are you? I know that maybe this is simple for some or most of you, but I'm having a really hard time with this, and I am not being able to enjoy my games properly during my vacation time.. I have already tried to set the best configs. for my PCSX2, and I think I've already set up the Memory Cards correctly.. But as the saving function isn't working as it should, I feel that maybe I've done something wrong on the configuration process. Every time I am playing some game and chose to save it so I can quit and keep my progress, it seems that the system is doing what it is supposed to, and after it says "you are good to go", I quit the game. But after that, when I try to play the games again, and load from where I stopped last time, the games tells me that there is no saved data on the memory cards.. This is getting really annoying guys.. Can you guys help me to solve this? So I can start playing the games knowing that when I want to stop, is safe to save it on the memory cards and quit them.
  11. Hi all, I am wondering which are the best emulators for both Xbox classic and 360 right now even if they are in development. What I am aware at the moment is there is Cxbx and Xenia for each console. Appart from this, is there any way these emus (or other you may know) can open other compressed game extensions? I am squeezing my hard drive at the moment. Thanks a lot and have a good weekend
  12. Hi there! I am using retroarch for emulating the Nintendo DS with Desmume core, the problem is that when i try to use the analog for the stick the control seems inverted. Like moving the analog Up and Down move the cursor from right to left, and moving the analog Left and Right move the cursor up and down. this problem come only with desmume core (as I tried with N64 emulation and everything goes well). I need some help ?. Thanks for the answer.
  13. figured out how to copy the post I'm going to post this answer in a few different areas on the forum. I have been trying to figure out how to launch retroarch mame for the systems that don't have a stand alone core. I have finally found a mostly elegant solution 1) Add a New Emulator - I have named mine RetroArch MAME console cores Add your retroarch.exe Make sure to check "Don't use quotes..." 2) Tab over to the Associated Platforms Here's the magic sauce example 1 "neocdz -cdrm \"%romfile%\"" example 2 "a5200 -rp \"F:\Roms\Atari 5200\" -cart \"%romfile%\"" example 3 "coleco -rp F:\Roms\ColecoVision\ -cart \"%romfile%\"" The reason for the "Don't use quotes" and adding this as a new emulator is because of the special thing we have to do to the command line using mostly the same arguments has standalone mame/mess you have to have all the arguments in double quotes " but because of how Windows handles long file names with spaces the locations have to be in quotes to. This throws retroarch/the windows commandline off. This is where the \ before the double quote at the beginning and the \ before the closing double quote per directory/location. Also we can use the launchbox variable %romfile% to help make this work. 3) On top of all that you also have to specify the rompath if the mame core hasn't generated an ini with the rompath. This is needed for the bios of the core you are loading. If all your mame console bios files are in the same dir you could just use that for each entry The core will generate ini files for each system after first run. 4) I also edited my retroarch core options file. I probably enable boot to bios but I don't at the moment. There is my setup for launching roms through retroarch mame. I hope this helps
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hi all, Follow my "New Standard" for 3D covers "BLURAY MODE" (HD/UHD version). 984 files - 2028x1778 They use the rom name pattern. "Special thanks to Marco (Romflix creator) for all the times he helped me. Your lessons will never be forgotten." Enjoy!! Cauptain Inc. - cauptain@gmail.com - youtube.com/c/cauptain
  15. New Standard 3D Boxes - Microsoft Xbox (HD/UHD version) View File Hi all, Follow my "New Standard" for 3D covers "BLURAY MODE" (HD/UHD version). 984 files - 2028x1778 They use the rom name pattern. "Special thanks to Marco (Romflix creator) for all the times he helped me. Your lessons will never be forgotten." Enjoy!! Cauptain Inc. - cauptain@gmail.com - youtube.com/c/cauptain Submitter Cauptain Submitted 04/23/2018 Category Game Box Art  
  16. Hi All, hope all is well. I am just wondering do many of you have the C64 setup in LB \ BB? There are so many keyboard combos, just wondering has anybody got around this using a joypad setup only, or is it possible? A lot of games require a keyboard input to start them :-) Thanks All
  17. Hi all, I am new to Launchbox but really enjoying it's functionality so far. I have been using CCS64 V 3.9.2 to emulate the Commodore 64 and it works perfectly. The only issue I have encountered is when trying to use CCS64 through Steam Big Picture. The emulator seems to start but just locks up and needs task manager to close it down. All the other emulators I use run perfectly, and as I mention within the Launchbox environment on it's own it works fine. I have seen several threads on here about CCS64 and some even mentioning that it is preferred as it can be used through the Steam Link but I haven't seen any actual comments about config. Can anyone help me with this? I would love to be able get this on the large screen through the Steam Link. Many thanks.
  18. Just a simple demonstration of my Nintendo 3DS eShop set up in BigBox with the Citra emulator.The snaps are from other platforms as there are no eShop snaps available yet. Some games work well, some not so much and some just crash. The 3d boxes can be downloaded here:
  19. Alright, so I am presently using a mixture of MAME and Demul for my Launchbox rig. I love that Demul has functionality for not just Dreamcast, but also for Sega Naomi/Naomi 2 and Sammy Atomiswave as well. Overall, Demul is great for all my purposes and I have it pretty seamlessly integrated with the rest of my Bigbox lineup, complete with a key bound to quit. However, it recently came to my attention that my high scores have not been saving in the various Naomi games I have. I first realized then when I inputted the code in Cannon Spike's bios to unlock hidden characters, only for them to be gone when I returned. I did some digging and realized that Demul only saves the game's nvram when you do a proper exit from the game(s) (File>Exit in the Demul window itself), which requires you to have a keyboard handy to alt-tab and completely defeats the purpose of a seamless arcade experience (I have mine in a proper multicade cabinet). Of course, I am pretty sure there's no way to get Autohotkey to tell Demul to save the nvram before closing, all I'm doing now is using the simple code below: sleep 5000 MouseMove, 1920,1080 ~5:: Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} It does the trick, but of course does not allow for Demul to write to nvram and therefore does not save any of the machine highscores or configurations. I did find that, at the very least, if I input any machine codes or modify configurations and then "properly close" Demul, it does save it permanently, but this isn't really sustainable for the way I am using the emulator. Does anybody have any suggestions for ways to force Demul to write to nvram or save high scores upon quitting that can be seamlessly integrated so the user doesn't have to do any extra steps? Any suggestions are appreciated!
  20. So, presently I am using MAME64 v. 191. I saw that 193 just came out over the holidays and I wanted to move to the newest version of the emulator, but at the same time I want to keep all the configurations I have done to my version of MAME. I also like my current UI okay, but can't seem to find the same UI for 193. Can anybody help? Just to clarify, I included a screenshot showing how my current UI is for MAME, in case it has a special name I am not aware of (From my understanding MAMEUI64 is different).
  21. Hi LB Forums, First-time poster, long time creeper, also Happy Holidays! TL;DR - What is the best controller setup when running BigBox via Steamlink (Dolphin specific) I'm building a semi-Frankenstein setup post-holidays and was hoping to get a bit of input from the community My question - What is the best controller setup for mostly Dolphin Emulation with one or two SNES Games sprinkled in? - I was going to use the Gamecube Adapter and Wavebirds, but I wonder if using the new Xbox Controllers with Bluetooth is the better option? My Setup - Dell 7577 with 1060 Max- Q - All roms, emulators, launchbox, retroarch on External SSD (Samsung T5) - Steamlink plugged into TV - Xbox One Controller or Gamecube Adapter with Wavebirds Thanks in advance and apologies if I broke any rules!
  22. So, I'm trying to get my tankstick set up with MAME so that NEO GEO games use a different config from other games. I see this is already built into the X-arcade.cfg file I put in the ctrlr directory a while ago, but I realize it is looking for a 'neogeo' system. Right now, I don't think this is set up, since it is currently not formatted according to what it says. Right now, it's using "Ctrl, Alt, Space, X", but I want to use "C, Shift, Z, X" as seen in the X-Arcade.cfg. How do I define what games are part of the 'neogeo' system in mame as displayed in X-Arcade.cfg?
  23. Hi There, Any experience with the Intel Apollo Lake N4200 processor and the Dolphin Wii emulator? How's the performance on DX12 and/or Vulkan? Is there anyone who can tell me if this processor gives a reasonable performance for Wii? Thx a lot!
  24. https://www.libretro.com/index.php/category/blog/
  25. Hello all hope everyone of you all had a fun retro-tastic week thus far and knowing the weekend will pass by again. Maybe this could become possible, I've been constantly organizing my library on retro gaming l was wondering if anyone on the community uses the snes9x emulator on with or without lunchbox or not, I've then went over my emulator's settings (onto snes9x) the games run smooth and all, but there is this one common annoyance that's driving me up the wall , haven't loaded any SNES ROM (just the roms only not any of the save states) I've added to my library its very difficult to explain so far those characters noticed below leftward when i press a button on the controller i mapped and hit A, Y, B or Up Right Down on the D-pad or controller's buttons which i think is some kind of controller map checker, when ever i hit the mapped buttons and D-pad functions. i have added this shoot, i really wish i knew how to rid it. I have it circled in blue, sometimes It'll change the number # value that is... So guys i am stuck at the moment with this issue any bit of help even if its little to no help at all. I would so highly appreciate it!
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